“This Item Cannot Be Added To Your Library Because It Is Restricted From Your Country.”

If you come across the “This item cannot be added to your library because it is restricted from your country” error while adding games gifted from friends on Steam, you likely need to ask for a gift card instead. Owing to issues such as price differences between countries, it’s sometimes impossible for Steam users to accept games as gifts and add them to their library. Depending on the situation, you should also check out the setting, contact Steam support and so on. Take a look at this article to learn what must be done. 


All in all, “This item cannot be added to your library because it is restricted from your country” is a result of Steam policies. In case you don’t know, the price of games on Steam varies between countries so Valve lays out policies to prevent exploitation. Thus, the gifting of games cannot be completed if the sender and the receiver reside in different countries. It’s noteworthy that settings could get in the way on occasions too. 

Ways To Get Around The Restriction

Go For A Gift Card 

  • Step 1: Return the gifted game.
  • Step 2: Tell the sender to ask for a refund.
  • Step 3: Ask for a Steam gift card.
  • Step 4: Purchase the game using the gift card.
  • Step 5: Enjoy!

Give Settings Some Thought

Even though both of you might live in the same country, either you or the sender are having the store country set differently. Moreover, Steam checks the IP address of the sender so you need to ensure that the sender is not using the IP address of another country. For good measure, you should also turn off the VPN while sending. receiving the gift on Steam. VPN could result in many Steam errors and “This item cannot be added to your library because it is restricted from your country” is a prime example. 

Contact Steam Support

If you are sure that you and the sender live in the same country but the error persists, it is wise to send a support ticket to Steam. Remember to give Steam all the evidence to prove that the error message is a mistake on their part. 

What Must Be Done To Give Gifts On Steam? 

Gifting on Steam can be done through the client or a browser. Firstly, you need to log into your Steam account and search for the game which you want to gift. After that, click on the game, scroll down until you see the “Buy This Game as A Gift for A Friend” and pick it. The final step is to hit “Purchase as A Gift” then enter the receiver’s username. 

Will Steam Gifts Ever Expire? 

There might be a misunderstanding here as the games never disappear from your inventory once you have accepted the gift. Only if you leave the gift unaccepted for 30 days then Steam will automatically decline it. That being said, in the case that the gift is an extra copy of a game then it will never expire. 

What Will Happen If A Gift Is Declined? 

Overall, when a gift is declined, it will be deleted and the money is given back to the sender. Still, if the gift comes from the sender’s inventory then it will remain at the same place instead of being refunded. 

What Is The Difference Between Steam Keys And gifts? 

There are no major differences between those two They only serve as different ways to redeem games on Steam. 

Is It Possible To Send The Gift To Someone Who Is Not On My Friend List? 

The answer is no as Steam only allows gifting to the people appearing in your friend list. Therefore, to gift games to someone outside of your friend list, you must add him or her to your friend list first. 

How Can I Give Money To A Friend On Steam? 

You cannot do this directly like making bank transfers. The first thing is to head to the Steam Digital Gift Card page in the Steam store and then choose Send through Steam. Afterward, you can choose the value of the gift card you like and Steam might ask you to sign into your account. Finally, just choose a friend who is going to receive the gift card and then click on Continue. 

How Long Does A Steam Refund Take? 

Usually, it will take about 7 days for the refunded amount to appear in your bank account. If you are using international payment methods then the process might be longer. Regardless, you should contact the bank directly if the refund has not appeared after 7 days. 

What Is The Limit Number Of Steam Refunds? 

An official number on how many games can be refunded does not exist. Usually, Steam users will receive a warning after issuing 5 refunds within 6 months. 

What Will Happen If I Buy A Steam Game Twice? 

You can freely send the extra copy of the game to one of your friends as Steam treats it like a gift. The receiver does not need to have an existing Steam account because Steam will send an email containing the instructions on how to make a Steam account. 

Is It Possible To Buy A Steam Gift Card Without Having An Account? 

You can buy Steam gift cards through resellers like Humble Bundle or Green Man Gaming. You can also purchase Steam keys through those sites and send them over to your friend with relative ease. 

Can Steam Gifts Be Refunded? 

Unredeemed gifts can be refunded by the buyer within the standard period of 14 days/ 2 hours. Furthermore, redeemed gifts can also be refunded under the same conditions but in this case, the recipient needs to be the one issuing the refund. Of course, the refunded amount will go into the purchaser’s account. 

Can I Sell Steam Games I Own? 

If you are an ordinary user, you are not allowed to sell games on Steam. The people who have the right to sell games on Steam are official owners and developers. 

How Much Money Can Steam Generate Per Game? 

Today, the revenue for a sale on Steam is divided into a 70/30 proportion: Steam takes 30% of the sale while the rest belongs to the developer. If the game’s revenue hits $10 million, the split is changed to 75/25. The split is going to be adjusted to 80/20 when the game reaches $50 million in sales. 

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