Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my Meat

All in all, Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my Meat is an adult-only visual novel that everyone could enjoy but it’s not exactly long. Hence, it is not uncommon for people to look around for similar titles after they finish the game from Cherry Kiss Games. You have a good time playing Elf Wives Cheat To Ride My Meal and wonder whether there are other games like it? In that case, this article is for you. 

My Married Cousin’s Need for Seed

In this game, you will try to get the hot cousin, Nodoka, pregnant as soon as possible. Since Nodoka’s husband is impotent, you will have to take his job as requested by your great-grandmother. Take all the chances that are available even if it is in the park or open and utilize every tool to make her yours. 

Purrrfect Love

One day, you notice a strange woman wandering around your house and the first thing she does upon seeing you is smile. That marks the start of a string of events that lead to both of you living together, then things will heat up. Throughout most of the game, she will be by your side, thus giving you a sense of joy and happiness. However, a shocking truth might lie ahead and you have to find out by yourself. 

Harem Hunter: Sex-ray Vision

After being reincarnated in a fantasy world, our main protagonist must choose between grinding to increase the stats and drinking a single potion. Of course, the character selected the potion and it granted him the Sex-Ray Vision ability. By taking advantage of that skill, you could seduce the sexiest adventurers and add them to your party. You all will be doing quests like battling monsters and rescuing princesses together but baby-making takes up most of the time.

Sexorcist Academy

You are enrolled in a secret academy that teaches how to harness the spirit energy but for some reason, you get to be the only man there. While going on a training mission and watching the other girls fighting, a hidden power has awakened inside you and it uses lust as the fuel source. Now, it is time to find out what your power can do and fortunately, the hot babes of the academy could assist you. Additionally, you can even add sexy monster girls to the harem if enrapturing the strongest Demon Hunters gets boring.  

Undress Tournament

As the name implies, Undress Tournament is all about undressing the opponent. In the game, you must submit and strip them using your bare hands through rock-paper-scissors showdowns. An interesting point of this game is that it corporates a level system along with different abilities and power-ups. Over time, matches get harder but the level of satisfaction increases as well.  

My Sexy Waitress

Reading and replying to conversations are getting boring and you want a challenge for your mind? Then My Sexy Waitress will be the right option as it features quite a few puzzles that require you to solve before things get steamy. From the look of it, the game developers paid special attention to the mechanics so don’t expect the game to be a walk in the park. Furthermore, the story of the game is well-written and you should fall in love with it. 

Commander Babes

Because of the pranks that Yui, your childhood friend, made, you two have to clean the dean’s office as a punishment. Things would be normal if Yui did not break the pretty old and expensive-looking vase and from it, two hot babes claiming to be generals from the Sengoku era appeared.  Throughout the game, you will be able to experience a wild adventure with Jun and those two commanders. Fun things will be unraveled and they include modern mathematics, English language and in the end, the art of making babies. 

Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail

Imagine being a son of a rich CEO and being sent to the countryside to avoid unexpected scandals. That should be a bad scenario but things are different in Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail. (Zorafestival) In the game, you will meet some ladies and try to wake their slutty sides up. Moreover, it turns out that the husbands of those women work for your father and that reason is enough for you to make them hungry for sex all the time. 

Welcome To Pussy Paradise

In a place where the birth rate is dropping to an alarmingly low level, a theme park full of well-endowed individuals with the aim to impregnate people 24/7 was set up. You will follow the main character who surprisingly visits the park by himself as there are no lines or crowds. Needless to say, you know what is the deal here: you must put your extra-fertile spooge to good use. Get into the Pussy Paradise Park and enjoy the time there with hot babes at every corner. 

Conquer And Breed the Demon Queen

The main protagonist has accidentally summoned the Demon Queen in a rage after being kicked out of the party and he seemed to prepare for his demise.  However, there is still an ace up his sleeve, the binding ritual which triggers a sex competition as the last way to save the soul. The story just gets more and more interesting thanks to many twisted events waiting for you to explore. Of course, the final aim is still like the game’s name, conquer and breed the Demon Queen

Bitchy Boss Bimbofication

Office life usually gets extremely hard if a bitchy boss exists and that is also what happens in Bitchy Boss Bimbofication. The main protagonist is trying to survive which is made more excruciating day by day by the boss. Therefore, when he had suffered enough, he decided to try a newly purchased app called Hypnosis and it really worked. Now, it is time to avenge all the misery that the bitchy boss caused.

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