How To Link Steam To Uplay

Nowadays, once it comes to game distribution platforms, every true gamer knows about Uplay of Ubisoft and Steam of Valve. Steam has been in business since 2003 so many players have bonded to it over the years. On the other hand, Ubisoft only launched Uplay in 2012 which made it by all accounts a latecomer. Fortunately, if people know how to link Steam to Uplay, they can get the most out of both platforms at the same time. 

Linking Steam To Uplay: Overview

If you like playing games, there is a good chance that you have a collection of different games from different vendors. However, while the games provide excellent entertainment values, you may have trouble managing your game library from time to time. Additionally, it’s possible to buy quite a few Ubisoft games on Steam but they usually cost more than what Uplay offers. You also cannot activate Ubisoft games purchased from retail shops via Steam even if Steam supports them.  

All in all, it’s a good idea to learn how to link Steam to Uplay.

How To Link Steam To Uplay

If you purchase and download a Ubisoft game via Steam, it will automatically download the Uplay app as you launch it. Next, you will see a prompt asking you to log in to your Uplay account or sign up for a new one in case you don’t have any. When you log in to your Uplay account, you will see another prompt asking you if you would like to link your Uplay account to Steam. By confirming the prompt, your Uplay account will be linked to Steam. 

If you do not see the prompt to connect the accounts for some reason, go through the step below.

Step 1

Launch Uplay, look to the top left corner of the screen and click the hamburger icon 

Step 2

In the new menu, choose Settings (second option from the top)

Step 3

Hit Account Linking then check the box next to Remind me of account linking next time I launch a Steam game.

Step 4

Lastly, launch a Ubisoft game on Steam. Assuming that things proceed smoothly, you should get the prompt that lets you link your account with Steam. At that point, all you have to do is to hit Link accounts to initiate the linking. 

How To Unlink Steam From Uplay

Now that you know how to link Steam to Uplay, it’s a good idea to learn the way to reverse the process in case you change your mind. Unlinking accounts is a straightforward affair but there may be consequences. 

Step 1

Launch your web browser, visit the Ubisoft Account management page and sign in to your account.

Step 2

Select Account Information 

Step 3 

Scroll down to “Linked accounts”  to see all the accounts your Uplay account is linked to at the moment. Next, look for the Steam logo then click Unlink. You will get a pop-up window stating the potential implications of the unlinking of accounts. Check the box beside “I have read the above information and want to unlink my accounts” and click Unlink.

Is Ubisoft Connect The Same As Uplay?

Yes, it is. The company decided to unify the user experience of their players across all platforms, whether on gaming consoles or personal computers. Thus, Ubisoft connect encompasses all Ubisoft platforms, including Uplay. With this also comes the unifying of their entire features in one place.

Can I Transfer Games Between My Uplay Accounts?

No, such a feature doesn’t exist at the moment. You are only permitted to play Uplay games you purchased inside the account where you activated them.

How Should I Protect My Steam Account?

The best way to protect your Steam account is to ensure that you abide by account protection practices. For instance, you must always keep your account login details a secret.

What Must Be Done To Tackle Issues With Steam In-Game Overlay?

Steam in-game overplay is a lifesaver for gamers but it is far from perfect. If you ever try to use this feature and it keeps crashing, don’t worry and read the following. 

  • Temporary Glitch

Steam in-game overlay acting up may not be the result of a  temporary glitch instead of anything serious. If that is the case, you only need to disable and re-enable Steam in-game overlay for individual games then relaunch them.

  • Outdated App

Usually, the first thing you can do to be sure everything is in order with your Steam app is to update it to the latest version. Like every other app on your PC, the Steam app receives updates frequently and would only work to its full potential if you keep it up-to-date. Unable to recall the last time you updated Steam? Then you should check for Steam updates as soon as possible.

  • Antivirus Programs 

Another thing that can prevent the in-game overlay feature on your Steam app from working is your antivirus program. Antivirus programs usually mean well but they become overprotective on occasion and interrupt the launching of your program. To determine whether the problem is the work of your antivirus program, disable it and then see how things tune out. If Steam in-game overlay runs smoothly, you either have to replace your antivirus program or tweak its settings so give Steam an exemption.

  • Insufficient Permission

Another thing to remember when you notice Steam in-game overlay not working is to make sure that you grant Steam all the permissions it requires. 

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