TF2 Autoexec Not Working

Valve made history in 2008 when it launched its sequel to Team Fortress (1996), Team Fortress 2 (TF2). At the time, TF2 was one of the most cutting-edge first-person shooters ever created with an innovative arcade-style FPS. While TF2 is by all accounts an old title, it still retains a loyal player base around the globe. However, reports of issues pop up from time to time and many of them share the same topic: TF2 Autoexec not working. 

TF2 Autoexec Won’t Work: Causes

Over the years, different people have come up with different tweaks to optimize the gaming experience. It’s possible to customize aspects of TF2 to suit players’ needs in several ways and Autoexec.cfg is a prime example. For your information, Autoexec.cfg is a configuration file located within the TF2 folder and ensures the game sets up correctly upon launch. This file allows you to have custom settings, such as keybindings or commands, that optimize TF2 and gives you a higher frame rate. 

If you notice TF2 Autoexec not working, there is no need to panic as it is usually a minor error. For instance, Autoexec was saved as a text file (.txt) instead of a config file (.cfg).

How To Get TF2 Autoexec To Work

There is a high chance that you saved the configuration as a .txt file instead of a .cfg file. To correct the mistake, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Locate The Autoexec File

  • Open your Steam Library, right-click TF2 icon and select Properties from the options.
  • Right-click Local Files and select the Browse option
  • Proceed to open the folder named TF and head to the subfolder named cfg. Look for the Autoexec.cfg file in the cfg folder.

Step 2: Change The Autoexec Extension

To change a file from text to config, rename the document from Autoexec.txt to Autoexec.cfg and save it for the correction to apply. 


Choose The Class That Suits You

Team Fortress was one of the first games to combine player skills with traditional first-person shooter features. It seems that several first-person shooter games nowadays copy Valve’s original idea. The optimal class for each player will vary depending on their play style. For instance, aggressive gamers will favor the Soldier over the Medic. As a new player, try out all characters and choose the one that you excel in. 

Listen To The Sounds

One of the factors that have contributed to Team Fortress 2’s success is its audio. Audio recognition is a significant part of TF2 gameplay, even though being aware of audiovisual content takes time to develop. Thus, it won’t hurt to get a pair of gaming headphones and keep a close ear for adversary movements.

Windows Are Impenetrable

The fact that bullets cannot pass through windows or glass astonishes new TF2 players. Contrary to common sense, Valve decided to prevent bullets from passing through glass, some doors, windows and other objects.

Crouch While Using Rocket To Jump Higher

Effective rocket jump is another skill that new players in TF2 should learn. Players that like to use soldiers should crouch to jump higher when using the rocket. You should practice the technique to pull it off in times of need.

Don’t Waste Time Climbing Ladders

Veteran players of Team Fortress 2 will agree that they have at some point made the error of attempting to climb something that isn’t interactive but should be. Although they appear to be playable items in TF2, the ladders are props. Then again, it makes sense to cut Valve some slack since the game development at that time wasn’t as advanced as it is today.

Shoot The Legs Of  The Enemy

Shooting adversaries near their feet will have the most significant effect as it is simpler to hit and deals a lot of harm.  If you fire a rocket directly at the enemy, he may dodge it. However, you can throw him to the ground if you fire at his feet.

Take Out Scout With A Shotgun.

Scout moves quickly and can avoid rockets with relative ease. To kill the Soldier, the Scout only needs to make two or three hits. To defeat Scout, it is best to use a shotgun. You can also employ the Flare Gun but you must always pay attention to the Scout’s position.

Maintain A Higher Elevation Than Opponents

To be able to use the rocket launcher to kill your opponents with consistency,  stay on the roofs of houses or other high objects at all times. Furthermore, you can quickly flee or avoid attacks when you have the height advantage.

Is Team Fortress 2 Still Worth Playing?

Absolutely! Team Fortress 2 is over ten years old and many new team-based first-person shooter games got inspired by it. Although the more recent games are more advanced in sleeker graphics and more fluid gameplay, many players still return to TF2 every now and then.  

What Class Is The Weakest In TF2?

Demoman is the weakest TF2 class since the grenades are so imprecise and reload painfully slow. Demoman can only succeed if you choose to play demo knight. (temismarketing)  

What TF2 Class Is The Hardest To Learn?

Spy is the most challenging class to play in TF2. The class is only used in the High-Level game mode (because to play it, you MUST have a spy). Also, playing a spy in 6v6 is considered disrespectful toward one’s opponent. 

What Is The Relationship Between Heavy And Medic In TF?

In the game, Medic and Heavy make for a favorite tag team. There has been speculation that they are involved in a romantic relationship. Medic’s affection is directed toward Heavy, and as a result, Heavy is considered the “wife” in this relationship.

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