Space Engineers “Convert To Ship” Not Possible

About Space Engineers “convert to ship” not possible, many possibilities exist but the best solution is to save the station as blueprint, create a new world, paste the station in zero gravity and give conversion a go. Aside from that, you may want to dig around the station, rebuild the station using parts you own, contact server admin and enable Station Voxel Support. Continue reading to learn what must be done. 

Ship Conversion In Space Engineers: Suggestions

Initiate Conversion In Space

  • Step 1: Save the station as a blueprint.
  • Step 2: Create a new world. As a precaution, you should disable mods in that world.
  • Step 3: Paste the station in zero-gravity. You then have to proceed to convert your station into a ship.

Dig Around The Station

You suspect invisible parts to be the ones that prevent the conversion? In that case, you should dig around the station using a hand drill to remove blocks close to it. After you finish, feel free to initiate conversion then see how things turn out.

Rebuild Station Using “Owned” Parts

If you notice that you don’t own some of the parts of your station, you have to delete them. In the next step, you must rebuild the station using “owned” parts. The moment the rebuilding concludes, you would be able to convert your station into a ship with relative ease. (lyrica)

Reach Out To Server Administrators

To put it plainly, server administrators dictate all aspects of the servers including station – to – ship conversion. If you cannot convert stations into ships while playing on certain servers, contact the admin. Depending on the situation, you could ask the admin to temporarily enable station – to – ship conversion.

Note: Keep in mind that server administrators don’t always fulfill requests of specific players. Therefore, in the future, you should get to know the characteristics of a server before joining it.

Enable Station Voxel Support

In the case that none of the above works, Station Voxel Support is your last resort. If you have Station Voxel Support enabled, stations would become the same as large ships. Hence, by taking advantage of Station Voxel Support, your station only needs some thrusters and gyros to turn into a ship.

“Convert To Ship” Not Possible In Space Engineers: Suspects

Ground Connection

It’s not uncommon for ground connection to get in the way of station – to – ship conversion. In case you don’t know, “convert to ship” is disabled if the station you want to convert is connected to ground. ( Unless you sever the connection between the station and the ground, there is no way to initiate conversion. On the bright side, you don’t have to do much if ground connection is responsible. 

Invisible Parts 

You know for certain that your station is not connected to the ground but you still can’t convert it into a ship? In that case, it’s a good idea to give invisible parts some thought. Space Engineers is not precise once it comes to showing the block. Thus, during station – to – ship conversion, invisible parts could cause some compilations.


All in all, ownership plays a key role in a lot of processes and station – to – ship conversion is not an exception. To convert a station into a ship, you must own every part of that station. That is why if you keep coming across the “convert to ship is not possible” error, you should take ownership into account. 


For your information, Space Engineers lets you join whatever server you like and different servers have different settings. Some servers have “convert to ship” enabled from the get-go while others disable it. To be thorough, it’s strongly recommended that you add server to your list of suspects. 


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