Rimworld Caravan Not Moving

If you notice Rimworld caravan not moving out of the blue, you should consider resetting the destination of your caravan. Besides that, for good measure, you should take a look at the terrain, animals, load and so on. (martinwater.com) You need an in-depth breakdown of what to do to get the caravan moving? In that case, you have come to the right place. 

Rimworld Caravan Won’t Move: Causes 


As your caravan heads to a particular in-game destination, you could make them set up camp for a while at some point. However, when you want the caravan to resume traveling, you have to reset the destination. Otherwise, you would run into a host of issues and Rimworld caravan not moving is a prime example. 


Another explanation for Rimworld caravan not moving is the pawns/animals being immovable/crippled. Needless to say, if the health of your animals is poor, they won’t be able to pull the caravan. On the bright side, if the state of the pawns/animals is responsible, there is no need to do much to get the caravan back on track. 


In case you don’t know, the caravan is going to stay still at certain nighttime hours for reasons such as pawn fatigue, security, … (Between 10 pm – 6 am). Thus, if you send your caravan at night, don’t be surprised when the caravan stops moving. 


If you don’t have a settlement at the time you initiated the psychic drone mech cluster quest in Rimworld, your caravan will not move. In addition, your pawns and animals may not eat, sleep, tend to their wounds and so on. Naturally, you need to take action soon to prevent your pawns and animals from literally starving to death.


You set a course for your caravan through impassable terrain? Then they could get stuck and become unable to advance. 


Overloading caravan’s animals is ill-advised as they will not be able to move. Unless you do something to address the load, don’t expect the caravan to reach the destination.


If you play Rimworld with mods, give mods something when your caravan isn’t moving. While mods help customize gaming experiences, they may mess up certain mechanisms including the ones that manage caravan.


Rimworld is a program and programs will malfunction if their files get corrupted. In the case that you have a hard time getting your caravan to move, take corruption into account. 

What Must Be Done

Replace Crippled Animals And Unhealthy Pawns

As mentioned above, if your caravan contains crippled animals or unhealthy pawns, it will not move. Thus, it’s widely advised that you check your caravan for unhealthy “members”. If you detect unhealthy pawns or crippled animals, replace them immediately.

Build A Settlement

If the psychic drone mechanoid cluster quest is active and your caravan stops moving, build a new settlement at once. For the occasion, it is wise to use the pawn with the lowest settlement-building time so you can get the settlement up and running as soon as possible. Moreover, you must not delete or abandon the settlement until you have destroyed the mech cluster. Last but not least, reset the course of the caravan then see how things turn out.

Think About The Course

If your caravan appears to be stuck on its way to a destination, take a look at the route and see if it passes through impassable terrain. Depending on the situation, change the course or ask the caravan to return home to get it moving again.

Distribute Load Between Caravan Animals

If your caravan is stuck even though everyone is healthy, determine whether you have overburdened your caravan animals by mistake. Don’t hesitate to lighten the load of the animals then reset the travel course. 

Verify Integrity of Game Files 

  • Step 1: Launch Steam and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Click Library and navigate to Rimworld.
  • Step 3: Right-click it and select Properties from the list of options.
  • Step 4: Click the Local Files tab and select Verify integrity of game files. Steam will proceed to verify the status of your Rimworld game files and replace corrupted files.

Disable And Enable Mods

If you have Rimworld mods installed, one of them could be the reason why your caravan is not moving. Thus, you should disable mods of your game and re-enable them one-by-one. Locate the troublemaker, get rid of it and you could play Rimworld as expected. 

Tips And Tricks 

  • Always have a medic pawn in your caravan: Like in the settlements, diseases, injuries and so on could strike pawns in your caravan all of a sudden. If the paws don’t receive treatment, they will likely perish. Actually, you may even lose the entire caravan if there is a plague outbreak. Because of that, it won’t hurt to add a doctor to your caravan.
  • Include non-perishable food in your caravan food stockpile: You may be tempted to only include regular food in your caravan food stores. However, keep in mind that caravan trips could take more time than anticipated and in that time, “regular” food may have gone bad. Thus, as you work on the food stockpile of your caravan, remember to include some non-perishable food at least.


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