Oxygen Not Included Pressure

Like other survival simulation games, Oxygen Not Included (ONI) requires people to pay attention to a couple of issues to make it to the end. Usually, ONI players must keep an eye on Food, Water, Heat and Oxygen at all times to ensure that the colony won’t die out. Still, it’s worth pointing out that other factors could affect the odds of survival to a certain extent and Pressure is one of them. In the case that you want to use Oxygen Not Included Pressure to your advantage, you have come to the right place. 

Oxygen Not Included Pressure: Compilation 

Pressure is an influential factor in Oxygen Not included as it affects different elements differently. 


  • The pressure affects atmospheric Oxygen’s breathability so when the pressure is less than ideal, the Duplicants will become uncomfortable and move away. If a Duplicant gets too far from Oxygen, it may die.
  • When the pressure exceeds  4kg, the Duplicants get their eardrum popped which increases stress level by 20%.
  • When the pressure stays above 1kg, the breathability is good.
  • When the pressure ranges between 525g and 1kg, the air is breathable.
  • When the pressure varies from 50g to 525g, the air is hardly breathable. The stress of the Duplicant increases by 10% till they reach more comfortable environments.
  • The air is no longer breathable when the pressure is below 50g.


  • Most plants do well if pressure stays between 150g to 10kg.
  • Dasha Saltvine, Oxyfern and Nosh Sprout require pressures as low as 10g.
  • Waterweed can survive if the pressure gets as high as 950kg in water.
  • Thumble Reed, Muckroot, Jumping Joya and Wheezewort don’t have pressure requirements.


  • Oxygen diffusers and Electrolyzers will stop working whenever the pressure reaches 1.8kg.
  • The petroleum generator will continue to work since it produces Carbon Dioxide as a side product to counter the Oxygen and balance the pressure


  • Minor and metal Volcanoes get overpressured at 150kg
  • Water Geysers get overpressured at 500kg
  • Gas vents get overpressured at 5kg

A Guide For Beginners

  • Create a minimum of two Massage Tables to ease the stress of your Duplicants. You should only use the tables when the stress level of Duplicants is high so they don’t stress out
  • Although exploring is something you can’t avoid in ONI, you should refrain from opening a vast vacuum, especially when your oxygen production is low.
  • Be mindful of how you use resources because some resources don’t come by easily. In the earlier part of the game, you may want to use Gold, Clean water, Algae and Copper sparingly.
  • Don’t kill creatures on sight unless you know for sure that they would cause problems. For example, Hatch can help you convert ores to coal which is necessary for producing electricity.
  • Farm products in ONI are classified into three different quality levels: Standard, Good and Excellent. To be categorized, the plants must fulfill different conditions such as temperature, fertilizer, gas pressure and irrigation. A plant must meet all quality requirements to be excellent.
  • Make use of an Atmo-switch to automatically switch the gas pump on and off depending on air pressure. Furthermore, it won’t hurt to add a gas filter to eliminate toxic gas.
  • Algae is good at solving oxygen shortage but you need to upgrade to Electrolyzer quickly.
  • Since Hydrogen is lighter than Oxygen, it will usually move upwards. Build a base with the roof in the shape of a pyramid to allow hydrogen gas to gather at the top and add an electrolyzer to the lower part of the base to collect Oxygen. Connect a gas pump to deliver the Hydrogen to your hydrogen generator to produce electricity.
  • Keep an eye on your notification for your dupes because they can kill each other without adequate supervision. They often go haywire if stressed out and when they do, it can be tough to appease them. Ensure that the heat in their building emits the right amount of heat and is not overheating. Also, remove bad decor from the construction site. 

Is One Duplicant Enough To Build An Entire Colony?

Overall, with proper management, it’s possible to build a colony using a single Duplicant. Nonetheless, remember to save from time to time if you want to try out a one-Duplicant run.

How Do I Cure Slimelung In ONI?

If one of your Duplicant falls ill with Slimelung, Mark the Duplicant as unemployed and ensure your Medbay is set up. Next, prevent the Duplicant from leaving the Medbay to work and remove all of its prioritized tasks. Lastly, post some doctors to cater for the sick Duplicant.

Are Showers Worth It?

Showers take a lot of space in ONI and waste a lot of water. A number of players have claimed that owning a shower is unnecessary. That being said, owning one Shower will lessen the stress of your Duplicant, reduce the spread of disease, etc. 

Is Oxygen Not Included A HardGame?

Oxygen Not Included is not a walk in the park. The challenges come from not only the gameplay but also the lack of information which forces you to figure out things yourself.

How Come My Gas Pipes Won’t Work?

As you play Oxygen Not Included, you could encounter a scenario where gas stops flowing. The reason is that the gas pipes are over-pressurized. Your gas pipes will become over-pressurized when you use them to pump gas into a room with too much gas already. It mainly occurs when the room is not big enough. (Tramadol)

What Happens When Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide Exist In The Same Space?

When Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide share the same space, the one with higher pressure pushes the other out.

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