SOLVED! No Man’s Sky Crystal Sulfide

In No Man’s Sky, resources usually play a key role in the unlock and upgrade of multitools, exosuits, starships, etc. Considering how varied the resource rarity is, it’s only natural that people could easily gather some resources while struggling to get their hands on others. At the moment, quite a few players complain about the difficulty of stocking up on No Man’s Sky Crystal Sulfide. In the case that Crystal Sulfide also eludes you in the game, this article should be of use to you.


How To Get Crystal Sulfide In No Man’s Sky

Step 1: Look For Water Bodies

Survey the system you’re currently in and see if there is a planet with water bodies. To do so, get into your ship and fly around each of the planets. From time to time, turn around and reverse until you can see the entire surface of the planet. You could tell whether a planet has water bodies if you spot blue patterns on it. If none of the planets contains water bodies, you’ll need to warp to different systems and repeat the process. 

Once you have identified a planet with water, fly your ship to a large body of water and find a suitable place to land.

Step 2: Get Into The Water 

Leave your ship, get into the water and swim around. While swimming, keep an eye out for small volcano-like formations as they usually have Crystal Sulfide. Feel free to take advantage of your analysis visor to locate Crystal Sulfide underwater. In the analysis visor, Crystal Sulfide deposits should appear with a small beacon. 

Note: You have a submarine? In that case, your submarine could assist you in the gathering of Crystal Sulfide. Once you enter the water, bring out your submarine, scan the environment for Crystal Sulfide deposits and drive toward them. On arrival, exit the submarine, swim toward the deposits and start harvesting Crystal Sulfide deposits. 

All in all, submarine is the best way for gathering underwater resources such as Crystal Sulfides. By keeping the submarine close by, you could minimize the odds of you getting damaged underwater as oxygen deplete. 

Uses Of Crystal Sulfide: Summary 


  • Glass Tunnel – To craft a glass tunnel, you need 1 x Glass + 2 x Crystal Sulfide + 25 x Ferrite Dust
  • High-Power Sonar -To craft a high-power sonar, you need 1 x Solar Mirror + 3 x Crystal Sulfide + 50 x Ferrite Dust 
  • L-Shaped Glass Tunnel – To craft an L-shaped Glass Tunnel, you need 1 x Glass +  2 x Crystal Sulfide + 25 x Ferrite Dust
  • Moon Pool Floor – To craft a Moon Pool Floor, you  need 80 x Pure Ferrite x80 + 3 x Crystal Sulfide + 2 x Living Pearl
  • Nautilon Cannon – To craft a Nautilon Cannon, you need 100 x Chlorine + 6 x Crystal Sulfide + 2 x Living Pearl
  • Nautilon Chamber – To craft a Nautilon Chamber, you need 5 x Metal Plating  + 4 x Crystal Sulfide + 100 x Salt
  • Oxygen Rerouter – To craft an Oxygen Rerouter, you need 100 x Chromatic Metal + 1 x Quantum Computer + 6 x Crystal Sulfide
  • T-Shaped Glass Tunnel – To craft a T-Shaped Glass Tunnel, you need 1 x Glass + 2 x Crystal Sulfide + 25 x Ferrite Dust x25
  • Vertical Glass Tunnel – To craft a Vertical Glass Tunnel, you need 1 x Glass + 2 x Crystal Sulfide + 25 x Ferrite Dust
  • Watertight Door – To craft a Watertight door, you need 25 x Ferrite Dust + 1 x Crystal Sulfide
  • X-Shaped Glass Tunnel – To craft an X-Shaped Glass Tunnel, you need 1 x Glass + 2 x Crystal Sulfide + 25 x Ferrite Dust 


  • Sodium Nitrate – You could refine 1 x Crystal Sulfide into 50 x Sodium Nitrate

Tips And Tricks 

  • Since Crystal Sulfide deposits always stay underwater, you need to keep an eye on your oxygen levels during the harvest. In the case that the oxygen runs out, you will take damage. 
  • While harvesting Crystal Sulfide from underwater mini-volcano formations, you should be careful as hot steam would be blown out from time to time. The steam blast can severely damage your as well as your equipment. For good measure, go in, harvest some, and go back out to avoid being caught by the steam.  
  • If you have what it takes, consider making an underwater jetpack as that will increase your movement speed underwater.

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