Nier: Automata Not Launching

Nier: Automata is the sequel to the 2010 action role-playing game Nier that introduces players to a war-torn Earth. Thanks to the attention to detail, all aspects of Nier: Automata receive a shower of praises from the gaming community. That being said, Nier: Automata still leaves something to be desired and it’s not uncommon to see people complaining about Nier: Automata not launching. 

Nier: Automata Won’t Launch: Breakdown

Possible Suspects

Generally speaking, you could experience a number of problems while playing Nier: Automata but if you cannot launch it, consider these suspects:

  • Corrupted game files
  • Outdated/incompatible graphics driver
  • Overclocking

Nier: Automata Not Launching: Solutions

Verify Integrity Of Game Files

Regarding Nier: Automata not launching, you might want to check out the integrity of the game’s files. You can check for missing or damaged files and install them by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open Steam then go to Library. 
  • Step 2: Locate Nier: Automata, right-click it and pick “Properties” from the menu.
  • Step 3: Go to LOCAL FILES and hit the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button.
  • Step 4: Relaunch the game after the verification finishes and see how things turn out. 

Update Graphics Drivers

An outdated GPU driver can cause Nier: Automata to crash, thus, updating graphics drivers is a good idea. To update your graphics driver, go through the steps down below:

  • Step 1: Go to Search bar, enter “Device Manager” and hit Enter.
  • Step 2: In Device Manager, expand Display adapters, right-click your graphics card and click “Update driver”.
  • Step 3: Hit “Search automatically for drivers” button in the newly opened window. Next, you need to wait as  Device Manager downloads and installs the latest version of the graphics driver. The moment the process completes, restart your computer 

Note: You recently updated the graphics driver? Then there is a chance that the driver update is responsible for  Nier: Automata not launching. In that case, you have to roll back to an earlier version of the driver. To do so, right-click your graphics card in Device Manager, click Properties and go to Driver tab. Next, hit Roll back driver then go through the prompts. 

Disable Overclocking

All in all, overclocking improves gaming experience but hurts hardware in the long run. Also, overclocking could make your PC overheated and crash applications in the process. Hence, if you have a hard time getting Nier: Automata to launch, disable overclocking. 

Rules Of The Game

Play As If You’re Colorblind

When your android’s health is low, its color becomes monochrome and pixelated to show that the system is malfunctioning. That is an excellent effect that adds suspense and creates a sense of urgency. Sadly though, the whole thing also disables a crucial visual indicator: the red lights that indicate machines will attack you or that you are within the range of a weapons attack. ( The situation can worsen during heavy combat so you must either purchase a chip that heals your character automatically or train your eyes to recognize when an enemy is preparing to attack.

Prepare For A Bullet Hell

While most of Nier: Automata’s action takes place on the ground, there are parts where you’ll be piloting a spaceship to blow up your enemies. That means you may be using a sword then the next minute you have to escape a bullet hell. That can be disorienting at times but it helps if you know what to expect.

Save From Time To Time 

Nier: Automata’s manual approach to saving progress may surprise gamers who have learned to rely on autosave. You’ll need to activate access points in the game to store your data as you travel through barren and hazardous landscapes. For good measure, look for access points in new locations, and save at every opportunity. 

Pay Attention To Corpses

While finding your body after dying in the middle of a quest might be hard, it’s worth the hassle. If you manage to reach your old corpse, you can recover assets on it instead of starting from scratch. You can so see the bodies of other players along your adventure when you enable the online option in the settings menu. Always keep an eye out for corpses so that you can claim their chips or summon them to fight alongside you. 

Is There Autosave In Nier: Automata?

This game has no autosave feature; therefore, you must save your progress manually. Additionally, you only have three save slots so switch between the slots as you go. By doing so, you could go back to a previous save if a problem occurs out of the blue.

What Items Could Be Sold In Nier: Automata?

There is only one use for items with the phrase “Can be exchanged for money” in its description: selling for cash. You can sell all common items you accumulate in quantities greater than 40. For instance, sell 59 units if you have 99 units of Broken Key or Tree Seed. 

How Many Times Do I Need To Complete Nier: Automata To Get The True Ending?

After the credits have rolled, players will need to continue playing for another 15 hours to see the actual ending of Nier: Automata. However, obtaining every ending is more complex than simply playing the game time and again.

How Many Routes Are There In Nier: Automata?

There are three routes in Nier: Automata. The core plot of Nier: Automata is a narrative that unfolds throughout the routes. Each time you play the game, you control one of three distinct characters, all of which have unique specialties and fighting styles.

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