SOLVED! V Rising Matching Floor Not Working

Once it comes to V Rising matching floor not working, the type of floor is usually at fault. Thus, if you have a hard time getting the buff offered by matching floors in V Rising, take a look at the floor type. Depending on the situation, you should also determine whether the rooms have stone walls. Continue reading to be able to exploit the matching floor buff and enjoy V Rising to the fullest. 

Matching Floor Buff Won’t Work: Causes 

Type Of Floor

For your information, V Rising features quite a few rooms: foundry, armory, crypt, and so on. Each of the rooms is unique and requires one specific type of floor to activate the matching floor buff. 

If players mix up the floor types, V Rising matching floor not working is the consequence. For instance, some players only care about looks, and they set up the floor based on their preferences. Doing so may result in superior aesthetics, but it also deactivates the buff for matching floor. That is why it’s a good idea to add type of floor to the list of suspects when the matching floor buff is not working. 


It’s noteworthy that the game considers rooms with wooden walls to be incomplete. Incomplete rooms don’t get the matching floor buff even if the type of floor is correct. Unable to activate the matching floor buff in V Rising? Then you must give walls some thought. 


Check Out The Floor Type

In the beginning, take a look at the rooms and make sure that they all use the right type of floor. Here is an example: if the room is a forge, see to it that the forge floor is used. Besides that, if the room features more than one floor type, remove all but the correct type. After you finish, you will be able to get the most out of the matching floor buff.

Note: You don’t get all types of floors from the get-go. To be able to use a floor type in V Rising, you have to meet its requirements: defeating bosses, collecting paper, carrying crates, … The difficulty of unlocking types of floors varies, so you should think it through. (Xanax) As soon as you complete the requirements of a floor type, you may start using it.

Complete The Room Construction

Some of your rooms still have wooden walls? In that case, you need to upgrade the walls to stone. That is more than enough to grant you the matching floor buff.

The Way To Play V Rising 

Prioritize Journal Quests

In V Rising, you’ll encounter many quests and side missions, but some prove more important than others. Among the quests, the Journal Quests stand out from the rest in terms of rewards, so you should make them a priority. By completing journal Quests, you could acquire new features like castles, abilities, and so on.

Feed The Castle Heart

In your domain, the Castle Heart is one of the important structures, if not the most important. Castle Heart provides essential functions, from protecting your loot to keeping your production machinery in working order. To stay up and running, Castle Heart itself must be supplied with an adequate amount of blood essence. Because of that, you have to do everything you can so your Castle Heart receives all the blood essence it requires. 

Pay Attention To Castle Site

To put it plainly, the choice of location for your castle affects your game progress speed. Ideally, you should stick to the spot that blocks out most/all of the sun. At times, it won’t hurt to settle down in places that have heavy vegetation. 

Technically, it’s possible to build your castle in an area exposed to the sun, but you must build a Mist Brazier and keep running until you can build stone walls. Running a Mist Brazier requires a lot of bones, though and that is tricky in the early stage of the game. 

Blood Is Life

V Rising is a game about vampires, so as you would expect, blood plays a crucial role. If you run out of blood, you’ll take damage till you refill.

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