Witcher 3: Best Place To Sell

In Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt Of Rivia (the protagonist) could pick up a wide range of items as he slays monsters, completes quests, etc. Still, while many of the items would help Geralt in his adventure, others do nothing but take up space in the inventory. To ensure that they have space for high-quality stuff, Witcher players must clean their inventory every now and then by selling off items. Naturally, Witcher 3: best place to sell is a hotly discussed topic among the Witcher community.

A Guide On Selling Items In Witcher 3

Food, Alcohol, and Junk

You will likely earn more gold if you sell food, alcohol, and junk food to innkeepers instead of merchants. If you have items in the category that you don’t need and want to make quick gold, drop by the inns down below for good bargains. (simonsezit)

  • Inn at the Crossroads in Velen. The inn offers the highest rates for foods and drinks in Velen and some of the best rates in the game. However, keep in mind that the Innkeeper is usually absent when you arrive. If you want to trade with the guy, you may have to meditate for one hour to wait for him to return to the inn. 
  • Kingfisher Inn in Novigrad City
  • Passiflora Brothel

Note: There is a merchant in Novigrad (main square) that buys your junks like pelts and chandeliers at excellent rates. However, he has limited gold most of the time, so you cannot sell a lot to him.

Alchemy Equipment

In The Witcher 3, there are several places where you can sell your alchemy equipment. Again, you will want to prioritize selling these items to alchemists and herbalists instead of selling them to other merchants. Selling to alchemists and herbalists will grant you a 15% bonus on the prices of your items. Regarding Witcher 3: best place to sell alchemy equipment, there are three places that you should remember. Two of the locations are in Novigrad, so you will need to unlock the location first before selling to them. 

  • Gremist the Druid (near the Gedyneith signpost in Skellige)
  • Halfling Herbalist (Novigrad)
  • Herbalist on Hierarch Square (Novigrad)


Selling books to bookshops gives you access to a 20% bonus. There is also a region bonus associated with book sales. If you sell books in Novigrad, you’ll get a 10% bonus on prices. With that said, the best places to sell your books include:

  • The bookshop in Hierarch Square (owned by Marcus T.K. Hodgson)
  • Merchant in Novigrad main square


Selling armor to armorers will get you a 20% bonus. Also, selling your armor in Novigrad city will get you an additional 10% bonus. All in all, the best places to sell your armor in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt consist of:

  • Journeyman Armorer in Hierarch Square (Novigrad)
  • Armorer on main square in Oxenfurt
  • Yoanna – Master armorer in Velen (available after you finish her sidequest)


Generally speaking, if you sell your weapons to blacksmiths (every location), you’ll get a 20% bonus. Also, if you sell weapons in Novigrad, you’ll get a 5% price bonus. To maximize the profit while selling weapons, memorize the following locations: 

  • Hattori (Novigrad, available after you finish her sidequest)
  • Blacksmith on the small square south-west of Hierarch Square (Novigrad)
  • Blacksmith in the south-east part of Oxenfurt 


Selling your upgrades like runestones, gems, etc., to blacksmiths or armorers to get a 20% bonus. Additionally, selling upgrades in Novigrad city also grants you an extra 15% region bonus. If you look for Witcher 3: best place to sell upgrades, visit the locations down below:

  • Hattori in Novigrad City
  • Armorer in Novigrad City

Horse Accessories

If you have horse accessories that you’d like to sell in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you should sell them to blacksmiths. That is going to give you a 20% bonus on sales. Aside from that, you should consider selling horse accessories in Novigrad for a 20% region bonus. Currently, the best location to sell your horse accessories is at Hattori’s in Novigrad.

Tips And Tricks 

  • Selling items to merchants who already sell or produce those will give you more gold per transaction.
  • It is a good idea to sell to NPCs in Novigrad. By doing so, you don’t need to worry about missing out on region bonuses and the NPCs there have good rates.
  • If you get to particular merchant locations but can’t locate the merchants, meditate for some time, and they will turn up soon.
  • There are also traveling merchants in the game, and selling items to them will get you a 7% bonus. Keep an eye out for such merchants as you play, especially around Novigrad.


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