SOLVED! No Man’s Sky “Is It Traveler? Is It Friend”

If you like exploring the world of the unknown and experiencing things that make the human mind wonder, No Man’s Sky is for you. In the game, you not only need to survive the dangers in various frontiers but also have to tackle questions with next to no context. A prime example is the set of questions you come across while collecting fuel and one of them is“Is it traveler? Is it friend”. Read to end if you want to know the best way to deal with No Man’s Sky “Is it Traveler? Is it friend”.

A Summary Of The Question 

Note: Make sure that you have a few free slots in the inventory to collect the fuel cells in the end.

What is the meaning of the “Is it Traveler? Is it friend” question? Of course, once you give your answer, you can see the results. Then again, it’s unrealistic to answer a vague question then expect the best reward. All of the questions usually come up as you explore the planets and different answers lead to different results. However, you need to understand that you won’t change anything substantial down the line regardless of your answers.

In the case of No Man’s Sky “Is it Traveler? Is it friend”, you should choose Traveler.

Other Questions In The Quest

No Man’s Sky “Is it Traveler? Is it friend” is not the only question that looks out of context in the quest for fuel cells. Immediately after answering that question, you will be asked the following questions.

Is It First? Is It Last?

This question pops up as soon as you finish answering  Is it, Traveler? Is it Friend? You should select First.

Has It Seen the Crimson Eye? Has the Crimson Eye Seen It?

This is the last question you have to answer here. “Both” is your best bet.

A Beginner’s Guide

Scan as many things as possible 

No Man’s Sky contains a lot of surprises. Thus, you should scan every object you come across to increase your chances of earning more and understanding how a species reacts toward you. That will also help you avoid being ambushed.

You can consider taking advantage of the upgraded proximity scanner once you get it to scan your points of interest and rare resources. Last but not least, use your analysis visor to identify the makers far from you.

Learn foreign languages

There are 5 different factions with distinct languages and Lore in No Man’s Sky. As you proceed, you would run into all sorts of knowledge from Stones, Monoliths, Intelligent lifeforms, Plaques, and Ruins. The knowledge will directly or indirectly help you learn their languages. Three of the main Factions are the Korvax, Vy’keen, and Gek. Learning their language will help you solve their problems which helps a lot. Of course, the more you know, the easier the game’s puzzles get.

Befriend wild animals

You will meet different kinds of wild animals in No Man’s Sky. To find blueprints, rare elements, and multitools, you should make friends with the animals. Since they are familiar with the environment, they will help you find your way to secret locations, bring you goods, or dig up the goods for you. Remember that you can use baits to get animals to come to you.

What Is The Anomaly?

Anomaly is a sentient species in the universe of No Man’s Sky. Sometimes, this species is referred to as the Fifth Race. As a player, you can choose your character to be a member of this species from the character customizer.

Is Traveler The Same As Anomaly?

Some players have had trouble differentiating the Travelers and Anomalies. To put it plainly, Traveler is an alien race in the No Man’s Sky universe and is referred to as the Fourth Race. The only places you can find Travelers include camps, space stations and trading posts. It’s possible to interact with Travelers in such locations. You can also find them at freighters but you cannot interact with them here. About Anomaly, Anomalies are Travelers but not all Travelers are Anomalies.

Should I Learn No Man’s Sky Lore?

That comes down to personal preference. The Lore is in essence the backstory of the game. It explains the series of events that happened prior to the storyline. The Lore includes narratives and perspectives from quite a few lifeforms through the universe.

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