Grim Dawn Aether Resistance

Your Grim Dawn character keeps getting knocked out by attacks that deal Aether Damage so you want to build up Aether Resistance? Aether Resistance is one of the core resistances in Grim Dawn but you would have trouble increasing it unless you know what must be done. In the case that you could use some help regarding Aether Resistance, this article is for you. Down below is everything that you should keep in mind to boost the Aether Resistance of your character.

Insights Into Grim Dawn Aether Resistance

To put it plainly, Aether Resistance is one of the trickiest resistances to increase in the game. As a result, it’s wise to be on the lookout for every opportunity to give the Aether Resistance of your character a boost. At the moment, Grim Dawn provides players with two ways to raise Aether Resistance: Components and Augments.


There are a total of three Components that deliver substantial Aether Resistance in Grim Dawn: Aether Soul, Purified Salt and Runestone. Normally, the Aether Resistance of Aether Soul is 16% but it could go up to 36% with Ectoplasm. Purified Salt and Runestone offer 20% and 12% resistance against Aether Damage respectively. Apart from high Aether resistance, all of the mentioned Components feature additional benefits: stats, bonuses, and active/passive skills.


Similar to Components, Augments are used as power-ups to give equipment resistances, stats, and abilities. Prominent Augments with Aether Resistance include Potent Outcast’s Bastion (16%) and Overseer’s Gaze (15%). Other Augments also have Aether Resistance such as Survivor’s Perseverance (12%), Gazer Eye (10%) and Outcast’s Warding Power (10%). Lesser Augments that provide Aether Resistance consist of Outcast’s Bastion (8%), Spellward Powder (7%) and Mankind’s Vigil (9%).

How To Get Aether Resistance

Now that you know the Grim Dawn Components and Augments with Aether Resistance, it’s time you master the way of getting them.


This is one of the most effective ways of getting Components and Augments that have Resistance. However, crafting requires a blacksmith and to unlock blacksmiths, you must complete the quest of the Tale of Two Blacksmiths in Act 1. Afterward, you can use Blueprints and Recipes to craft items. Components obtained by Crafting include Aether Soul and Runestone.


In Grim Dawn, you can undertake quests to increase your faction reputation and get bounties. You can collect multiple Components and Augments that contain Aether Resistance from the 145 bounties split into 7 factions.


Looting (opening boxes, collecting drops from killed enemies, etc) is a part of the game and it ignites excitement in the players. By looting, you can get many components that give your equipment Aether Resistance.


You can get Components and Augments of variable characteristics by purchasing Blueprint from Faction vendors. There are different categories of blueprints in Grim Dawn. Once you get the right blueprint for your desired component, you can buy the components of your choice from the Faction vendors. For example, you can buy Blueprint: Runestone from the Rovers Faction Quartermaster if you achieve Respected status.

Quest Rewards

Quests are among the crucial parts of Grim Dawn. Completing quests rewards players with items and enables the game to progress.


Dismantling is another method alongside that you can use to get Components. This method entails placing an item of quality, such as Magical, in the dismantling chamber then breaking it into parts. You can then convert the parts to components of your choice. To get the best components, consider using the best items. Dismantling can be done using dynamite. You also need to complete the Dangerous Curiosity side quest to get the ability to dismantle items.

Aether Damage

This is another way you can use to get Aether resistance. By dealing Aether Damage to enemies, you will sometimes get gears with Aether Resistance at the end of the battle. However, you should avoid augmenting gears that you obtain that way.

A Guide For Novices

  • You should start finding Augments with Aether resistance from Level 40 onward.
  • If you are a Saboteur, standing in Aether patches is highly discouraged. This is because you cannot dodge even with a 100 % dodge. It’s also recommended not to eat Aether Clusters even if you are desperate for Aether resistance as this is considered cheating.

Is Aether Resistance Worth It?

Aether is considered as the most important non-elemental resistance with a cap. This makes it unique from all other resistances in the game. Interestingly, Aether Resistance offers more damage reduction than other resistances due to the increased aether nukes.

Do I Need To Cap All My Resists By The End Of Normal?

Not necessarily. However, getting your resistance capped in Normal will help a lot as you advance to Elite. In any case, you should do whatever you can to raise all of your resistances as high as possible. Otherwise, you might end up being steamrolled by enemies in Elite.

Where Could I Pick Up Items That Provide Aether Resistance? 

  • The Outcast (Reputation: Revered): Potent Outcast’s Bastion, Outcast’s Warding Powder, and Outcast’s Bastion.
  • Black Legion (Reputation: Revered): Mankind’s Vigil
  • Devil’s Crossing (Reputation: Revered): Overseer’s Gaze, Survivor’s Perseverance, and Gazer Eye.
  • Order of Death’s Vigil (Reputation: Revered): Spellward Powder.

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