KOTOR 2 Military Base Sub Level

Despite the age of Knights of the Old Republic II (KOTOR 2), topics about it still attract attention and KOTOR 2 Military Base Sub Level is a prime example. You come across the Military Base Sub Level on Telos and don’t know what it’s for? Then there is a good chance that you should find this article helpful. Read to the end to discover the secret of Military Base Sub Level.

Military Base Sub Level In KOTOR 2: Summary 

For your information, a lot of content developed for KOTOR 2 did not make it to the final version. Regarding KOTOR 2 Military Base Sub Level, it was supposed to be a part of a mission for HK-47 but developers eventually dropped that. As a result, Military Base Sub Level plays no role in the game and there is no way to explore it normally. By taking advantage of The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TCLRCM), you could see what lies inside the Military Base Sub Level. 

The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TCLRCM)

As the name suggests, The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TCLRCM) aims to restore content cut from the game before its release. Released in several stages, the mod covers gameplay as well as story elements. The latest version of TCLRCM is 2.0 which supports the Steam and GOG versions of KOTOR 2.

At the moment, TCLRCM is one of the most comprehensive mods for KOTOR 2  and it enhances the game’s experience. If you like KOTOR 2 and want to take a look at what KOTOR 2 Military Base Sub Level could have been, grab KOTOR 2 Military Base Sub Level. After you finish downloading and installing TCLRCM, play the game normally but remember to fix HK47 and complete the droid factory quest. By doing so, you could get a chance at getting into  Military Base Sub Level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Romance In KOTOR 2?

Yes, you can romance in KOTOR 2. You need to complete tasks and gain the trust of your party members. Assuming that you don’t mess up, you should be able to progress the relationships and unlock romantic scenes.

Which one is superior: KOTOR 1 Or 2?

There is no straight answer to the question and it all comes down to individual liking. Usually, KOTOR 1 is rated above its successor thanks to story, characters, gameplay and so on. However, KOTOR 2 does have its own merits so you should play both games and decide for yourself.

Where Are The Parts For HK 47?

The parts for HK 47 can be found on the planet Dantooine in the Jedi Enclave Ruins. To get to the enclave, you must first take the north path from the landing zone. Once you reach the ruins, HK 47’s parts are located in a room to the east.

Is KOTOR 2 Unfinished?

The game KOTOR 2 is more or less a complete game. Still, as you progress through the game, it’s not hard to spot bugs; removed content, …

Tips And Tricks

  • When exploring locations in the game, be sure to take out all of the enemies. That will make it easier to navigate and remove the risk of ambushes.
  • If you find yourself being overwhelmed, unleash Force Lightning then focus on taking out the strongest foes.
  • Take advantage of your party members. For instance, you could assign different targets to different characters. Also, feel free to abuse their special abilities to gain an upper hand.
  • Make an effort to talk to everyone you meet as some may share information. Also, it’s strongly recommended that you check out all conversation options. Your decision could affect both the story and gameplay itself.
  • Be prepared for combat by stocking up on healing items and upgrading your equipment when possible. 

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