Grim Dawn – Allies Among The Ashes

As an Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG), Grim Dawn consists of all sorts of quests that players may take part in. Most quests in Grim Dawn don’t radically alter the game experience so there is no need to worry too much about the choices to make. Still, certain quests dictate the directions players could take in the late part of the game and Allies Among The Ashes is one of them. Therefore, for novice players, it won’t hurt to learn about Grim Dawn – Allies Among The Ashes before starting it.

A Compilation Of The Quest 

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You have heard bits and pieces about the Allies Among The Ashes quest but still don’t know what to expect from it? Then it’s suggested that you take a look at this article. Down below is all the information that you must keep in mind about Grim Dawn – Allies Among The Ashes.


After you progress far enough through Act 3, Ulgrim is going to say that the region contains two other groups of survivors: Kymon’s Chosen and Order of Death’s Vigil. He also notes that these groups likely won’t work together as he sends you to talk with their emissaries. Emissaries from both groups stand downstairs with question marks on top of their heads. By talking to the emissaries, you could decide which group to ally with and that decision results in a number of changes.

Choosing Between The Factions: Overviews 

Overall, the relation between Kymon’s Chosen and Order of Death’s Vigil means choosing one would make the other see you in a bad light. Because of that, if you like to stay on the safe side, you should check out the following details

If You Side With Kymon’s Chosen

Reputation updated:

  • Kymon’s Chosen: Friendly
  • Order of Death’s Vigil: Despised

How to gain more reputation:

  • Kill Chthonians
  • Kill those of Order of Death’s Vigil
  • Complete quests and bounties


  • Friendly (One Chevron): Kymon’s Sacred Oil and Kymon’s Wrath Tincture
  • Respected (Two Chevrons): Blueprint: Chosen Cord, Blueprint: Chosen Crimsonguard, Chosen Warmaul, Chosen Bolter, Chosen Blade, Chosen Fireguard, Chosen Skysplitter, Chosen Flamercaller, Chosen Arcanespark, Chosen Headguard, Chosen Cowl, Chosen Pauldrons, Chosen Mantle, Chosen Chestguard and Chosen Vestments.
  • Honored (Three Chevrons): Blueprint: Chosen Crusher, Blueprint: Chosen Waistguard, Blessed Ashes, Consecrated Silver, Divine Flame, Firebloom Powder, Storm Powder, Chosen Flame Seal, Chosen Storm Seal, Chosen Star of War, Chosen Star of Thunder, Defiled Chosen Star and Writ of the Kymon’s Chosen.
  • Revered (Four Chevrons): Blueprint: Chosen Girdle, Blueprint: Empowered Orwell’s Revolver, Empyrion’s Touch, Infernal Dust, Kymon’s Fury, Kymon’s Vision, Kymon’s Will, Kymon’s Blessing, Demonbane Powder, Kymon’s Conduit, Elite Chosen Warmaul, Elite Chosen Bolter, Elite Chosen Blade, Elite Chosen Fireguard, Elite Chosen Skysplitter, Elite Chosen Flamercaller, Elite Chosen Arcanespark, Elite Chosen Headguard, Elite Chosen Cowl, Elite Chosen Pauldrons, Elite Chosen Mantle, Elite Chosen Chestguard, Elite Chosen Vestments and Mandate of the Kymon’s Chosen.

Equipment Bonuses: Mainly Fire Damage/Resistance, Lighting Damage/Resistance and Vitality/Chaos Resistance.

If You Side With Order Of Death’s Vigil

Reputation updated:

  • Order of Death’s Vigil: Friendly
  • Kymon’s Chosen: Despised

How to gain more reputation:

  • Kill Aetherials
  • Kill those of Kymon’s Chosen
  • Complete quests and bounties


  • Friendly (One Chevron): Ice-Blood Oil and Frostguard Tincture
  • Respected (Two Chevrons): Blueprint: Death’s Cord, Blueprint: Death’s Sixgun, Death’s Scythe, Death’s Revolver, Death’s Force, Death’s Crescent, Death’s Ruin, Death’s Embrace, Death’s Advance, Death’s Headguard, Death’s Visage, Death’s Pauldrons, Death’s Mantle, Death’s Cuirass and Death’s Vestments.
  • Honored (Three Chevrons): Blueprint: Death’s Waistguard,  Blueprint: Death’s Gaze, Blinding Dust, Chillheart Powder, Ritual Salts, Mortal Coil, Necrotic Flesh, Death’s Frost Seal, Death’s Life Seal, Geaps of the Reaper, Pendant of Ubiquitous Wrath, Voidcaller Pendant and Writ of the Order of Death’s Vigil.
  • Revered (Four Chevrons): Blueprint: Death’s Girdle, Blueprint: Empowered Reaper’s Touch, Keeper’s Blinding Dust, Uroboruuk’s Anguish, Uroboruuk’s Word, Uroboruuk’s Path, Malkadarr’s Chillbane, Spellward Powder,  Spiritguard Powder, Wraithtouch Powder, Elite Death’s Scythe, Elite Death’s Revolver, Elite Death’s Force, Elite Death’s Crescent, Elite Death’s Ruin, Elite Death’s Embrace, Elite Death’s Advance, Elite Death’s Headguard, Elite Death’s Visage, Elite Death’s Pauldrons, Elite Death’s Mantle, Elite Death’s Cuirass, Elite Death’s Vestments and Mandate of the Order Of Death’s Vigil.
  • Equipment Bonuses: Mainly Cold Damage/Resistance, Vitality Damage/Resistance, Pet Damage and Lightning/Aether Resistance.

Shared Component Blueprints

Regardless of the faction you side with in Grim Dawn – Allies Among The Ashes, you could always buy a couple of Blueprints for Components.  Kymon’s Chosen as well as Order of Death’s Vigil offer the same stuff: Blueprint: Black Tallow, Blueprint: Blessed Steel, Blueprint: Blessed Whetstone and Blueprint: Haunted Steel. (sematext)

Quests And Bounties 

Kymon’s Chosen


  • The Prophet’s Call (speak to Brother Elluvius)
  • Prove Yourself to the Cause (Gather three Chthonic Seals of Binding and bring the Seals to Brother Elluvius)
  • Making a Stand (Kill Bolvar the Bloodbinder and return to Brother Elluvius)
  • Enemy of My Enemy (Kill Master Ravok and return to Brother Elluvius)
  • The Sacred Ashes (Kill necromancers guarding the Ashes, gather the Sacred Ashes and bring the Ashes to Father Kymon)
  • Braving the Void (Kill Bane’Gargoth and return to Father Kymon)
  • Kymon’s Secret (Get Eye of Korvaak and return to Father Kymon)


  • Rag’Nadar
  • Gorgers
  • Dreadlords
  • Corpse-eaters
  • The Death’s Whisper
  • Blade of Ch’thon
  • The Bonespeaker
  • Igniaa Venomtongue
  • Vom’Zul
  • Chosen of Ch’thon
  • The Withered One
  • The Amalgamation
  • Unravelers
  • Zarthuzellan
  • Chthonic Seal
  • Cripple the Cult
  • The Bloodlord
  • Malkadarr
  • Ludia Bloodwhisper
  • Ruination

Nemesis Spawn: The Iron Maiden

Order of Death’s Vigil


  • Seeking the Order (Speak to Master Varuuk)
  • Worthy of the Order (Gather Malkadarr’s Remains and bring it to Master Varuuk)
  • Seals of Binding (Gather three Chthonic Seals of Binding and bring the Seals to Master Varuuk)
  • A Catalyst (Collect one Aetherial Essence and bring it to Master Varuuk)
  • The Sacred Ashes (Kill the Chosen guarding the Ashes, gather the Sacred Ashes and bring the Ashes to the Keeper of Tomes)
  • Service Beyond Death (Help resurrect Malkadarr and speak to the Keeper of Tomes)
  • The Search for Uroboruuk (Kill Uroboruuk’s Guardian to get Uroboruuk’s Notes and speak to the Keeper of Tomes)


  • Aetherial Vanguard
  • Dominators
  • Blade Maidens
  • Corpse-eaters
  • The Skybreaker
  • Wrathfire
  • Horvald Shieldbreaker
  • Olga Flamebearer
  • The Behemoth
  • The Ascended
  • The Decayed
  • Karroz’s Pet
  • Revenant of Death
  • Rolderathis
  • Chthonic Seal
  • Cripple the Cult
  • The Bloodlord
  • The Warden’s Slaves
  • Archon Barthollem
  • Ruination

Nemesis Spawn: Zantarin, the Eternal

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What Is The Earliest Point That I Can Start The Quest?

To activate Allies Among The Ashes, you must complete The Aetherial Farm quest, kill The Amalgamation and talk to Ulgrim. During the conversation, Ulgrim is going to mention “two other groups of survivors”. Next, you should spot emissaries from Kymon’s Chosen and Order of Death’s Vigil downstairs. All you have to do is to interact with emissaries to access the choices for allying.

Is There A Way To Reset My Choice?

Assuming that you manage to reach Elite or Ultimate difficulties, you could opt to side with another faction. Still, it’s worth pointing out that your reputation for Kymon’s Chosen as well as Order of Death’s Vigil would be reset. That means it’s impossible to ally with both factions at the same time so think before you act.

How Come I Cannot Ally With Kymon’s Chosen?

In case you don’t know, Kymon’s Chosen hates everything and everyone that involves necromancy. Your Grim Dawn character is a necromancer? Then you cannot choose to ally with Kymon’s Chosen as long as your character possesses the Necromancer mastery. If you attempt to talk with the emissary from Kymon’s Chosen, he would only reply with a hostile attitude. (Zorafestival)

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