SOLVED! KOTOR 2 Gand Warrior

Considering the difficulty of completing Naming of the Gand in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, it’s only natural for many discussions about KOTOR 2 side quests to mention KOTOR 2 Gand Warrior. Unable to complete the quest on your own and could use some help? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to show you everything you must keep in mind about the quest “Naming of the Gand”. 

Naming Of The Gand: Compilation 


For your information, Naming of the Gand is a side quest that requires players to identify a legendary Gand Warrior in a room that contains several Gand warriors. At a glance, the quest is straightforward: you just need to talk to each of the Gand warriors and figure out the required Gand warrior. However, after you finish talking to all Gand warriors, you should realize that the quest is not as easy as it seems. 

How To Complete The Quest 

Pay Attention To The Conversation

You would be able to notice an interesting detail if you pay close attention to the way that Gand warriors talk. All but one of the Gand warriors refer to themselves in the third-person while talking to you. That odd Gand warrior strictly refers to himself in first-person, which is the biggest clue that he’s not like the rest. In fact, the one that keeps taking in first-person is the target KOTOR 2 Gand Warrior. 

In most cases, you could locate the Gand warrior with the unique way to talk in the upper right corner of the room. Still, knowing where to find the Gand warrior alone is insufficient. 

Increase Party Member Awareness

In case you don’t know, a minimum of 15 Awareness is necessary to call out the Gand warrior. Hence, you have to raise Awareness of your party members to at least 15 to wrap up  Naming of the Gand. 


Can I Play KOTOR 2 Before KOTOR 1?

Generally speaking, you should play KOTOR 2 after KOTOR 1. There is a link, direct as well as indirect, between events in KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2. That means if you play KOTOR 2 before KOTOR 1, you will have a hard time following the flow of the story. About gameplay, differences exist in the mechanics of KOTOR 2 and KOTOR 1, so you have to relearn them. 

Does The Type Of Jedi Dictate Progression?

The missions you get when playing KOTOR 2 depend on the type of Jedi you choose to be. It’s noteworthy that KOTOR 2 has two game endings, one for Light Jedi and one for Dark Jedi.

Do I Have To Complete Every Mission?

In layman’s terms, KOTOR 2 is designed to let you experience the game in a way that suits you. Various side quests merely provide items and XP so if you have no need for such things, feel free to skip the quests. 

Is It Possible To Mod KOTOR 2?

If you like KOTOR 2 but find some of its elements to be less than ideal, you could resort to mods. Depending on the situation, you may either add the files manually or use a mod installer like TSLPatcher.

Tips And Tricks

Loot, Loot, And Loot

Like most open-world games, KOTOR 2 puts containers, boxes, and lockers in many locations. By paying attention to looting, you should be able to grab a wide range of items, from weapons to gears. That would help a lot, especially if you have to prepare for big battles. 

Don’t Be Rude To Companions 

In KOTOR 2, companions provide crucial support on multiple occasions, so it’s strongly recommended that you treat them well. Via positive interactions, some companions could become capable Jedi that wield Lightsabers, use Force powers, …

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