How To Log Out Of Smite On Steam

Launched by Hi-Rez Studios back in 2014, Smite is now one of the top MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. Considering the popularity of the game, it’s natural for Smite to be available on quite a few game distribution platforms and Steam is not an exception. As long as people have a Steam account, they could play Smite on Steam at will. That being said, one question still troubles a lot of gamers: how to log out of Smite on Steam?

Logging Out Of Smite: Instructions

It’s possible to access multiple Hi-Rez accounts on a single computer but if you don’t focus, things may get confusing. You log into Steam to play Smite only to realize that you use the wrong Hi-Rez account and don’t know how to log out of Smite on Steam? In that case, you should go through the steps down below:

Step 1

Close Steam, launch your web browser and log into your Hi-Rez account (the wrong one).

Step 2

Navigate to Account settings, select Linked Accounts and choose to unlink your Steam account. After you finish, log out. 

Step 3

Proceed to log into your Hi-Rez account (the correct one), go to Account settings and pick Linked Accounts. Proceed to link your Hi-Rez account to your Steam account. Log out, launch Smite on Steam and see how things turn out. 

A Beginner’s Guide

  • Don’t spare minions

In the early stage of the game, the limitations of the tools for protection mean minions can deal serious damage to you and your teammates. Thus, don’t hesitate to take out minions as soon as you see them.

  • Be active

The number one rule in Smite is that being active is superior to staying docile. Even if you don’t know what must be done, help out your team by clearing out camp, killing minions and so on. 

  • Keen an eye on the map

The map gives you a bird’s-eye view of what is going on at a given time. Since the last thing you want to experience is to be ambushed by enemies, you should check out the map at regular intervals. That will let you determine whether everything is going according to plan.

  • Place wards at strategic locations 

In case you don’t know, wards allow you to see beyond your vision range. Thus, if you want to ambush others instead of getting ambushed, set up wards strategically. 

  • Escape when the situations turn south 

As you play Smite, you must accept the reality that you can’t win every battle. If you know when to duke it out and when to flee, you could stay in the fight for a long time.

  • Communicate with teammates 

Quite a few factors dictate the odds of victory in Smite but in terms of influence, teamwork is second to none. During matches, things may go off course and your team must think of a new approach on the fly. Because of that, you and your teammates should be in constant communication as you all need each other to succeed. 

  • Make Use Of Relics

A number of relics exist in the game and each of them possesses unique powers. Knowing when to use the relics can turn the tide of battles in a blink of an eye. Thus, it’s wise to get to know the relics at your disposal and take advantage of them.

How Do I Earn Gems In Smite?

  • Online Store: Gems are available for sale on the online store and you could get Gems via the store every time you need some. Depending on the platform you are playing on, you can purchase Gems via Steam Wallet, Playstation Store, Nintendo Game Store, and Microsoft Store. 
  • Promotional Codes: You can earn Gems if you redeem a promotional code.
  • Special Offers: After completing special offers, you would receive Gems.
  • Login Bonus: Gems are awarded as a reward for playing the game every day. 15 Gems will be awarded to you on the 6th day of consecutive logins while another 35 Gems will be granted on the 7th day.
  • Community Events: You should be able to pick up more Gems by taking part in community events. 

Does Smite Support Cross-Platform Play?

Yes, Smite is a cross-platform title so you can play with players across platforms. At the moment, Smite is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Switch. Needless to say, there are a large number of players online at any time. 

Will I Lose My Gems After Merging Accounts?

When you merge your Xbox account to your PC and Switch account, all the Gems from the Xbox can be used across all the platforms.  However, Gems from PC and Switch accounts will be summed together but can only be used on either Nintendo Switch or PC, it won’t be available on Xbox. At the moment, cross-progression is not yet supported on PS4 and PS5 so the Gems cannot be merged with accounts between platforms.

Will I Lose My Progress When I Merge My Smite Accounts?

No, you won’t. When you merge two accounts together, the account with the highest level will be taken as your merged account level. For example, if your level on PC is 50 while your level on PS4 is 10, after merging both accounts together, your level will be level 50. If you link another account with a higher level, it will override the lower one.

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