SOLVED! How To Leave Green Needle Gulch

In discussions about Psychonauts 2, it’s not uncommon to see people asking about how to leave Green Needle Gulch. To put it plainly, players have to beat the game if they want to get out of Green Needle Gulch. Read to the end if you get stuck at Green Needle Gulch and don’t know what needs to be done to proceed. 


As mentioned, there is no way to leave Green Needle Gulch until you beat the game. Hence, regarding how to leave Green Needle Gulch, you must complete two tasks: 

Task One: Eliminate Bee Threat

  • Step 1: Follow the trail that is filled with bees and honey to reach Cassie’s Hive. Feel free to claim the collectibles that you come across along the way. Keep in mind that since the bees can sting you to death, you should look for a smoking pot then use telekinesis to keep it close by as you move through the trail. Drop the pot when you get to the house and enter the door for a cutscene. 
  • Step 2: After the cutscene finishes, go upstairs, talk to Cassie and exhaust conversation options. 
  • Step 3: Opt to enter the mental world of Cassie then defeat the boss there to get Cassie to remove the bees from the machine in the Heptadome. 

Task Two: Trim The Vines

  • Step 1: Follow the trail that is filled with thorns and explosive bulbs to reach Bob’s Greenhouse. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of PSI Blast to neutralize the bulbs. (Tramadol)
  • Step 2: When you come across the locked trapeze, set it free using PSI Blast. Proceed to use the trapeze to swing to the wooden platform. 
  • Step 3: Use Time Bubble to slow down the flytraps then head toward the hanging vines. 
  • Step 4: Follow the giant vine up, jump on another flytrap and enter the greenhouse for a cutscene. 
  • Step 5: The moment the cutscene completes, elect to enter the mental world of Bob and clear it. 

Tips And Tricks

Pick Up Mental Magnet Pin

It’s strongly recommended that you purchase and equip Mental Magnet pin as soon as possible. The pin makes it easy for Raz to acquire Psitanium from a distance so you don’t have to worry about missing Psitanium in the vicinity. Also, the Mental Magnet Pin lets you get your hands on green health orbs with relative ease. 

Ignore Clairvoyance 

The only thing that Clairvoyance could do in Psychonauts 2 is to allow Raz to see from an NPC’s view. Thus, there is no need to invest cash in Clairvoyance. Instead, you should concentrate on Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis and so on. (lyrica)  

Use Levitation To Move Around Quickly 

In Psychonauts 2, you usually need to traverse expansive areas. Even though the Brain-Only Network is supposed to serve as a rapid travel system, you still have to do a lot of traveling on foot. That being said, if you make use of Levitation, you could cut down the time it takes to reach your destination. 

Remember To Dodge During Combat

Over the course of his adventure, Raz must battle all sorts of enemies, each of which possesses unique characters. To be able to come out of combat alive, you should practice and master dodging. 

Break Things To Earn Psitanium

There is no penalty for breaking objects in the game so you don’t need to hold back. Also, by breaking things, you could collect Psitanium and the more Psitanium you have, the more items may be brought from  Otto-matic stores. It’s noteworthy that not everything is breakable: those that you could break have a yellow outline around them. 

Upgrade The Psitanium Wallet

In the beginning, the Psitanium wallet can only hold 100 Psitanium and that is barely acceptable. When you reach the Motherlobe hub and gain access to Otto-matic stores, you should spend 75 Psitanium to increase the wallet capacity to 1,000 Psitanium. That permits you to save up more Psitanium to acquire more important items, upgrades, … As you proceed in the game, make sure to increase the size of Psitanium wallet periodically to create space for more Psitanium.

Keep An Eye Out For BonFires

As you move around Psychonauts 2, you would be able to see quite a few bonfires. The bonfires mean more than mere aesthetics: they grant Raz access to secret locations. To enter such locations, locate the bonfires, light the flame with Pyrokinesis and use Levitation to travel. 

Don’t Hog Healing Items 

While healing supplies still carry some value in the game, many players could complete Psychonauts 2 without using them. Enemies in Psychonauts 2 never prove to be too tough and when you defeat them, they release health orbs that restore your health. Because of that, you don’t have to hog healing items. 


Is Psychonauts 2 a hard game?

Not at all, the game is easy to play.

Will there be Psychonauts 3?

Developers at Double Fine have made it clear that they don’t plan to release a sequel to Psychonauts 2. 

Is there a level limit in Psychonaut 2?

The maximum level in Psychonauts 2 is 102. You should be able to reach the level if you complete the game as well as all of its objectives. That requires you to wrap up every quest and gather every collectible in every world. 

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