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In The Forest, with hostiles waiting at every corner, players need to pay special attention to the weapons they carry. As players progress through the game, they would come across all sorts of weapons, each with unique characteristics. That being said, once it comes to dealing damage from a distance, not many weapons prove as deadly as the Flintlock Pistol. Acquiring the Flintlock Pistol is no walk in the park though as players have to look for gun part locations in The Forest.

Putting Together The Flintlock Pistol: Guidelines 

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Want to mess around with the Flintlock Pistol in The Forest but don’t know the locations of its parts? In that case, this article is for you. Down below is everything that you must know to assemble the Flintlock Pistol from gun part locations to the way to grab the parts.


Generally speaking, gun part locations in The Forest situate in easy-to-access areas so you should be able to reach them with relative ease. However, it’s worth pointing out that since the parts stay hidden beneath light grey rock mounds, you might need to search around for a bit. In addition, with the rock mounds in the way, there is no way to pick up the parts. To gain access to the parts, you have no other choice but to destroy the rock mounds.

At the moment, for rock mounds removal, two methods exist: explosives and mutants

  • Explosives: The Forest features a number of explosives but the ones that could break through rock mounds include bombs, sticky bombs, head bombs and dynamite. If your character is out of explosives, feel free to use explosive wire traps as they work too. Usually, all it takes to demolish a rock mound above a gun part is a well-placed explosion. Needless to say, it’s strongly recommended that you keep your distance to avoid getting caught in the blast zone.
  • Mutants: So you like to conserve your explosives if you can help it? Then you have to keep an eye out for mutants while moving toward gun part locations in The Forest. Besides Mutant Baby, all mutants would knock down rock mounds if they walk over them. That means luring mutants toward gun part locations is a good tactic to simultaneously save explosives and collect gun parts.


To craft the Flintlock Pistol in The Forest, you need to gather gun parts from a total of eight locations.

  • Part One: Visit Main Village, head south and search along the edge of the cliffs overlooking the ocean.
  • Part Two: Travel to Sacred Tree then check the edge of the cliff behind it.
  • Part Three: Look inside every hut at Lakeside Village.
  • Part Fourth: Comb the surrounding of the dead shark near Beach Hut Village.
  • Part Fifth: Search along the edge of the cliff that leads down to Geese Lake.
  • Part Sixth: Go to the southernmost point of the two islands around the shipping containers.
  • Part Seventh: Check the snow area near Snow Lake and Mountain Area Grave.
  • Parth Eighth: Look around the cliff edges above Beach Hut Village.

With all of the gun parts sitting in your inventory, you could craft the Flintlock Pistol at your leisure. Noteworthily, since gun parts in The Forest respawn after loading a save, it’s possible to craft extra guns. Nonetheless, each player is only able to hold one Flintlock Pistol at any time. As a result, you should only consider crafting more than one gun if you play in a party and want everyone to pack heat.


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All in all, Flintlock Pistol is a solid weapon for a casual playthrough of The Forest but it’s far from perfect. To use the gun effectively and efficiently, it’s widely advised that you give the following suggestions a look.

  • Pick Your Battles: Flintlock Pistol certainly packs a punch but it takes a while to reload. Because of that, it’s best to use the gun to take on either a small group of cannibals or a single mutant at a time. By doing so, you would have no trouble reloading and dealing damage as you like. Assuming that you don’t become overextended, Flintlock Pistol is going to carry you through the game without much difficulty.
  • Stock Up On Ammo: Flintlock Pistol fires Old Gun Ammo, a type of ammunition that scatters throughout the Peninsula. You should come across Old Gun Ammo every time you blow up the rock mounds to get gun parts. To put the Flintlock Pistol to good use in The Forest, it’s essential that you stock up on ammo. Old Gun Ammo respawn so you enter and exit a cave to get more.
  • Prepare backup weapons: During combat, things could turn south in a blink of an eye. Thus, it’s wise to keep backup weapons around to complement the Flintlock Pistol. Considering the characteristics of the gun, you may want to add at least a melee weapon to your inventory.

FINDING THE OLD FLINTLOCK PISTOL - The Forest Updated 2016 Gameplay #6 - YouTube

Does The Strength Stat Influence The Damage Of The Flintlock Pistol?

In layman’s terms, the damage of the Flintlock Pistol remains the same regardless of the Strength stat. That is why the Flintlock Pistol is the weapon of choice if you have to fight when your Strength stat is low.

Is It Possible To Perform Headshots With The Flintlock Pistol?

The aim-down-sights system of Flintlock Pistol should let you perform headshots with reasonable consistency. That being said, it’s a good idea to close the distance to ensure that you could nail targets with every bullet. If you catch a glimpse of unaware enemies, it won’t hurt to use the Flintlock Pistol at point-blank range. That is going to minimize the odds of missing.

Can I Store The Flintlock Pistol?

If you cannot carry the Flintlock Pistol in your inventory, feel free to leave it behind on your camp. Currently, you would be able to store the Flintlock Pistol in three types of storage: Weapon Rack, Wall Weapon Rack and  Ground Weapon Holder. For your information, if something destroys the storage, weapons fall on the ground so there is no need to worry.

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