Skyrim Crashes After Bethesda Logo Windows 10

Currently, there is no doubt that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the greatest action role-playing games ever released. That being said, regardless of the version, Skyrim is well-known for having less than ideal stability. In the case of the PC version, it’s not uncommon for the Bethesda game to crash as soon as the Bethesda logo disappears. Needless to say, Skyrim crashes after Bethesda logo Windows 10 is a topic that attracts the attention of quite a few PC gamers.

Skyrim Crashing After Bethesda Logo: Breakdown

So your Windows 10 computer should be able to run Skyrim with relative ease but for some reason, the game keeps crashing after Bethesda logo? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything about the crashes of Skyrim on PC from causes to solutions.

The Usual Suspects 

There is no shortage of issues in Skyrim but once it comes to crashing, it’s strongly recommended that you consider these possibilities.


To put it plainly, Skyrim contains a wide range of bugs that impair aspects of the game from time to time. Many of the bugs slow operations of the game while others lead to crashes out of the blue. Hence, if you notice that Skyrim crashes after Bethesda logo Windows 10, it’s a good idea to take bugs into account. Usually, if the crashing is the word of bugs, you don’t have to do much to bring the game back to normal.


Overall, Skyrim barely manages to run as it is so when its files become corrupted, all hell breaks loose. From Windows updates to third-party programs, a lot of things on PC may introduce corruption to the files of Skyrim. In any case, as long as the files remain corrupted, you should have a hard time getting the game to run smoothly. On the bright side, if you know what must be done, it only takes a couple of minutes to remove the corruption.


Generally speaking, those who deem vanilla Skyrim to be less than ideal usually resort to mods for customized gaming experiences. However, it’s worth pointing out Skyrim mods create all sorts of issues every now and then as well.

For instance, if you subscribe to old mods that no longer receive support, there is a chance that Skyrim would crash while loading them. In addition, many of the mods for Skyrim have certain requirements that you have to meet. That means if you download and install mods but don’t have what it takes to run them, the game inevitably crashes. ( Finally, in Skyrim, the load order of mods affects the performance of the game so wrong load orders tend to result in crashes.

Graphics Card Driver 

In case you don’t know, computers rely on graphics card drivers to interact with graphics cards. Therefore, if your graphics card driver runs into issues in the course of operation, the graphics aspect of Skyrim is going to suffer. At best, the game won’t look as good as it should be and at worst, it could crash all of a sudden. To be thorough, you must give the graphics card driver some thought as you troubleshoot Skyrim crashes.

User Account Control

So you put Skyrim in C:/Program Files (x86) on your computer? Then it’s highly likely that User Account Control (UAC) is the one giving you a hard time at the moment. While UAC is around to protect your computer from malicious programs, it’s well-known for complicating operations of Skyrim as well as Skyrim mods. Until you manage to take care of UAC, the crashing of Skyrim would persist.

How To Stop The Crashing 

It’s frustrating when you launch Skyrim with many expectations only for it to crash before the main menu. Still, if you try out the solutions down below, you should have no trouble getting rid of the crashes.


There is nothing special about restart but it’s an effective and efficient fix for an assortment of game bugs including those that affect Skyrim. In the case that Skyrim keeps crashing after Bethesda logo on your Windows 10 computer, feel free to perform a restart. Of course, as restart wipes RAM clean, save ongoing works on the desktop so you could continue later. The moment the screen comes back on, launch Skyrim and see how things turn out.

Verify The Integrity Of Files 

If you play Skyrim via game distribution platforms like Steam, Epic and so on, it’s wise to verify the integrity of files at least once. The principle of verification is straightforward: it compares the files on your computer with those on the servers. When it detects discrepancies, the verification is going to repair/replace files which eliminate corruption and restore performance. Needless to say, articles that analyze crashes of Skyrm think highly of verification of the integrity of files.

Think About The Mods 

In the beginning, you should update each of the mods you have on your PC to the latest version. Additionally, use the opportunity to determine whether your computer supports the mods in its current state. Assuming that your computer contains all prerequisites, inspect the load order to ensure that the game loads what the mods need prior to loading them. Apply changes to the load order if necessary and don’t hesitate to make use of mod managers for ease of convenience.

You still cannot get through to the main menu of Skyrim? Then you may want to remove your Skyrim mods for the time being, launch the game and see if it crashes. If the game runs smoothly, one of your mods is responsible for the crashing and you have to delete it for good. (

Update Graphics Card Driver

  • Step 1: Press Windows + R to open, type devmgmt and hit Enter open Device Manager.
  • Step 2: Expand Display adapters, right-click your graphics card and click Properties.
  • Step 3: Go to Driver tab, choose Update Driver and hit Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Step 4: Follow onscreen instructions
  • Step 5: Restart the computer when the update concludes

Note: Depending on the brand of your graphics card, you could use companion programs to update the driver. Here is an example: if your card is a NVIDIA model, GeForce Experience would help you update the driver.

Move Skyrim To A New Location 

In layman’s terms, it’s possible to tweak the settings to prevent UAC from interfering with the performance of Skyrim. Nonetheless, the process is tricky and there is no guarantee that Windows updates in the future won’t cause the crashing to resurface. Hence, if your version of Skyrim is in C:/Program Files (x86) on your computer, you should think about relocating it. Let’s say that you play through Skyrim:

  • Step 1: Open Steam, select Steam on the top left corner and click Settings
  • Step 2: Hit Downloads, choose Steam Library Folders and pick Add Library Folder
  • Step 3: Select to create a new folder on a new drive
  • Step 4: Close dialogue then hit OK until you dismiss all of the dialogues
  • Step 5: Go to Library, right-click Skyrim and hit Properties
  • Step 6: Choose Local Files, pick Move Install Folder and select the new location for Skyrim
  • Step 7: Allow Steam to move Skyrim
  • Step 8: Launch Skyrim from the new location

If the game runs smoothly, move the mods and start playing Skyrim to your heart’s content.


  • Resist the urge to hoard: “I don’t need that item now but I should keep it in case I need it later” is the thought that motivates many Skyrim hoarders. Still, it’s noteworthy if you cannot keep your hoarding tendency in check, your Skyrim playthrough is going to get tedious. Thus, it’s widely advised that you drop by the merchant on occasion to sell excess items in the inventory. By doing so, you could avoid the hassle of looking through the inventory for items to drop every time you want to grab new items.
  • Take advantage of companions: As you explore Skyrim, you would come across companions that not only provide unique quest lines but also accompany you in your adventures. As soon as you enter combat, your companion automatically targets enemies in the vicinity. Moreover, you always have the option of turning your companion into a porter to save space in the inventory.
  • Mix up the attacks: The diversity of weapons in Skyrim means you could eliminate enemies in multiple ways. That being said, you should mix up the attacks to adapt to changes during battles. For instance, if you usually opt for melee combat as you own a solid sword, consider getting a bow for ranged combat.

How Could I Use Console Commands?

You could use console commands by hitting the tilde key (~) to open the console. With the console open, enter the command and hit Enter. Keep in mind that different commands feature different effects so be careful. As a precaution, save before using console commands so you have something to fall back on if you mess up.

What Must Be Done To Eliminate Lags? 

In the beginning, open Task Manager then close all programs running in the background to dedicate resources to Skyrim. Next, if you have a low-end computer, you should run Skyrim at minimum settings. You have a ton of mods working at the same time? ( In that case, remove some of the mods to reduce the strains.

Is There An Ending In Skyrim?

All main quests in Skyrim have endings but the game in essence never ends and keeps going. Thus, you could play Skyrim until you get bored.

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