Dead Island Vs. Dead Island: Riptide

Not everyone likes the same things so it’s only natural for the community to be at odds regarding Dead Island vs. Dead Island: Riptide. Both games share a lot of similarities in terms of gameplay but it’s noteworthy that deviations exist here and there. You have a hard time deciding which one to get? In that case, this article could help you out.

A Summary Of The Games

Dead Island

Developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver, Dead Island is the 1st title in the Dead Island series.


  • Realistic
  • Well-designed combat mechanics
  • Storyline is tip-top
  • A wide variety of environments


  • Hard to get a hold of guns

Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island: Riptide is a standalone DLC of Dead Island and it follows where the original story left off.


  • Tons of zombie types
  • It takes little work to pick up guns


  • Many bugs
  • Underwhelming narrative
  • Less than ideal combat mechanics
  • Unrealistic (For instance, enemies could walk through walls)

Verdict: Dead Island Is The Winner

While talking about Dead Island vs. Dead Island: Riptide, most players agree that Dead Island is head and shoulders above its DLC. Dead Island: Riptide simply fails to live up to expectations and people find it lackluster. In addition to that, Dead Island: Riptide resembles Dead Island in many regards so you won’t miss out much if you decide to skip it. Then again, it’s possible to get Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide in bundles during sale periods.

Tips And Tricks

Eat And Drink 

Keep an eye open for the snacks and drinks scattered throughout the game. There is no way to stock up on healing items so it is wise to recover your health by eating and drinking.

Master The Kick

Kicking is an effective and efficient way to knock down zombies lunging at you. While weapons work, there is always a chance of missing which leaves you vulnerable to attacks. If you jump and kick, you could consistently stagger zombies and gain an opportunity to deliver a decapitating strike.

Upgrade Weapons

As you move from one location to another, check out the luggage, containers and cabinets to gather materials for weapon upgrades. Every time you upgrade your weapons, the amount of damages they manage to deal increases.

Watch Out For Resupply Points

In case you don’t know, resupply points contain various items that should come in handy in your quest. You could come across resupply points in multiple locations including the jungles.

Pay Attention To The Map

Like many other games, map plays a key role in Dead Island. By making use of the map, you would be able to devise strategies to neutralize zombies in variable settings. For instance, since maps mark oil spills and water puddles, it’s possible to either electrify the water or set the oil on fire to wipe out zombies.

Bait And Corner Zombies 

Zombies would do whatever it takes to take a bite out of the living and that may work to your advantage. If zombies catch you in a tough spot, you should lure them to where you could eradicate them with relative ease. Besides that, it won’t hurt to set traps along the way to thin out the horde.

Take A Break

Dead Island was designed to be played intermittently and not in a short burst. That means if the game gets tedious, feel free to take a break every now and then. When you get back, many of the game resources should be respawned and permit progression.


What are Diamonds used for in Dead Island?

In Dead Islands, Diamonds are very valuable and rare to find. A piece of Diamond does for about $1,500 in the game. Diamonds are also needed for creating the Developer’s Craft blueprints.

How many types of skulls are found on Dead Island?

Dead Island has five different types of skulls and their color differentiates them. The skulls are to be taken to certain locations specified in the game to unlock special features.

Where is the Dead Island Police Station located?

The police station in Dead Island is located in Moresby, close to the city center.

Where can I find the Metal baseball bat in Dead Island?

The metal baseball bat is beneath the wrecked bus that you must go through during your first quest in Ryder White’s Campaign.

Where can I find the Spade in Dead Island?

You can locate the spade outside the Water Sports Rental Kiosk.

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