ARK Hotbar Not Working

If you notice your ARK hotbar not working, there must have been a bug and restart is the best solution. In the case the issue persists, you should verify integrity of game files, update ARK and press the left Alt key. Continue reading to bring the hotbar back to normal and put it to good use. 

How To Get ARK Hotbar To Work


Despite its simplicity, restart could address all sorts of problems on ARK and ARK hotbar not working is a prime example. All you have to do is to exit ARK, close Steam and restart your computer. When the screen comes back on, open ARK and see how things turn out.

Update ARK

For your information, ARK receives updates from time to time and if you neglect updates, it’s only a matter of time before errors emerge. Unable to remember the last time you updated ARK? In that case, you should update ARK at the earliest opportunity.

Verify Integrity Of Game Files

If you suspect that corruption in the game files is what gives you hard time, it’s wise to verify integrity of game files. To initiate the verification, go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open Steam, log into your account and go to Library.
  • Step 2: Locate ARK, right-click it and pick Properties.
  • Step 3: Select Local Files tab then choose Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Step 4: After the verification finishes, launch the game and witness the result.

Press The Left Alt Key

All in all, Craft Slot Item (Modifier) comes in handy at times but it could also certain inconveniences. For instance, if Craft Slot Item (Modifier) is active, the hotbar is going to become unresponsive. Thus, regarding ARK hotbar not working, it’s a good idea to press the left Alt key to deactivate Craft Slot Item (Modifier). On a side note, it’s possible to change the key binding for  Craft Slot Item (Modifier) by going to the control menu.

The Root Of The Problem

Like other games out there, ARK is known for having a couple of issues here and there. Still, once it comes to ARK hotbar not working, you should consider the possibilities down below:

  • Bug
  • Corruption
  • Obsolescence 
  • Craft Slot Item (Modifier)

Other Questions About ARK

What Is The Strongest Creature In ARK?

At the moment, Giganotosaurus is second to none in terms of strength. The massive dinosaur could make short work of other creatures as well as unprepared players for most of the time. While Giganotosaurus is not exactly the quickest dino, it’s still able to reach a speed of up to 30 mph so you must exercise caution. 

What Should I Do In The Beginning?

Generally speaking, ARK is a survival game so it’s essential to get base camp up and running then explore the surrounding area for resources. Once you have enough resources, feel free to craft weapons, build structures and so on. 

What Is The Best Creature To Tame?

Different players have different opinions about the best tame in ARK so it all comes down to playstyle. If you like to cover large distances in a short period of time, go for agile creatures. On the other hand, if you intend to use your tame in combat, prioritize tanky dinos.

What Is The Max Level On ARK?

The maximum level that a player can reach in ARK: Survival Evolved is one hundred. 

How Many Dinosaurs Can I Tame In ARK?

The answer is approximately 500 dinosaurs but the number varies depending on the size and type of dinosaurs plus available resources. 

Is ARK a hard game?

ARK is a game that requires a lot of strategic thinking and advanced planning. Some people find ARK to be more difficult than other games while others believe it to be a linear game. 

Can I play ARK solo?

Yes, you can play ARK solo but your progress would be slow as many of the game’s mechanics emphasize teamwork. For instance, taming dinosaurs takes less work if you have multiple people targeting the same targets. 

A Few Tips And Tricks

  • Get to know the mechanics. The more thorough you understand how everything works, the easier it will be to survive in ARK.
  • Spend time working on your shelter. The shelter not only protects you from the elements but also provides a place to store your supplies. If possible, build a fire pit inside your shelter for warmth and cooking.
  • Stock up on food and water as they play a key role in dictating your odds of survival. 
  • Build a campfire and cook food on it. 
  • Use torches for illumination at night. 
  • Find resources to craft items. As time passes by, you need to craft quite a few things in order to survive. 
  • Hunt animals for food then skin them for hides.

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