SOLVED! Yakuza 0 Encounter Finder

In discussions about grinding in Yakuza 0, Yakuza 0 Encounter Finder is one of the topics that catch the interest of many players. Unable to find the Encounter Finder while playing Yakuza 0 as either Kiryu or Majima? Then there is a good chance that this article is going to be of use to you. ( Down below is everything that you must keep in mind once it comes to Encounter Finder of Yakuza 0.

Yakuza 0 Encounter Finder: How To Get It

Playing As Kiryu

To get the Encounter Finder while controlling Kiryu, you must complete a substory Miracle in Maharaja and here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Get close to the same two men in substory 12 who are talking at the dream machine and you will hear about Miracle
  • Step 2: Head to Maharaja Kamurocho then defeat the Beefy Foreigner blocking the way
  • Step 3: Accept the dance battle with Miracle when you are inside then just play without pressure since you will eventually lose 
  • Step 4: When being offered the two boxes, pick the black one and the Encounter Finder will be yours

*Note: this mission will not come up unless you have unlocked the Real Estate Business. 

Playing As Majima

Upon completing a substory called Stadium Jumper Strut, you would be given an opportunity to get the Encounter Finder and here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Go to the south of the Iwao Bridge and look for a man lying on the ground 
  • Step 2: Talk to him, give him a random health item then accept his proposal 
  • Step 3: Protect that man from the enemies until he has crossed the bridge safely and you will get the Encounter Finder as a reward

A Beginner’s Guide

  • Do not skip the training missions since they teach you how to use the different martial art styles Kiryu and Majima. All of that gives you more options and better chances of winning in combat.
  • Cash strapped while playing as Kiryu? Take advantage of Real Estate Royale as you can gain billions after understanding it. However, the minigame is not available until chapter 5. In the case of Majima, he can make a fortune through the Cabaret Club Czar mini-game.
  • Fighting with bare fists is fine unless you are facing a strong opponent. Regardless, it won’t hurt to make sure that you always have a good weapon ready to use. 
  • Try to fill the friendship meters even though it can be time-consuming. After a meter is maxed out, you will receive many helpful things ranging from useful accessories to money-making properties. 
  • Despite living in two different cities, you can still share items between the two characters thanks to the help of Mr.Moneybags. Also, it’s noteworthy that the amount of equipment you can transfer increases the more time you interact with him. 
  • Learn the martial art styles thoroughly since each of them will be effective in different situations. For example, Kiryu’s rush style is not optimal when facing a pack of foes but it will come in handy in solo fights, especially with slower and stronger enemies. 
  • Since Yakuza 0 does not have an autosave system, it is recommended to look for phone booths and save as often as possible. 
  • In the game, health does not regenerate outside of combat. Therefore, you should stock up on healing potions every time you have the chance. In case you do not know what must be done, head to Kotobuki Drugs and buy the Stamina Royale. 
  • Get a taxi instead of walking/driving to save some time. 
  • There are several side quests in Yakuza 0 and they are worth completing if you like to enjoy the charming world of Yakuza 0 to the fullest. However, to avoid wasting time and money fighting street gangs, it is wise to have the Cash Confetti skill and a running business first. 
  • As you go through the substories, remember that making the right decisions leads to superior rewards. That being said, if you have unfortunately missed out on something important, the Dream Machines are here to help as they store uncollected special rewards. 
  • Bosses could prove extremely hard to pin down as they excel in counterattacking. As a result, it is advisable to keep the combo short and deploy a hit-and-run strategy. 
  • Damages of the Heat actions will be greatly reduced if the same ones are repeatedly used in a single fight. Hence, you should either mix things up or maintain the high Heat to increase the damage output. 
  • Businesses like arcades require that you become a friend with an inside staff member to form an acquisition or partnership. Otherwise, walking next to a business with a sufficient amount of money is enough. 
  • After chaining normal attacks without a finisher, you should find it much easier to stun an opponent with the rush style. 
  • Grinding through beating up random enemies is not productive. The business management systems always grant you a stable source of income. 

Can I Free Roam After Finishing The Game? 

Yes and the Premium Adventure game mode will help you do so. 

Should I Play Yakuza 0 First Or Last? 

It is recommended to play Yakuza 0 first as the series is released in chronological order. If you are a newcomer, playing the game helps you grasp the beginning of the franchise.

Is Yakuza 0 Hard To Play? 

Although the game offers a fast-paced and brutal system, taking some hits or forgetting to block will not cost you much. However, it is quite different in terms of mastering as being able to block every attack is like an art. 

At What Time Was Yakuza 0 Set? 

The game takes place in late 1988, Japan’s bubble era. Also, it is 17 years earlier than the first game’s events. 

Is Yakuza 0 Better Than Yakuza Kiwami?

It all comes down to the players’ preferences. In case the details of Yakuza 0 bore you out, Yakuza Kiwami should suit you. Since the combat of Yakuza Kiwami is no-nonsense, it’s popular among gamers who only care about actions. 


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