Witcher 3 Moon Dust

You have been experimenting with Bombs in Wild Hunt and want to learn more about Witcher 3 Moon Dust so as to put it to good use? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could provide you with an in-depth summary of Moon Dust. (Messinascatering) Read to the end to be able to get the most out of Moon Dust in your adventure. 

Moon Dust In Witcher 3: Compilation 

What Is It

Moon Dust is a Bombs in Witcher 3 that releases a mist of silver shavings upon shattering. The moment the mist comes into contact with monsters, it’s going to inflict a number of effects. 

What Does It Do

Prevents Transformation

In Witcher 3, it’s uncommon to come across hostile creatures that change form at their leisure. If you allow shapeshifters to transform, they may prove to be difficult foes. For ease of convenience, if your target is a shapeshifter, you should use Moon Dust to prevent transformation. (prestigeonline.com) If you manage to land Moon Dust on shapeshifters, you should be able to fight them on a favorable footing.

Nullify Invisibility

By taking advantage of Moon Dust, you could nullify the invisibility advantages of some creatures such as Noonwraiths. You have a hard time hitting targets that keep turning invisible? Then all you have do is to toss out a Moon Dust bomb. While Yrden also comes in handy while battling invisible enemies, Moon Dust is more versatile. 

Stops Healing (Werewolf) 

It takes a lot of work to kill Werewolf in Witcher 3 and one of the reasons is that the creature could regenerate health. If you cannot deal enough damage to Werewolf, the battle is going to drag out which is exhaustive. However, if you have Moon Dust in your inventory, it’s possible to stop Werewolf from healing. With its regeneration ability disabled by Moon Dust, Werewolf would go down quickly. 

Types Of Moon Dust 

Three types of Moon Dust exist: Moon Dust, Enhanced Moon Dust and Superior Moon Dust. The number of charges and duration of effect of Moon Dust change between types. Also, different types have unique crafting requirements.

Standard Moon Dust

Purchase Locations: To buy Moon Dust, visit the Halfling Herbalist’s store in Novigrad, Keira Metz in a hut around the outskirts of Midcopse, …

Crafting Ingredients: To craft Moon Dust, you need the following ingredients:

  • 1 x Saltpeter
  • 2 x Quicksilver Solution

Duration and Charges: The effects of Moon Dust last for 20 seconds and each features two charges.

Required Level: The required level for crafting  Moon Dust is Level 1 so you could craft it in the early stage of the game.

Enhanced Moon Dust

Crafting Ingredients: To craft Enhanced Moon Dust, you need the following ingredients:

  • 1 × Sulfur
  • 1 × Moon Dust
  • 1 × Quicksilver solution
  • 1 × Blowball
  • 1 × Hop umbels
  • 1 × Stammelford’s dust
  • 1 × Honeysuckle

Duration and Charges: The effects of Enhanced Moon Dust last for 40 seconds, and each features three charges.

Superior Moon Dust

Crafting Ingredients: To craft Superior Moon Dust, you need the following ingredients:

  • 2 × Sulfur
  • 2 × Quicksilver Solution
  • 1 × Enhanced Moon Dust
  • 2 × Blowball
  • 1 × Alchemists’ powder
  • 1 × Nigredo
  • 2 × Hop Umbels

Duration and Charges: The effects of Superior Moon Dust last forever and each features four charges.

Tips And Tricks

Dismantle Loot

You could pick up ingredients to craft items from merchants but some of the ingredients cost a lot. To save money, it’s strongly recommended to dismantle loot to get your hands on necessary ingredients. Here is an example: if you need leather, “dismantle” some hides. 

Save Every Now And Then 

Combat in Witcher 3 could get quite intense fights and one moment of carelessness would result in death. Because of that, it’s a good idea to make a habit of saving from time to time. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about losing too much progress if you die out of the blue. 


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