Undertale “Erase” “Do Not”

Undertale is a video game developed and published by Toby Fox in 2015 on Windows and Mac OS. Today, Undertale is available on quite a few platforms and people consider it to be a classic of the role-playing genre. Interestingly, while Undertale is an old title, players still struggle to understand the meaning behind certain segments of the game. Read to the end if you have a hard time grasping Undertale “Erase” “Do Not”.

“Erase” vs. “Do Not”: Breakdown

Generally speaking, Undertale consists of three routes and the “Erase”/“Do not” dilemma only pops up when players pick the Genocide route. In the case that you want to know the result of “Undertale “Erase” “Do Not” before making up your mind, check out the following:


You will get a message from Chara calling you  “a great partner” with a picture of Chara’s eyes. There is a strong indication that she and you will be together forever.

Do Not

You will see a picture of Chara’s face all surprised at your refusal to accept the offer, almost as if saying she misheard you. After that, you will get a message saying “Since when were you the one in control?” followed by a horrifying laugh and facial expression while the screen shakes, flashing black and red color.


Regarding Undertale “Erase” “Do Not”, no matter what you choose, you should get a screen shaking and filled with figure “9” following the animation described above in the PC version. In the console version, you will get a black screen for about 30 seconds followed by howling wind.

Tips And tricks

Avoid Spoilers

To enjoy Undertale to the fullest, you must ensure that the surprise elements are intact. The tutorial at the start of the game is enough to guide you on how to play the game so you do not need more information than that. Go through the quests without using cheats or reading spoilers to get the most out of the thrill and challenge the game presents.

Explore Everywhere

Undertale is a linear game where you progress from one point to another with minimal deviations. Still, for a fulfilling experience, you should interact with the environment by looking into every nook and cranny. 

You Don’t Have To Kill Anyone

At the start of the game, you may get the impression that you will need to kill enemies to progress but that is far from the truth. In Undertale, even the most vengeful bosses can be pacified if you know what must be done. To get the best ending, you must opt for a non-violent solution in all confrontations. By moving around, you should be able to decipher what the boss needs. That being said, in other cases, you have to think out of the box to know how to recover from the situation. Lastly, running away is an excellent non-violent approach as well.

There’s Still Much To Do After The Ending 

Following the ending of your first playthrough, there’s still more in store for you in Undertale. Supposing you have met the required criteria, you can go on to play the Undyne and Papyrus sequences of the game. Just locate their houses and enjoy an even more thrilling part of the game.

Give A Glass Of Water To Undyne To Keep Pacifist Route

After running away from Undyne, she will chase you till she passes out at the Hotlands. Make sure you give her a glass of water at that point so she can endure the heat. That gesture alone will unlock the latter part of the game, without which you can’t end the Pacifist Route.

Take A Break and Try Again

Multiple failures, especially when you are a hair’s breadth from success, can be frustrating and you may want to throw in the towel. However, resting for a while can ease the tension and you might get it right the next time. Don’t hesitate to take a break and go back to the tough battle when your mind is more relaxed.

How Many Endings Are There In Undertale?

There are three endings in Undertale: Neutral, Pacifist and Genocide and here’s how to get to them.

  • Neutral: This can only be reached depending on the number of spared characters and monsters killed.
  • Pacifist: To achieve this ending, you must not kill anyone and must ensure you befriend Alphys, Papyrus and Undyne properly. That means you must have gotten to the Neutral end at least once because that is the only way you can befriend Alphys.
  • Genocide: This ending can only be unlocked when you farm encounters in all the zones and kill everyone until there’s nothing left to kill.

What Are The Main Game Areas In Undertale?

There are six different areas in Undertale that you must go through before you can get to the end of the story. Each of the areas has its unique set of bosses. The areas comprise, in no particular order, Snowdin, Ruins, New Home, CORE, Waterfall and Hotland.

Am I On Track For The Genocide Route?

Some signs could tell if you are on course to the Genocide ending and they include the music as well as save points. The theme music changes to an eerie tone and save points count down the number of encounters left.

How To Spare Different Bosses In Undertale?

  • Toriel: To defeat her, hit the Spare option continuously till she gives up.
  • Papyrus: There are two ways to go about it. You can lose to him thrice or survive his attacks.
  • Undyne: Run away from her when your heart turns red. Remember to go through the cave instead of going back to the waterfall.
  • Muffet: Consume Spider Cider or Spider Donut during the fight.
  • Mettaton: Get a rating of over 10,000 after his limbs got blown off.
  • Asgore: The only option is to fight.

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