SOLVED! Tropico 5 Output Storage Full

Usually, Tropico 5 Output Storage Full is the result of resources being overstocked and to fix that, you must set up additional Teamster’s Offices. Aside from that, you should add more parking lots to areas surrounding docks and factories, modify the traffic flow, etc. New to Tropico 5 and have a hard time carrying out the solutions on your own? Then you should find this article helpful. 

What You Could Do

Set Up Additional Teamster’s Offices

For your information, the mission of Teamsters is to transport resources around the island and you could get more Teamsters by building extra Teamster’s Offices. On average, there should be one Teamster Office for every one hundred residents. If you manage to maintain the ratio as the island expands, it’s a breeze to keep the resources moving. On the other hand, if you neglect the construction of Teamster’s Offices, it’s only a matter of time before the message “Output Storage is Full” surfaces.

On the bright side, you could fix Tropico 5 Output Storage Full by setting up additional Teamster’s Offices. It’s strongly recommended that you position the new offices near docks and factories to facilitate the transportation of resources.

Add More Parking Lots 

You have many Teamster Offices around docks and factories but you still run into the message “Output Storage is Full”? Then it’s possible that the surrounding areas don’t have enough parking lots. Teamsters need to park their vehicles and pick up the goods so the lack of parking lots impairs the delivery pace. To put an end to Tropico 5 Output Storage Full, you should add more parking lots, especially in the areas that border docks and factories.

Modify The Traffic Flow

Quite a few factors affect the transportation of resources of Teamsters but traffic flow is second to none in terms of influence. If you have a hard time dismissing the message “Output Storage is Full”, modify the traffic flow. For instance, it’s a good idea to make straight roads while keeping intersections, bends and so on to the minimum. Also, you may want to set up round-a-bouts, construct metro stations, issue the Commuting Program edict, …


All in all, people could come across a couple of issues while playing Tropico 5. Still, once it comes to Tropico 5 Output Storage Full, you should give the following possibilities some thought: 

  • The number of Teamster’s Offices is insufficient. 
  • Not enough parking lots near docks and factories. 
  • Traffic jams.

Additional Tropico 5 FAQs

What is the Commuting Program edict? 

Commuting Program is an edict that appears in the Modern Times Era. It encourages people to use public transportation, walk and carpool which leads to a reduction in the number of vehicles on the road. By taking advantage of the Commuting Program edict, you could reduce traffic jams. 

What is the best way to build up the economy? 

The most profitable sector in Tropico 5 is entertainment so you should focus on it. Do everything in your power to keep the happiness of the entertainment sector high. Also, address pollution and shortage of resources as soon as possible because they hurt tourism as well as residents’ morale. 

Is it possible to stop invasions? 

To stop invasions, you must set up a Normandy-style beach. Specifically, place forts along the length of the beach and build rings of forts around the first dock. For good measure, you should add at least two towers between the forts. 

What is the sandbox mode? 

Sandbox mode gives you the freedom to customize the island’s structure, starting capital, starting era, winning conditions and so on. Also, the sandbox mode lacks special missions, goals and endings. 

What must be done to declare independence? 

Declaring independence is only possible if the governor’s support level is 51% or higher. Thus, you not only have to pay attention to the islanders’ needs but also have to turn them into revolutionaries. (grossmancapraroplasticsurgery)  

Which building generates research points? 

Libraries generate research points. It’s possible to build as many libraries as you want but finding the geniuses to staff them is no walk in the park. 

Is there a way to defeat rebels effectively and efficiently? 

To defeat rebels, you need a large military. Next, group four Barracks, two Army Bases and six Guard Towers together. That should be enough to let you put down rebellions in the blink of an eye. 

How do I gain more support? 

Your advisors play a key role in increasing the level of support so you should listen to them. For instance, if you progress through quests given by Lord Oakmont, you will be an option to increase Revolutionary support. 

What is the best way to keep the royalists happy? 

That is impossible as your government is a puppet working for the king’s interest. Therefore, it is widely advised that you focus on the revolutionaries’ happiness since it will help you in reaching the ultimate goal: independence. 

What factors affect housing quality? 

Housing quality increases alongside residents’ housing situations. Hence, you need to upgrade houses, secure a sufficient number of houses and think about house rents to manipulate the housing quality. 

Is there a population cap? 

The maximum number of residents on the island is 2,000 on PC because raising the number higher affects the game’s performance greatly. On a side note, you could wrap up the campaign with less than 500 citizens in most cases. 

How do I increase the population?

People need a reason to immigrate to your island so you should make your island appealing. For instance, it won’t hurt to build entertainment buildings across the building. 

A Few Tips And Tricks

  • Place income above all else. 
  • Costs can be cut down by educating citizens. 
  • Refined goods fetch more money than raw ones. 
  • Do not invest in tourism in the early game. 
  • Always keep an eye on the resources areas’ status. 
  • It is impossible to be benevolent and tyrannical at the same time so choose one and stick to it. 


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