SOLVED! Titanfall 2 “Connection To Server Timed Out”

About Titanfall 2 “Connection to server timed out”, Internet connection is the number one suspect and you should check it out. Besides that, you could look up the server maintenance schedule, make use of VPN and wait. Take a look at this article and learn what must be done to enjoy Titanfall 2 to the fullest. 

Causes Of The Error

While Titanfall 2 is a solid game, it’s far from perfect and reports of issues pop up from time to time. About  “Connection to server timed out”, it’s usually the result of an unstable connection to the Internet. Other possibilities include server maintenance, maxed-out capacity, technical problems and so on. 

What You Could Do

Check Out Internet Connection 

To get the most out of Titanfall 2, especially its multiplayer mode, you have to secure a stable connection to the Internet. If your Internet connection is unstable, Titanfall 2 “Connection to server timed out” is one of the consequences. Depending on the situation, you should reset the router/modem, remove obstacles in the vicinity, connect to other networks, update network driver, contact Internet Service Provider, …

Look Up The Server Maintenance Schedule

Your Internet connection is stable but you still run into “Connection to server timed out” while playing Titanfall 2? Then it’s highly likely that server maintenance is ongoing. To be secure, you need to look up the server maintenance schedule. Once it comes to server maintenance, you would be able to resume playing after the maintenance finishes.

Take Advantage Of VPN

Like their counterparts, servers of Titanfall 2 could only accommodate a certain number of players at the same time. If server capacity is maxed out, it’s only natural that you have a hard time playing Titanfall. Still, there is one workaround: Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you make use of VPN, you could “change” your location and connect to less busy servers. 


If none of the above solutions works in your case, there must have been serious technical problems. Until Titanfall 2 staff take care of the problems, you can do nothing but wait. 

Titanfall 2 Q&A

Will there be a sequel to Titanfall 2? 

Developers have confirmed that another Titanfall title will be released. However, it is a long way to go since the game has not been in development yet.

Is Titanfall 2 connected to Apex Legends? 

As they take place in the same universe, Apex Legends and Titanfall share locations, weapons, characters and so on. 

Does Titanfall 2 have secret achievements? 

Yes, there is one and it’s called Secret Plans. To unlock it, players must complete Special Operation 217 after finishing the Effect and Cause mission. 

How can I unlock the Close Shave trophy? 

The trophy requires you to keep Lieutenant Shaver and Lieutenant Freeborn alive at the start of the Blood and Rust mission. 

How large are the Titans in Titanfall 2? 

Despite their agility and abilities, Titans in the game are around 20 feet tall. 

What will happen if I collect all Pilots Helmets? 

If you manage to gather all Pilots Helmets during the single-player campaign, the achievement Every Nook and Cranny will be unlocked. It’s noteworthy that Off the Beaten Path and Collector will be unlocked when you collect 10 and 25 helmets respectively. 

Which Titan is the strongest one in Titanfall 2? 

Different players have different opinions but Tone receives a lot of votes. Even though its defense is weak, Tone is equipped with the best DPS combo: 40mm Cannon and Tracking Rockets. 

What are the best weapons in Titanfall 2? 

The Hemlok usually stays at the top of the list. The second and third positions are occupied by  Mozambique and R-201 Assault Rifle. Honorable mentions include the Mastiff, Volt, Devotion, Flatline and Wingman. 

Is Titanfall 2 a hard game? 

Many players have stated that the game feels too easy even when being set at the hardest difficulty. 

Which weapons should I use to take down Titans? 

The answer depends on the situation. If you want to be sneaky, go for the MGL. On the other hand, if you spot a lineup of Titans, Thunderbolt is the best tool for the job. Finally, in the case that you like to take precise shots at a distance, stick to the Charger Rifle.

Was Titanfall 2 a success for Respawn and EA? 

It is safe to say that Titanfall 2 deserved much more attention since the game was highly rated by the critics. However, the game was unfortunately sandwiched by the two giant shooter games, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. That resulted in a sales failure

Gameplay Tips And Tricks

  • Moving on walls is faster than on floors. 
  • Always think about your level and the map layout.
  • Experiment with weapon loadouts.
  • Never underestimate the enemies’ Titans even when their health drops low.
  • Test out every Titans and find one that suits you before jumping into multiplayer matches. 
  • Keep an eye on the ammo reserve so your guns don’t run dry during shootouts. 

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