“The Altar Is Empty” (Gungeon)

Released in 2016, Enter the Gungeon has been a hit with many people praising the mix between bullet hell and dungeon exploring elements. The gameplay is straightforward as well so it won’t take long before players can get a hang of the fundamentals. Still, it’s worth pointing out that Enter the Gungeon contains a couple of secrets here and there. Spare some time to check out this article if you like to learn more about “the altar is empty” (Gungeon).

The Altar In Gungeon: Instructions

Enter the Gungeon is an action-packed game and you have to fight through intense battles to progress. However, on occasions, you could also interact with objects on the way and the altar is one of them. Many Gungeon players run into the room with the altar while exploring the dungeon. No matter how many times the players interact with the altar, the result is the same: “the altar is empty”.

Since developers of the game don’t leave clues, it’s up to the players to figure out what’s with “the altar is empty” (Gungeon). Go through the steps down below to discover the purpose of the altar.

Step 1: Locate The Fireplace

Look for the room with the fireplace and deal with all enemies you encounter with the exception of Keep of the Lead Lord. When you reach the fireplace, put off the fire using a water gun or water barrel. After quenching the fire, walk behind the fireplace and you should find a switch that unlocks a secret room on the map. Inside the secret room, you will find a Trapdoor that requires two keys to open. 

Step 3: Find The Old Crest

Open the door with your keys but before going through, go back to defeat the boss at Keep of the Lead Lord. By doing so, you could pick up a lethal weapon that will come in handy as you fight upcoming foes. Head through the Trapdoor to enter the Oubliette and you will see toxic materials lying around. The toxic materials could hurt your character so avoid them at all times. 

As you navigate the Oubliette, keep an eye out for a small room that contains an item called Old Crest on a pedestal. You need the Old Crest to unlock the secret of the altar so keep it with you. Now, you have to return all the way back to the altar while killing all enemies in the Oubliette including the boss, Blobulord. Keep in mind that Old Crest works as a piece of armor so don’t get hit. 

Step 3: Place The Old Crest On The Altar

When you return to the room with the altar, place the Old Crest on the altar. Soon, a secret stair that leads to the Abbey of the True Gun will appear under the nearby bullet coffin. After you enter the Abbey of the True Gun for the first time, you automatically unlock an achievement and a passive item. That is all you need to know about “the altar is empty” (Gungeon).


  • Practice, Practice And Practice: Enter the Gungeon is a challenging game to play. The game takes a lot of tries to get in tune with the pace and grasp the way to navigate the environment. Therefore, you should practice as often as you can.
  • Don’t Use Keys Randomly: You will run into chests from time to time but you must resist the urge to open all of them. First, make sure to go through every room on the map before deciding on the chests to open. For your information, the chest color indicates the rarity of the content (from common to rare, the colors are Brown, Blue, Green, Red, Black, and Rainbow). Hence, it’s wise to save your keys for a Rainbow chest instead of a Brown one.
  • Shoot Unopened Chests: Before fighting the boss, shoot all unopened chests. Sometimes, valuable items might emerge from the explosion and help you through the battle.
  • Use The Right Character: You can select from any of four characters at the start of the game: Convict, Pilot, Huntress, and Marine. It’s possible to unlock four extra characters: Bullet, Robot, Paradox and Gunslinger. Each character has unique characteristics but according to popular opinion, the Pilot is best for beginners.
  • Keep Your Banks For Bosses: There is a good chance that you will encounter tough foes before the boss. Nonetheless, you must do whatever you can to conserve the blanks. (zolpidem online kopen zonder recept) At the beginning of each chamber, you will receive two blanks and you should save at least one for the boss. Blanks are available for sale at the store.
  • Make Use Of The Crosshair: Crosshair could increase the accuracy of your aim so you should take advantage of it.
  • Stay On The Move: One of the factors that influence your odds of survival in Enter the Gungeon is your ability to dodge enemy fire. Since the enemy bullets follow a given trajectory, you should learn the patterns then escape the area.

How Many Characters Are There In Enter The Gungeon?

Enter the Gungeon has a total of eight playable characters. Only four of these characters are available to select from at the beginning of the game. You will have to unlock the other four characters as you play further into the game. Each character has its unique perks and drawbacks.

How Long Is Enter The Gungeon?

It takes 21 hours to complete Enter the Gungeon if you focus on the primary objectives. However, if you want to play every aspect of the game, it takes about 156 hours to complete everything.

Is Enter The Gungeon Hard To Play?

The game is kind of complicated, especially with the numerous items and mechanics that take time to understand. Also, a small mistake may lead to a game-over in the blink of an eye. Still, while there is a learning curve, you will enjoy the game once you get the hang of things.

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