Stardew Valley Cows Not Giving Milk

If you notice your Stardew Valley cows not giving milk out of the blue, low happiness level is the number one suspect and you should concentrate on increasing the happiness level. Aside from that, you should check out other factors such as food, heat and so on if cows refuse to give milk. It’s worth pointing out that you need milking tools to be able to get milk from cows as well. Continue reading if you want to get the most out of your cows in Stardew Valley.

Cows In Stardew Valley Won’t Give Milk: Possibilities

  • Low happiness level 
  • Insufficient heat and food
  • Cold weather 
  • Lack of milking tools

What You Could Do

Pet The Cows 

Make sure to pet your cows every day to reduce their stress and increase their happiness level. By doing so, you could expect cows to give milk for most of the time. 

Note: There is a bug in the game that messes up the happiness level of animals from time to time. To address that bug, you may want to install the Happy Animal Mods. Keep in mind that even if you java the mod, you still have to pet your animals daily to keep them happy.

Open And Close The Barn Logically 

In daytime, you should open the barn to release your cattle and let them eat in the range. That is going to increase their happiness level. When night comes, you should close the barn as your cows could become stressed if you leave it open. Needless to say, you would have a hard time collecting milk from stressed cows.

Focus On Heat And Food During Cold Weather

Install a heater to keep your cows during winter. Also, since your cows cannot go out to eat during winter, you have to give them enough food.

Get Milking Tools

To collect milk from cows, you need to visit Marnie’s ranch then purchase either auto-grabber or milk pail. If you pick up the pail, you have to go to the cow you intend to milk, right-click on it and pick the milk option. On the other hand, if you have the auto-grabber, place it at the entrance of the barn.

Ways To Play Stardew Valley

Plant In Squares 

Pay attention to where you place your seeds while planting to generate extra bucks. Grow melons, pumpkins and so on in 3×3 spaces to have a small chance of getting a massive crop using up all nine available soil squares.

Give Wood Top Priority

After you finish sowing seeds and watering them, it is time to turn your attention to felling trees. You need to gather wood as it is an essential resource that allows you to unlock new structures and items.

Unlock The Beach Bridge

As soon as you have 300 wood, you should proceed to repair the bridge on the left side of the beach to gain entrance to Tidal Pools. In case you don’t know, Tidal Pools is where valuable items like coral, sea urchins, and various shells pop up every day.

Use Fences To Secure Grass 

Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon for animals to eat up all the grass in their enclosure and leave none to spread. To secure grass for animals, you should set up a Grass Starter pack and position a fence post on top of that spot. 

Take Advantage Of Soil Mechanic 

There is an interesting soil mechanic in the mines: if you have a hoe, you could till the soil to get antiquities, cave carrots, clay, geodes, etc. Next, by using a pickaxe on the same spot, you should be able to un-till the soil. At that point, you have the chance of repeating the process to grab more items. Remember that it’s possible to reset the solid by leaving and reentering the mines.

Put Scarecrows On Blocks 

In Stardew Valley, scarecrows play a key role in guarding crops against crows but they may be removed if you till the land around them. The situation worsens once you gain access to improved hoes that could cultivate a large area at once. To keep scarecrows in place, you should lay out pathing blocks on the ground then put scarecrows on top of them. By doing so, you could stop scarecrows from being displaced as you till ground near them. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Cows In Stardew Valley?

Cows continue to give milk daily as long as you manage to maintain their levels of friendship and happiness. To increase friendship and happiness levels, feed and milk the cows regularly. As soon as both stats max out, the cows will begin producing Large Milk which brings in more cash.

Should I Invest In Cows?

Cows are not expensive and have the potential to bring in a lot of money. By default, milk sells for 125g and cheese sells for 200g. With the rancher perk, cheese sells for 240 g. With the artisan perk, cheese sells for 280g. That comes to 3,360g daily if you have 12 cows. The cost of a cow is 1,500 g so if things proceed smoothly, you could recover your investment in six days. 

What Happens If I Don’t Sleep On Time?

If you have yet to fall asleep by 2:00 AM in  Stardew Valley, you will pass out regardless of your location and wake up the next day having less energy than you should be.

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