Spawn Settlers In Fallout 4

All in all, there is no need to bother with settlements and settlers to get to the end of Fallout 4. That being said, people receive quite a few benefits in Fallout 4 if they build thriving settlements with multiple settlers living there. The process of building settlements is straightforward so players could master the fundamentals in a blink of an eye. ( Getting settlers into settlements is no cakewalk though which is why the question of how to spawn settlers in Fallout 4 generates multiple discussions. (Clubdeportestolima)

How To Spawn Settlers In Settlements 

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You want to spawn settlers in your settlements but don’t know what must be done? If that happens to be the case then this article may be of use to you. Down below, you would find everything that you should keep in mind once it comes to spawning settlers in settlements.

Console Command

Generally speaking, if you play Fallout 4 on PC, you have the option of using the console command “player.placeatme X” to spawn a certain settler. Type in the command, replace X with the ID of the settler you like and hit Enter. If you wish to spawn more than one settler, use the console command “player.placeatme 20593 X” with X representing the number of settlers to be spawned. For instance, let’s say you like to spawn five settlers in the current settlement, the command should be “player.placeatme 20593 5”.


In the case that you don’t like using vanilla settlers, it’s suggested that you install settler mods. Nowadays, a wide range of settler mods exist so there is no need to worry about running out of choices. One of the more popular settler mods for Fallout 4 is Spawnable Unique Settlers which adds a huge number of settlers to the game. You would be able to pick up Spawnable Unique Settlers and other settler mods on modding websites.

Note: It’s unwise to take advantage of console commands and mods to spawn settlers in Fallout 4 excessively. At best, the ease of getting settlers removes some of the pleasure of managing settlements. At worst, spawning settlers via console commands and mods could lead to bugs that ruin the playthrough.

Attracting Settlers To Settlements: Advice 

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Having second thoughts about spawning settlers? Then it’s suggested that you check out these tips and tricks to recruit settlers the normal way.

Give Food And Water Some Thought 

In layman’s terms, a settlement is only sustainable if it could provide its settlers with adequate amounts of food and water. If your settlements can’t even produce enough food and water for existing settlers, the odds of new settlers arriving tend to be low.


To produce food in a settlement, go to the Resources tab in the Building menu, select a plant and plant it in the dirt. It’s worth pointing out that you have to assign a settler to the plant to harvest the food it yields. A single settler is capable of taking care of twelve plants at the same time. For your information, different plants feature different food yields and you need one Food for each of the settlers in your settlements.


Similar to food, it’s possible to set up water production in a settlement via the Resources tab. Settlement objects that produce water include water pumps, powered water pumps, water purifiers and industrial water purifiers. As for the demand of the settlements, water is the same as food: one unit for one settler. Excess water would go to the workshop if the number of drink items in the workshop is lower than the limit.

Note: Tired of dealing with food and water production in all of your settlements? In that case, you may want to create a network of supply lines between the settlements. By doing so, you could use the surplus food and water of several settlements to sustain the rest. (Frogbones)

Take Beds Into Account 

To keep existing settlers happy as well as attract new settlers, you need to keep the number of beds in mind while managing your settlement. The one-one rule applies to beds as well so pay attention to the population count. Ideally, you should build more beds than you need to make sure that new settlers have something to sleep on as soon as they arrive. Still, for good measure, manually assign settlers to beds to avoid penalties to happiness.

Noteworthily, you could rest at any bed in your settlements to pass time, recover health and so on. Depending on the circumstance, the rest time would last as long as twenty four hours using a bed.

Shore Up The Defenses

All in all, if you neglect the defenses of your settlement, it’s going to become vulnerable to attacks which negatively affect happiness. Therefore, it’s worth the time and effort to increase the defense rating of your settlements.

To get the defense rating up, it’s widely advised that you construct a couple of guard posts here and there. Besides that, if you have the materials, feel free to place turrets around your settlements. Nonetheless, unlike guard posts, turrets require power to work so you need to link them to objects that generate power such as windmills, generators and reactors. Assuming that you direct enough power to them, turrets should automatically track and attack hostiles that enter their field of vision.

Build A Recruitment Radio Beacon

Once it comes to making settlers appealing to settlers in Fallout 4, the recruitment radio beacon is a must. As the name suggests, the recruitment radio beacon is an object that helps attract settlers to settlements. If you build a recruitment radio beacon in your settlement, you could increase the chance of new settlers appearing. The construction of a recruitment radio beacon involves an assortment of materials:

  • Ceramics x 3
  • Circuitry x 2
  • Copper x 6
  • Crystals x 2
  • Rubber x 1
  • Steel x 10

After you finish constructing the recruitment radio beacon, you have to link it to a power source. Since the power requirement of the recruitment radio beacon is only one, a small generator is acceptable.

Explore The Commonwealth 

As you travel through the Commonwealth, you would come across random encounters every now and then. Some of the encounters involve people getting attacked by hostiles and if you give them a hand, they should join your settlements. The more encounters you take part in, the more settlers arrive at your settlements. That means as your settlements expand, you could bump up the number of settlers on your own by exploring the Commonwealth.

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Is It Possible For Settlers To Die During Attacks?

In most of the cases, settlers only get knocked out and over time, they would return to duty. However, if you hit a downed settler by mistake, he/she is going to die instantly. Because of that, it’s essential to watch your fire while fighting alongside settlers. Unless it’s necessary, don’t use things that cause area damage as you eliminate hostiles attacking settlements.

What Sorts Of Weapons Do Settlers Carry?

The default weapons of settlers in Fallout 4 include pipe pistols, pipe rifles, sawed-off shotguns, etc. Needless to say, with such weapons, settlers could only handle weak hostiles. To boost the combat prowess of settlers, you should give them your weapons and put at least one unit of appropriate ammunition in their inventory. Besides missile launchers and Fat Man, settlers could fire all of the weapons in Fallout 4 indefinitely without consuming ammunition.

Could Settlers Use Power Armors?

If you leave power armors with fusion cores near settlers, they would get into them when the settlements come under attack. With the help of power armors, settlers should be able to take on multiple hostiles during attacks.

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