Space Engineers Remote Control Not Working

Developed and published by Keen Software House as a voxel-based sandbox game, Space Engineers is one of the best-performing titles of the genre. Since its launch, over a million copies of Space Engineers have been sold and the game still attracts new players. That being said, the gaming experience that Space Engineers provides contains both ups and downs. Read to the end if you notice Space Engineers remote control not working and have no idea why.

Remote Control Won’t Work In Space Engineers: Breakdown

As you learn the ropes in Space Engineers, you will discover that the remote control is an essential tool for controlling ships from a distance. Needless to say, it’s annoying if you cannot make use of the remote control for some reason. 

What Might Have Gone Wrong

  • Antenna 
  • Power supply
  • Broadcasting 
  • Range
  • Ownership 

A List Of Solutions

All in all, it’s not uncommon to come across problems as you play Space Engineers. However, regarding Space Engineers remote control not working, you should go through the solutions down below:

  • Solution One: Install an antenna and a control block. Make sure that they belong to the same grid.
  • Solution Two: Determine whether power is connected. Unless you secure a power source, there is no way for the remote control to work.
  • Solution Three: See if broadcasting is turned on. If broadcasting is off, you cannot control a thing.
  • Solution Four: The range of remote control is limited. Thus, stay within the range of the remote.
  • Solution Five: As you play alongside others, remember to set the ownership of the ship. If ownership is set to nobody, you and other teammates can not control the ship remotely. Of course, it’s best to set the ownership of the ship to yourself then share the control with your friend. 

Lessons For Novice Players

Save Uranium

If your reactors run out of fuel and you cannot get your hands on more uranium, your ship will be left floating through space. Thus, always set aside some refined uranium for the reactors. You can constantly refine uranium if you have a supply on hand and it’s possible to recharge your suit in an emergency. In all scenarios, uranium spawns randomly on asteroids so make sure to give priority to gathering uranium.

Hold T While Drilling

As you use the hand drill, hold down the T key on your keyboard to collect rocks as soon as they appear. Another option is to use a gravity generator to produce a gravity field in your drilling area and make stones gather at your feet.

Don’t Underestimate Scraps 

There would be times when you must break down components of your ship to create items, especially during a crash. Once you have made an assembler out of scraps, you can use the assembler to disassemble parts of your ship. That will give you a large number of pieces with which to begin building a refinery. Instead of discarding parts, store them or dismantle them back to their components.

Give Multiplayer A Go 

Even if you like to do things on your own, you should try out survival mode in multiplayer at least one. Welding, drilling, gridding and processing are all difficult tasks for one person to complete alone. However, with more people around, everyone can divide the workload and speed up progress. (Tramadol online)

Pay Attention To Life Support Systems

To make it far in survival mode, you must have enough power in your suit to run your life support systems. That means you should charge your suit at either a large/small cockpit or a med-bay.

Label Everything 

Although it is a lot of work, proper labeling will ultimately save you significant time and headaches in the future. You can name things based on where they are or what they are used, e.g. DockConnector or the LandingPadBlinkingLights.

Think About Lighting

There is no such thing as too many lights in Space Engineers. The lights do not need to be extremely bright as long as they do the job.

Weld Components One At A Time

Welding multiple blocks by hand doesn’t require you to go through complicated calculations to determine how much material to bring. You should get as many components of a single type as needed to weld each block. Continue welding until you no longer require that component in your system. Move on to the next, and continue doing so until you have welded all the blocks in the line.

How Do I Operate The Remote Control? 

A player-owned or player-shared Remote Control block must be on the target ship. You must log into the target ship’s terminal remotely then select the Control option on the Remote Control block.

How Far Can I Remotely Control A Ship In Space Engineers?

You can operate remotely from your ship or station seat based on the range of the ship’s antenna. However, you can only operate remotely from your suit at  200 meters. 

What Function Does A Laser Antenna Serve?

A laser Antenna is used for communication and it can work in two-way communication. There is no limit to the range of laser antennas when connected and they can be controlled remotely. Unlike regular antennas, a Laser Antenna won’t broadcast its identity to everyone within range. 

Does The Location Of Gyro Matter In Space Engineers?

Gyros are huge blocks; thus, where they are placed on a ship can also affect how well it turns. Therefore, Gyro should be placed as near as possible to the center of mass.

What Must Be Done To Disable Symmetry Mode?

Hit the toggle symmetry hotkey ( key K on your PC keyboard) to activate or deactivate symmetry mode on a ship.

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