Space Engineers Jump Drive Not Working

If you notice Space Engineers jump drive not working, it’s highly likely that ownership is responsible and you should make sure you own the jump drive block. Aside from that, you may want to check out the power supply to the jump drive block, determine whether the cockpit you are in is the main cockpit, change your G menu and so on. Read to the end of this article to be able to use jump drive to your liking. 

Jump Drive Won’t Work In Space Engineers: Possibilities

The Jump drive is an important block in your space station that allows it to travel through a long distance instantly. Once it comes to the Space Engineers jump drive not working, you should take the possibilities down below into account: 

  • The jump drive block is not yours.
  • No power supply.
  • Jump drive not charged.
  • Proximity to natural gravity.
  • Wrong cockpit

A Few Fixes

Think About Block Ownership

In the beginning, ensure that you own all the blocks in the spaceship including the cockpit and the jump drive. There is no way for you to use the jump drive block if you don’t own it. 

Check Out Power Supply

Like many other blocks in Space Engineer, the jump drive block needs power to work. Thus, if you have a hard time getting the jump drive to work, you should see if the jump drive block is receiving power. 

Ensure Jump Drive Is Charged

In layman’s terms, your jump drive must be charged to work. In addition to that, you have to select either the GPS jump or the blind jump.

Take A Look At The Cockpit 

In case you don’t know, you need to be in the main cockpit to use the jump drive. The moment you reach the main cockpit, proceed to go through these steps:

  • Step 1: Press the G key on your keyboard
  • Step 2: Locate the Jump drive from the blocks. 
  • Step 3: Drag the Jump drive options to your cockpit hotbar and set it to jump. 
  • Step 4: Close everything, use your jump drive and see how things turn out.

Move Away From Gravity

The nature of jump drive prevents it from working near gravity. Thus, it’s wise to maintain distance between you and asteroids, planets, etc. 

Tips And Tricks

Pay Attention To Build Dimensions 

Generally speaking, nailing your ship’s dimension helps save power. Also, if you get the dimension right, you don’t have to worry about getting yeeted away from your ship as a result of mistakes. 

Take Advantage Of Rovers

Yes, rovers can jump which comes in handy if you need to quickly get out of holes. Hold down your jetpack key while riding the rover then let go of the key.

Position Thrusters Wisely

While designing ships for space travel, remember that they have to overcome the pull of gravity. Hence, the thrusters on your ships must be positioned so that they will propel it upward. If you set up the thrusters at an angle of 45 degrees from the center of gravity, the efficiency of your thrusters will drop to approximately 70%. By maintaining a ninety-degree angle between thrusters and the center of gravity, you could fuel as well as electricity. 

Also, position most of your thrusters at the rear of your ship and the rest on either side. For instance, if your ship packs one large reactor, place nine thrusters at the rear and dedicate six thrusters to the sides (three sides). Moreover, it’s wise to place primary thrusters that propel the ship at the rear while the braking thrusters should be located at the front and the steering thrusters stay at the sides.

Set Up Armored Blocks

On average, a small thruster can damage six blocks while a large one can damage eight blocks. Hence, as you install thrusters on your ship, put some space behind them and use armored blocks to keep damage to the minimum.

Use Hydrogen Thrusters For Large Ships

All in all, large ships take a lot of work to move because of their size and the lack of mobility. That being said, you could avoid a lot of hassles if you stick to hydrogen thrusters. 

Is there an ending in Space Engineers?

In Space Engineers, no goal exists except what you define for yourself. Therefore, feel free to have fun building things in space and quit at will.

Should I build a strong PC to play Space Engineers?

Generally speaking, if you own a standard computer built using contemporary components, you could play Space Engineers.

Do the planets in Space Engineers rotate?

None of the game’s planets, moons, or asteroids ever rotate, regardless of the amount of gravity applied to them

How big are Space Engineers’ planets?

The planets’ diameters in Space Engineers range from 19 to 120 kilometers.

Is Space Engineers a hard game?

There seems to be a majority consensus among players that Space Engineers is a highly challenging video game.

Are there NPCs in Space Engineers?

Yes, there are some NPCs in the game like Sabiroids, wolves, etc.

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