SOLVED! Space Engineers Connector Not Working

In Space Engineers, a wide range of blocks exist but in terms of importance, not many match that of the connector. Via the connector, players could move items around as well as get rid of them in times of need. However, when the connector acts up, players would have a hard time managing their inventory effectively and efficiently. Needless to say, Space Engineers connector not working is a common topic of discussion between players. (thedentalspa)  

Connector Won’t Work In Space Engineer: Summary


Unresponsive Connectors Despite The White Status 

Usually, if its status is white, the connector should be up and running. However, it’s not uncommon to see the connector showing a white status but cannot be used.

Connectors Don’t Lock

All in all, as long as people line them up properly, connectors in proximity would lock to each other. The moment the connectors lock, they turn green and items can be shared. However, reports of connectors refusing to lock still surface from time to time. 

Items Transfer Is Unavailable  

In layman’s terms, the connectors don’t need to show the green status (locked) for items to be transferable. Technically, connectors in Space Engineers can transfer items even in the yellow status. Nonetheless, for some reason, the game prevents players from transferring items through connectors in yellow status. 

How To Get The Connector Back To Work 

Line Up The Connectors

Once it comes to Space Engineers connector not working, you should take the orientation into account. Connectors in Space Engineer feature a magnetic pull in the front and if you line up one connector behind another, they will automatically magnetize. At that point, you can lock the connectors by pressing “P.” That will get the connectors to hold firm at half a meter from each other. Assuming that you don’t mess up, the color status changes to green. 

Use A Connector As A Hinge

Generally speaking, regardless of how good you line up the connectors, they cannot lock if the distance between them is too great. If distance is the one responsible, you may want to use a connector as a hinge. Proceed to position the hinge in between the two connectors then determine whether the issue persists. 

Take Ownership Into Account

For your information, ownership influences quite a few processes in Space Engineers including the locking of connectors. That means you don’t own the connectors, there is no way for you to lock them.

Give Power Some Thought 

Like many other blocks, connectors only work if they receive power. If there is no power, you cannot lock the connectors. You have provided enough power to the connectors? Then it’s strongly recommended that you depower and repower the connectors then see how things turn out. 

Disable And Enable Connectors

When a need arises, you can disable and re-enable the connectors by pressing “P”. The process is simple but it could take care of all sorts of errors that plague the connectors. 

Reload Saves

If none of the above help, reloading saves is the last thing you could do to address the problem from your end. It’s highly likely that you would lose some of your progress but on the bright side, you could restore the connectors. 

Contact Customer Service 

Keen Software House is the developer of Space Engineers and their customer service will assist users who have run into problems they cannot fix by themselves. You have to provide a copy of your unmodded save file to Keen so their personnel could examine it thoroughly.

What Exactly Is The Connector?

Overall, the connector is one of many blocks in Space Engineers. Blocks play a key role in the construction of structures in the game and players could create them by welding. (Zolpidem) In Space Engineers, the connector works in several ways but its main purpose is to temporarily connect the conveyor systems of structures. That enables the transfer of a lot of things from items to electricity between the structures.

The presence of the magnetic pull means connectors in Space Engineers would attract each other in certain conditions. As players connect connectors, they can access details of both sides. It’s possible to take advantage of connectors to remove items as well.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Color Status? 

  • Black – Connector is damaged and cannot be used
  • Green – Connector is locked and ready for use
  • Red – Connector is not powered and can temporarily not be used
  • Yellow – Connector is not locked with another connector but can still be used
  • White – Connector is enabled and can be used


  • If you want to construct a big ship in creative mode, make it as a station first. This has many benefits, including the ability to make repeating structures and work on different areas of the ship separately. It also helps reduce the odds of portions of the ship being removed by accident which can block the building process.
  • Feel free to cut away sections of the ship you don’t need and use “Ctrl + X” to delete them in creative mode
  • Refrain from flying directly to your destination. Instead, fly slightly to the side in case you overshoot.
  • Keep a spare reactor on your ship and separate it from other reactors. By doing so, you can still find your way home if the main reactors get damaged.
  • Construct a backup bridge in the middle of your ship in preparation for battles.

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