SOLVED! Slay The Spire Not Launching

About Slay the Spire not launching, it’s possible that some of the game files have been compromised and you have to verify integrity of game files. Besides that, you should consider updating graphics card driver, deleting info.displayconfig file and uninstalling Windows update KB4577671 as well. Continue reading to be able to take care of the launching issue and enjoy Slay the Spire to the fullest. 

Slay The Spire Won’t Launch: Causes

  • Corrupted game files
  • Issues with the config
  • Outdated graphics driver
  • Update KB4577671 

Getting Slay The Spire To Launch Properly

Verify Integrity Of Game Files

  • Step 1: Open Steam, log into your account and go to Library. 
  • Step 2: Locate Slay the Spire, right-click it and pick Properties.
  • Step 3: Select Local Files tab then choose Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Step 4: After the verification completes, launch the game and see how things turn out. 

Update Graphics Card Driver

  • Step 1: Go to Search bar, type devmgmt.msc then press Enter to open Device Manager. 
  • Step 2: Expand Display adapters, right-click your graphics card and pick Update driver. 
  • Step 3: Hit Search automatically for the updated driver software then allow the update to run from start to finish. Last but not least, restart your computer.

Delete “info.displayconfig” File 

  • Step 1: Open Slay The Spire game folder (Steam/steamapps/common/SlayTheSpire)
  • Step 2: Find info.displayconfig then delete it.
  • Step 3: Restart your computer. 

Uninstall KB4577671

  • Step 1: Press Windows + I to open Settings, choose Update & Security and select View update history in Windows Update. 
  • Step 2: Hit Uninstall updates, right-click KB4577671 and pick Uninstall.
  • Step 3: The moment the uninstallation wraps up, restart your computer. 

A Novice’s Guide

Balance Attack and Defense

Thanks to the game’s mechanics, Slay the Spire players know actions that their opponents will take on their turn and the amount of damage that they could deal. Hence, it’s a good idea to look for a balance between offense and defense. 

Master The Characteristics Of Each Class

The Ironclad offers excellent defensive choices and emphasizes direct attack. The Silent is able to quickly eliminate opponents by cycling through their deck. The Defect deals damage by “Evoking” elemental orbs, which can be either stored for passive boosts or used to deal damage directly. Lastly, Watcher, who has a variety of playable stances, possesses the ability to burn through their deck and create cards while the fight is in progress. 

Make Use Of The Map 

Players receive a map at the beginning of an adventure and will have a nearly identical map for each subsequent area. Therefore, it is helpful to look through the map and learn about what lies ahead in each area. Look for Treasure or a merchant if you need more powerful cards in your deck. (Amicusmongolia) If you need to heal, look for a comfortable place to rest.

Take Advantage Of Portions 

Remember to use your potions in combat as they can get you out of a tough spot. Some of the most valuable potions include those that increase your block, replenish your health points, etc. 

Keep An Eye Out For Relics

Discovering relics will grant you special perks that remain active for the duration of your run. You could get your hands on relics by opening chests, overcoming strong enemies and so on. It is wise to construct your deck around the effects of relics and create a powerful setup. 

Study Enemies 

In the game, only the bosses don’t behave predictably. Other enemies including Elites and their minions always act in certain ways during combat. Thus, if you spend time studying enemies, you could devise the best tactics. 

Damage Level Isn’t Always Correct

Simply put, the numbers displayed on the Slay the Spire cards don’t always hold true. Quite a few factors could influence the numbers so you should be careful. For instance, you use “Foreign Influence” to generate three arbitrary attack cards from which you can choose. (Remeron) The Weakened condition won’t be taken into account by those attacks until you choose a card to place into your hand. That memes every conceivable card will reveal the amount of damage it usually deals under normal conditions.

Is Slay The Spire A Long Game?

To complete a run in Slay the Spire, you must complete all three acts, each consisting of sixteen floors and a boss waiting on the final floor. If you focus on Slay the Spire’s main objective, your playthrough should last around 11 hours. You want to see all aspects of the game? In that case, you should prepare to spend more than 200 to achieve 100% completion.

How Many Turns Do I Need To Defeat The Heart?

Since the Heart can only sustain 300 damage per turn, even if you manage to pull off a massive combo, it takes at least three turns for you to eliminate it.

What Must Be Done To Gain Access To Ascension 1?

To unlock Ascension 1, you have to defeat all three Act 3 Bosses or win a minimum of five times using each of your characters. If a character completes a run in one Ascension, they will gain access to the subsequent Ascension.

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