Skyrim NPCs Not Talking

Released in 2011, Skyrim is an old action RPG title but despite its age, a lot of people still play it. The world of Skyrim contains items, magic, strategies, scenarios and more which make gamers come back to it from time to time. However, since Skyrim is not exactly well-polished, it’s not uncommon for people to come across bugs. Read to the end if you notice Skyrim NPCs not talking.

Skyrim NPCs Won’t Talk: Overview

All in all, NPCs (Non-Player Characters) play a key role in a lot of games. In Skyrim, from giving heads up about what to come to selling items, NPCs show their worth in many activities. Thus, it’s only natural that people have a hard time progressing through the game when NPCs won’t talk.

The Root Of The Problem

Skyrim is well-known for being buggy but once it comes to Skyrim NPCs not talking, you should consider the possibilities down below:

  • Mods: Generally speaking, mods help people customize their gaming experience but they may cause problems on occasions too. Because of that, if NPCs never say a word regardless of the setting, you should give mods some thought.
  • Corruption: Skyrim is a program and programs could become corrupted. Unable to progress because NPCs won’t talk to you? Then you should take corruption into account.

Things You Can Do

Disable Mods

If you have recently installed a mod, you should go into the game’s menu, disable that mod and see how things turn out. Assuming that Skyrim NPCs start talking again, you may conclude that the mod is responsible. In that case, you should delete the mod from your computer for good.

Verify Integrity Of Game Files

  • Step 1: Start Steam and log into your account.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Steam Library and look for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the list of available games.
  • Step 3: Right-click the game and pick Properties.
  • Step 4: Go to Local Files and hit Verify Integrity of Game Files. 
  • Step 5: The moment the verification finishes, wait a moment and launch the game again.

Delete Skyrim From Steam Files

Another solution for Skyrim NPCs not talking is to delete the game’s folder inside Steam files. That will allow Steam to re-download the game and correct errors in the process.

  • Step 1: Go to the drive where Steam apps are saved on your PC and navigate Steam>Steamapps>Common>Skyrim folder.
  • Step 2: Delete the Skyrim folder and close the window
  • Step 3: Open your Steam app and try to launch the Skyrim game so that the re-download process can begin.
  • Step 4: Play the game and see if the NPCs are now talking.

Note: You aren’t deleting the game inside the Steam app but via your file directory.

Delete Skyrim From PC’s My Document

  • Step 1: Navigate to My Documents>My Games>Skyrim
  • Step 2: Delete the Skyrim folder and close the window.
  • Step 3: Open the Steam app and try to relaunch the game.

A Beginner’s Guide

Focus On Defense

As you play, you should discover that Skyrim allows your character to learn several magic skills. Defense is the best offense in Skyrim because it gives you time to develop your magic skill while shielding you from poison attacks, shouts, and even dragons. Once your defense has weakened your foes, you can unleash the magic skill you’ve been preparing to bring them down.

Only Pick Up Valuables

If you go picking up everything you see in Skyrim, you would soon be overburdened by excess luggage. For ease of convenience, you should only pick up things that have monetary value or feature beneficial traits. Remember that you may not necessarily carry the most expensive item but the most expensive per weight. Still, pick up all potions you come across since they don’t weigh much.

Patience Is A Virtue

In Skyrim, like in the real world, it’s a good idea to be patient. It’s sometimes preferable to merely wander around peacefully after a fierce fight. That not only helps to energize you and improve your health but also replenishes your magicka and stamina. Aside from that, a shop may lack necessary ingredients to let you produce items you need. It takes roughly 48 in-game hours for the shop to replenish its stock so wandering around takes your attention off the game and helps you calm down.

Don’t Miss The First Set Of Standing Stones

Standing stones give perks when activated and you can only activate one stone per time. To find the stones, head northwest after the dragon’s pursuit and you should see an image of a standing stone in your crosshairs. Push on until you come across three standing stones, each of which grants a 20% experience bonus for specific skills.

How Come Skyrim Is Rated 17+?

The ESRB currently rates Skyrim 17+ because it contains graphic scenes of blood and gore, violent acts, sexual themes, and the use of alcohol and drugs.

What Is The Length Of A Skyrim Playthrough?

It is estimated that the main story campaign in Skyrim will take the majority of players 33 hours to complete from start to finish.

How Many Main Quests Does Skyrim Have?

The main quest line in Skyrim has a total of twenty quests, seventeen of which are compulsory and three of which are optional. As you complete the main quests, you will;

  • Learn about your heritage as a Dovahkiin, 
  • Find out why dragons have reappeared in the world.
  • Devise a strategy to deal with the threat posed by dragons.

What Is The Meaning Of Legendary In Skyrim?

When a skill reaches level 100, it is eligible to be elevated to the “Legendary” tier. That resets the skill’s level to 15 and returns any Perk points invested in that skill tree.

Can I Join All Skyrim’s Factions?

In Skyrim, you can simultaneously belong to a maximum of twelve different factions. The only factions you won’t be able to join because of the side you selected are the Civil war and the Dawnguard faction.

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