Skyrim “1 File Failed To Validate”

At the moment, Steam is the leading game distribution platform that allows people around the globe to play all sorts of tiles. Although Steam has continued to evolve over the years, players still have to deal with glitches once in a while. One example is the “1 file failed to validate” error that complicates the attempt to verify the integrity of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. Take a look at this article if you experience the Skyrim “1 file failed to validate” error and have no idea what to do.

How To Deal With The Error

The “1 file failed to validate” error is known to occur in several game titles like PUBG1, Borderlands 2 and Skyrim. Fortunately, if you try out the following fixes, you should be able to resume playing Skyrim.

Deactivate Mods

Mods prove popular among today’s players as they provide customized gaming experiences. Their downside, however, is that they can easily be bugged. If you have installed quite a few mods for Skyrim, they may be responsible for verification issues. The simple fix is to deactivate mods, relaunch Steam, and see how things turn out. 

Disconnect External Hardware 

In a number of cases, Skyrim “1 file failed to validate” error is the result of the game controller or other external hardware connected to your computer. To be sure, disconnect the controller, verify the game again and determine whether the error persists.

Check For Bad Sectors In The Hard Drive

Step 1 

Install the MiniTool Partition Wizard from the website and launch it. You can also use other similar partition management program programs at your disposal as they all work in the same way.

Step 2

On the MiniTool Partition Wizard interface, navigate to the disk map and select the disk where Steam games are saved on your PC. In most of the cases, it should be in local disk C. Right-click the disk then select Surface Test from available options.

Step 3

On the Surface Test window, click on the Start Now button for the scanning process to commence and patiently wait until it is concluded.

Step 4

Once the test is concluded, go through the results and check for the green and red areas. The green areas are healthy, while the red ones have issues. If the red areas are too much, you may consider replacing your hard disk. 

Disable Windows Defender Firewall

By default, the configuration of Steam enables the download of updates in the background. Still, Window Defender Firewall sometimes flags this process as malicious. That means if you turn off Window Defender Firewall, Skyrim “1 file failed to validate” error could go away. 

Step 1

Navigate to the bottom left area on your PC and click the window search bar. On the search bar, type Windows Firewall.

Step 2

Navigate to the left and locate the Turn Windows Firewall on/off option from the options that follow. Turn it off and relaunch Steam to see if the error has been sorted out.

Clean Boot 

Only try this option if you have done all of the above with no positive changes. Viruses and other programs on your PC can interfere with your gaming experience but you can fix that by doing a clean boot. 

Step 1

Open Run on your PC by pressing Windows + R on your keyboard.

Step 2

On the Run window, write msconfig and click ok.

Step 3

On the System Configuration window that opens, select the Selective Startup option from the general tab.

Step 4

Remove the third-party apps by unchecking them then disable third-party services on the services tab.

Step 5

Select Apply, and Finalize by clicking Ok so that the changes can be confirmed.

Refresh Steam Files

If the above solutions do not end the error, you can try refreshing your steam files. This process involves deleting all the data for the specific game and redownloading them again via Steam. It should be the last resort because you may lose essential gaming data.

Step 1 

You have to locate the drive where Steam is installed on your PC. In this case, it is drive C.

Step 2

Open the drive and go to program files and navigate to a subfolder named Steam. Open the Steam folder and locate another subfolder named Steam apps.

Step 3

In the Steam app folder, you will find another folder titled Game. Open it and look through the list of game folders. In this case we are dealing with a Skyrim “1 file failed to validate” error so we are interested in the Skyrim folder. Delete the folder then close the window. Reboot your pc and relaunch Steam, and try to open the Skyrim game so that Steam can redownload new files for the game. This should work if every other step doesn’t.

Does Skyrim Have An End Point?

No. Skyrim quests are designed to repeat continuously which means there is no end to it. However, there is a final boss to defeat called Alduin after which the game continues as normal. All in all, it is entirely up to you as a player to decide where it ends for you.

How Long Is A Day In Skyrim?

A day in the Skyrim game is equivalent to an hour and twelve minutes in the real world.

What Is The Use Of Dragon Bones?

In Skyrim, dragon bones are used to create Dragonplate armors and Dragon bone weapons. Therefore you have to keep collecting it to create more weapons and armors.

How Many Dragons Are There In Skyrim?

The dragons in skyrim respawn and so there is an infinite amount of them.


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