Silver Shroud Quest Bug: Compilation

Besides the main quest line, Fallout 4 features quite a few side quests that players could take on throughout the game. By completing side quests, Fallout players would not only gain more understanding of the post-apocalypse world but also acquire various goodies (weapons, armors,…). That being said, a number of side quests may seem impossible to complete due to bugs and Silver Shroud is a prime example. Without knowledge of Silver Shroud quest bug, people tend to get stuck at some point during the quest.

Breakdown Of Bugs In Silver Shroud

You intend to initiate the Silver Shroud side quest and want to avoid all the bugs? If that happens to be the case, this article is exactly what you need.

Down below is a list of bugs and bug fixes that all Fallout players must remember after accepting the Silver Shroud side quest.

Instant Execution 

  • Platform: Computer.
  • Description: If you enter the hospital with Targeting HUD on, the raiders sometimes execute Kent on the spot. With the death of Kent, there is no way to complete the Silver Shroud side quest.
  • Fix: Before entering the hospital, you should remove your helmet if it features the Targeting HUD mod. That is enough to keep Kent alive for most of the time.

Immovable Kent 

  • Platform: Computer, Playstation and Xbox. .
  • Description: Following the elimination of Sinjint, Kent may get stuck at the same spot where players find him.
  • Fix: Push Kent into the elevator then go up a floor. Assuming that things proceed smoothly, Kent would make his way back to Goodneighbor.

Kent’s Quest Dialogue

  • Platform: Computer.
  • Description: Once in a while, Kent’s quest dialogue won’t start and prevent players from progressing.
  • Fix: Visit Hotel Rexford and rest for a night

Hancock’s Quest Dialogue

  • Platform: Computer, Playstation and Xbox.
  • Description: If Hancock is an available companion, players may be unable to trigger his quest dialogue.
  • Fix: Put on the Silver Shroud outfit, make Hancock an active companion and talk to him

Silver Shroud Radio Broadcast 

  • Platform: Computer, Playstation and Xbox.
  • Description: After killing AJ, the quest requires players to listen to the Silver Shroud radio broadcast in Goodneighbor. However, for some reason, players could only hear regular broadcasts. As a result, it’s tough to move on to the next step of the Silver Shroud side quest.
  • Fix: Locate and kill Kendra independently. For your information, Kendra resides in the Water Street apartments of the Financial District. Take your time to dispatch the raiders then proceed to put down Kendra at your convenience.

Silver Shroud Calling Card

  • Platform: Computer
  • Description: After killing Kendra, players need to leave behind the Silver Shroud calling card. Usually, players just need to approach Kendra’s body, hit E and choose the option to leave behind the card. Nonetheless, if the body is moved when players hit E, the option to leave behind the card bugs out. In that scenario, it’s impossible to advance the quest normally.
  • Fix: Open the debug console, type in the command: “SetStage 00027556 599” and hit Enter.

Hancock And The Silver Shroud 

  • Platform: Computer, Playstation and Xbox.
  • Description: Near the end of the Silver Shroud side quest, players would come across an objective called: “Meet with Hancock as the Shroud”. Still, Hancock keeps telling the players to deal with Bobbi No-Nose from The Big Dig side quest. The reply loops and stops players from wrapping up the side quest.
  • Fix: Add Hancock as a companion then talk to him.

No Update On The Objective 

  • Platform: Computer.
  • Description: As players progress through the Silver Shroud side quest, Kent eventually sends the request to kill Wayne Delancy and leave a calling card on his body. In the normal case, Kent is going to update the object shortly after the players finish their business with Wayne Delancy. That being said, sometimes, Kent may not update the players regarding the next target via the radio.
  • Fix: Look for AJ and kill him. You should be able to locate AJ  in the same alleyway that contains the hideout of Bobbi No-Nose.

Lingering Objective 

  • Platform: Computer and Playstation.
  • Description: The moment players put down Northy, the “Search body for clues” objective is going to pop up. If players search the body, they would get a holotape and the objective immediately disappears. However, the objective occasionally sticks around.
  • Fix: There is no need to do anything as you could still complete the quest

Stuck Message And Marker 

  • Platform: Computer.
  • Description: Ideally, players should search Northy’s body and listen to the holotape after eliminating hostiles in the area. If players grab the holotape and attempt to listen to it during combat, the “You cannot use this in combat’ message and the “Search the body for clues” marker would follow them.
  • Fix: As soon as you complete the Silver Shroud side quest, the message and the marker automatically go away.

Dealing With Bugs In Fallout 4: Tips And Tricks

Silver Shroud quest bug is the topic of various bug reports from Fallout players but many other bugs exist in Fallout 4.  To ensure that bugs don’t ruin your gaming experience out of the blue, you may want to implement a couple of precautions.

  • Download Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch: Even after getting a series of patches from Bethesda, Fallout 4 is still buggy in its vanila state. If you want to get the most out of the game, it’s suggested that you download the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (UFO4P) mod from Unofficial Patch Project Team. Created to be a comprehensive solution for bugs in Fallout 4, UFO4P is a must-have if you hate bugs. It’s a free mod as well so you don’t need to pay anything to download Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.
  • Save progress in multiple saves: For casual play, you only need two saves: one quicksave and one manual save. However, considering how buggy Fallout 4 is, you should save progress in multiple saves for good measure. Save on a new save at the end of every session and cycle between the saves. There is no limit on the number of saves but 5 is the bare minimum.
  • Don’t install too many mods: All in all, mods allow Fallout players to customize aspects of the game to their liking. Nonetheless, it’s noteworthy that running a ton of mods at the same time could cause the game to bug out. Hence, for smooth playing sessions, you need to control the impulse to install mods on a whim. Besides that, it’s widely advised that you stick to mods on well-known sites to avoid malicious programs.

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