SOLVED! Shadowrun: Dragonfall Skill Checks

Overall, to be able to perform specific actions at specific times in Shadowrun: Dragonfall, players must overcome associated skill checks. Needless to say, a good understanding of Shadowrun: Dragonfall skill checks is essential for route planning in most of the cases. You want to optimize your skills for a playthrough of Shadowrun: Dragonfall? In that case, this article is for you. 

A Compilation Of Skill Checks And Passcodes In Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Harfeld Manor Run

  • Decking 1: Check the terminal after Monika.
  • Decking 2: Security Node. 
  • Decking 2: Suggest hacking the door instead of Monika. 
  • Biotech 3: Evaluate damage.

Kreuzfeld Basar

  • Willpower 4: Talisman shop. 
  • Willpower 6: Wrench your eyes closed.

Note 1: Either it will grant you 1 Karma but you can only choose one.

  • Race (Elf): Zaak Flash on elves being a magical race.
  • Biotech 4: Examine Zaak’s ears for a dose of “flash” and 50 money.
  • Charisma 3: Get paid 100Y for Burakgazi’s milk run. 
  • Decking 1: Notice problem for altug. 
  • Decking 3: Get paid 300Y for advising Burakgazi.
  • Race (Ork/Troll): Argue with Samuel over the ethics of exclusively offering aid to Orks and Trolls and not the other races. 
  • Race (Elf): Argue with Samuel over the ethics of exclusively offering aid to Orks and Trolls, and not the other races. 
  • Decking 2: Conversation option about the previous run with Paul.

Note 2: Samuel Beckenbauer has a Race (Ork/Troll) dialogue option during the inquiry about his charity.

Kesselhaus Hotel & Nightclub

  • Drone control 3: Call elevator.
  • Intelligence 3: Lie to Frank for elevator key for + Charisma 5 for 200 nuyen.
  • 200 nuyen: Bribe Frank for elevator key.
  • Eti Corporate: Gets you the elevator key.
  • Eti Gang: Gets you the elevator key.
  • Eti Street: Save Silke, cash reward.
  • Charisma 3: Better reward for returning Silke’s stuff.

Note: If you have 2/3 of INT 3, CHA 3 and Biotech 1, you can stop Silke from being a drug addict and receive 2 Karma. 

1st floor

  • Decking 2: Open safe in Room 101.
  • Naperville: Password for the safe.
  • Strength 3: Break down crumbling wall. You could find the 3rd floor bathroom code in the journal.

2nd Floor

  • Intelligence 3: +1 Karma if talked to the frightened man.
  • admin: Admin password.
  • 1989: Find passcode room 405 on computer.

3rd floor

  • Bathroom code: 2478.
  • Room 305: Destroyed floor leads down to 2nd floor.

4th floor

  • 5870: Passcode for room 401.
  • 1989: Passcode for room 405.
  • 91612: Code for safe in Winters’ room.

5th floor

  • Drone control 3: Self-destruct turret.

Kreuzbasar 2

  • Biotech 3: Talking to laine about his legs.
  • Broken drone: Get repaired at malit’s.
  • Str 4: Threaten Schrotty for DVD screen.
  • Char 3: Lower price of DVD to 175 nuyen.


  • Decking 4: Alice’s identity.

Kreuzbasar 3

  • Eti Socialite: Higher pay for Beckenbauer mission (+500).

Humanis compound

  • 3706: Locker 1 passcode.
  • 1409: Locker 2 passcode.
  • 2619: Locker 3 passcode.
  • 4176: Locker 4 passcode.
  • 1106: Locker 5 passcode.
  • 2114: Locker 6 passcode.
  • pride: Volker’s passcode.
  • Purity: Armory Door Code.
  • Humanisforever: Standard computer password.
  • Drone control 4: Set up turrets to attack enemies.
  • Decking 4: Hacking Humanis terminals.
  • Eti Gang: Fight bypass, high amount. 
  • Will 3: Fight bypass, high amount. 
  • Cha 4: Lower amount to bypass. 

Kreuzbazar Sewers

  • Decking 4: Bypass safety protocols for turbine.
  • Eti Socialite & Shadowrunner: Decrease the cost of keeping the mutants fed from 1000 to 600.

Lodge Trial Run

  • Eti Street: Extra options at waitress.
  • Charisma 3: Extra options at waitress.
  • Race: Elf: Slightly helps understand the elf companion.
  • Charisma 3: Talk to the security guard (+Ett: Security) to learn emergency assistance codeword (used in security room).
  • Charisma 3: Calm down the stressed suit
  • Eti Corporate: Calm down the stressed suit.

Note 1: Inside the building, you could buy a ballistic cloth suit for +2 Charisma.

after elevator:

  • Cyberdeck and Decking 4: Deck into system (open room 301/302 and open maintenance hatch).
  • Decking 4: Hack terminal room 302 for paydata.
  • 38297: Door code for Apt 302.

Note 2:  After you give the Suit “Jolt” for his business presentation, he will give you his door code to Room 301 which is 53786.


  • Charisma 4: Lie about visiting family to gain entrance.
  • Intelligence 3: Spot bad quality pistol.
  • Biotech 4: Spot milspec items in shop.
  • Eti Gang: Drill shop owner for Rabengeister location
  • Strength 4: Force open wall to Rabengeister lair.
  • Schinderhannes: Password to get into the basement.
  • Charisma 3 and Decking 3: Convince Quorin not to fight you and return the shipments.

Note: Deal with Quorin peacefully and you will be offered a bear by the Militiaman in Rabengeister’s lair. Keep the bear then hand it to the Ork guarding the entrance for 1 Karma. 


  • Strength 6: Force door hydraulics.
  • Strength 4: Pound the door.
  • Drone: Send through the vent.
  • Decking 5: Override keycard panel.
  • Decking 4: Download the show for Philip.

Loose Ends

  • Decking 4: Overload power to the turrets
  • Decking 5: Create remote control link to turrets + Drone control 5 (reprogram to attack enemy).
  • Eti Shadowrunner: There are 3 different Shadowrunner Etiquette options. To access them, you need to talk to your target and choose to free him.

Note 1: Your team doesn’t like it but killing the Rigger without talking grants 3 Karma instead of 1 for killing after talking.

Note 2: Dialogue options for Shadowrunner Ettiquette lead to information from Torvald. Resolving the quest with his death leads to an extra Karma.


  • Strength 6: Open door.

Kreuzfeld Basar 4

  • Biotech 4: Read graphs on Audran’s skin grafts.
  • Eti Corporate: Guess Frau muller’s company affiliation.

MKVI mission

  • Biotech 4: Search memory for COC12 information.

Note 1: Use Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) /ammonia (NH3) to neutralize phosgene gas.

  • Decking 5: Forge a lv 5 authorization to vent the air.
  • 54139: Stromberg’s Passcode (Exec level).
  • 84792: Haushofer’s passcode (VP level), Elevator code.
  • Eti Socialite: Examine bottles for an expensive drink. You can sell it to Altug for 400-500 with 5 Charisma.
  • Eti Corporate: Understand MKVI Program.
  • Decking 5: Bypass security code while searching info on ‘atlas’.
  • Decking 5: Bypass security code while searching info on ‘mkvi’.
  • Decking 6: Bypass security code for visual record on ‘atlas’.

Note 2: Search terms include Atlas and formula 17.

  • Spirit Summoning 1: Talk to spirit.
  • Spellcasting /Conjuring: Examine keypad in astral space.

25th floor

  • Drone control 4: Take a closer look at the cyber zombie’s control system: Zombie +1AP.
  • Decking 3: Bypass lockdown
  • Spell/Conj + Will 6: Read MKVI Aura.

Note 3: You could gain insight into the agony of the mkvi using then then “free” it of automated control

Eiger’s sidequest

  • Eti Street: Get info without paying + used it on interrogating Yuli.
  • Decking 5: Bypass lock.
  • Intelligence 2: Examine drone more closely.
  • Drone control 4: Rig into the drone. Quickness 6: Grab cargo.
  • Biotech 4: Draw medical conclusion on the corpse.
  • 2924: Password for the warehouse door.
  • Wednesday: Password to access the delivery drone.


  • Willpower 6: Fight through the ward.
  • Eti Street: Handling initiates.
  • Decking 5: Hack the terminal.
  • Eti academic: Harrow’s Tome, Marta conversation.

Note: If you ignore Glory’s remarks and clear all the rooms before talking to Marta, there is a chance that she would join you after a rather long talk for the rest of the mission. That opens up a screened vent in the garage for extra loot too. 

Settling Debts (Blitz sidequest)

  • Strength 4: Open desk drawer.
  • Decking 4: Bypass password.
  • 8814: Password for the door with the comm panel and keypad.
  • Decking 4: Install optical bypass cable (only changes dialogue).
  • Decking 5: Hack a door during the escape so Blitz only has to hack one door. Requires 5 Deckings, unaugmented. 
  • Charisma 5: If you go through the trash to learn about “Juice” you can pretend to be Albert and get buzzed in through one of the doors.
  • 123456: Alberts computers password. 

Aztechnology Run, Part 1

  • Charisma 4: Bluff wageslave, gain 1 Karma.
  • Quickness 4: Duck behind desk while approaching wageslave.
  • Close combat 4: Knock him unconscious.
  • Manabolt: Kill wageslave, take Uniform.
  • Stunbolt: KO wageslave, take Uniform.
  • Intelligence 3: Examine the drawer lock further.
  • Strength 5: Force the drawer open.
  • Decking 5: Crack the password to open the drawer.
  • Eti Security: Talk your way past security.
  • Eti corporate: Prevent janitor from sounding the alarm.
  • Charisma 5: Convince janitor that you work at the office.
  • Drone control 4: Overload drones.
  • Drone control 6: Order drones to attack security personnel.
  • Terminal Login: swilliams, 0629.

Note: Get 1 Karma by talking to the janitor and asking for her name to tell management.

Aztechnology Run, Part 2 (Bloodline)


  • Decking 4: Help LTG worker, gain access to plant.
  • Charisma 5: Convince LTG worker to let you finish the work.
  • Strength 6: Threaten LTG worker.
  • Charisma 6: Get LTG worker to leave (saves 300).
  • Decking 4: Override controls for loading dock door.
  • Cha 5 or Str or Blitz: Convince kids you will alter logs after shutting off power to Aztech.
  • Cutting off the power: All Charisma checks require Charisma 4.

Bloodline – Inside

  • Decking 4: Scan terminal contents
  • Charisma 5: Talk to your way past Aztechnology guard when in the uniform
  • Eti Security: Talk your way past the Aztechnology guard when in uniform

Bloodline – Lower floor

  • Charisma 5: Get the Aztechnology captain to leave.
  • Eti Security: Get Aztechnology captain to leave.
  • Eti Security: Stall attack from Aztechnology grenadier.
  • Charisma 6: Pass grenadier without a fight.
  • Brightlight Cybereye: Blind him.
  • Quickness 6: Attack before he can finish.
  • Eti Academic: Analyze language.
  • Intelligence 6: Decipher language.
  • Adept abilities: Resist the Blood Mage’s spell, Charisma 4 will then allow you to lie about being Security, avoiding a fight. 
  • Body 4: Resist the Blood Mage’s spell, Charisma 4 will then allow you to lie about being Security, avoiding a fight.

Kreuzbasar after paying Alice

  • Spellcasting: Read Dante’s aura.
  • Willpower 4: Tell Dante to come to you.
  • Willpower 3: (Magic Users) Tell Dante to come to you.

Apex Rising

  • Charisma 5: 50 nuyen higher reward per Magnifiker kill.
  • Eti: Gang: Demand better reward for helping the Arbeiters.
  • Decking 3: Examine elevator control panel.
  • Decking 6: Bypass lock and open door.
  • Intelligence 3: Offer to fix terminal for Parson’s repair parts.
  • Decking 8: Attempt to bypass the parts and keep the terminal active.
  • Intelligence 5: Perhaps a more common part can be modified.
  • Charisma 4: Get spare parts at Karl for half price.
  • Decking 7: Bypass the lock on Ullrich’s safe.
  • Eti: Street: Get the transmitter for free.

Harfeld Manor

  • Biotech 7: Study the entry.
  • Biotech 6: Study the entry.
  • Biotech 5: Skim over the entry.
  • Spellcasting 7: Study the entry.
  • Spellcasting 5: Skim over the entry
  • Intelligence 7: Guess what panacea is.
  • Drone control 5: Control drone remote box for remote rig (can be used to blow up the wall to the armory.)
  • Decking 5: Hack an account.
  • 1247: Store room access code.


  • Intelligence 6: bring up the possibility of virus mutation.
  • Biotech 5: Question Vauclair’s response.
  • Spirit summoning 5: Probe the stone.
  • Spellcasting/conjuring: use astral perception.
  • 3971: Supply box code.
  • Spellcasting/conjuring: Read feuerschwinge’s aura.
  • Intelligence 3: Info on the nature of the ‘forever task’.
  • Eti Academic: Info on an old god.
  • Intelligence 3: Info on ‘the green.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut?

A casual playthrough of Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director’s Cut lasts around 21 hours. If you opt for 100% completion, prepare to invest up to 43 hours into the game. 

Does Shadowrun: Dragonfall Have Romance?

There is no explicit romance in Shadowrun: Dragonfall, nor any real potential for it. The game focuses on the team dynamic and individual stories of characters, not developing romantic relationships. However, there is one scene near the end of the game where two characters share a tender moment together. That could be interpreted as romantic but it is left deliberately ambiguous.

What Is The Difference Between Shadowrun: Returns And Dragonfall?

The key difference between Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall is that Shadowrun Returns uses a 2D, isometric perspective while Dragonfall uses a 3D, first-person perspective. Additionally, Dragonfall introduces new mechanics such as the ability to pause the game and issue commands to your party members. Finally, Dragonfall takes place in Berlin while Shadowrun Returns is set in Seattle.

Tips And Tricks

  • Remember that Shadowrun is all about teamwork. Having a good team can make all the difference in the game.
  • Usually, it’s best to stay hidden and take out enemies one by one than it is to go in guns blazing.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different characters and builds. There are a lot of different ways to play Shadowrun so there is no need to stick to a structure. 
  • In combat, you should take cover behind objects for protection. By doing so, you could avoid taking too much damage from enemy fire.
  • While ranged weapons are often more effective in combat, don’t forget that you can also use melee weapons to neutralize enemies. 
  • Each character in the game has their own unique abilities that can provide an edge in battle. Take advantage of the abilities to turn the situation around to your favor.

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