SOLVED! Serpent In The Staglands Guide

While Serpent In The Staglands is kind of short, many people still look for a Serpent In The Staglands guide to see all of it. New to the game and like to check out every aspect? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below is an in-depth guide of Serpent In The Staglands that shows you what must be done. 


For ease of convenience, the Serpent In The Staglands guide is split into a couple of sections. 


You could select from a total of six characters when you start Serpent In The Staglands. 

  • Notol: A warrior who has a preference for either buffering or dealing damage and can be found in the Lebez Inn.
  • Filip: A sword-wielding mage who serves as a mercenary at the Lebez Inn. He also has powerful occultic power useful for healing.
  • Vilhelm: An acolyte that could become a caster.
  • Catalina: A decent fighter but you should move on to a more capable fighter as soon as possible.
  • Mikulas: An excellent frontline fighter that works well as a tank.
  • Viorica: A grave robber with a high intellect that could be elevated to a caster as well.

Setting Up Your Party

  • DPS
  • Caster
  • Tank
  • Healer/Buff
  • Archer

Location Of Interest

  • Orfs Bridge Consil: You’ll get good sets of armor at the vendor at this location.
  • Corem: There is a special magical whip available for purchase if you visit the blacksmith at this location. 
  • Rumin Consil: You could acquire decent sets of armor, battle axes, magical swords and elixirs (for killing ghosts) at this location.
  • Ista Cale Ruins: It’s possible to pick up a magical crossbow from bandits at this location.

Gameplay Instructions

Game Plot

There are two main strands in the game: Bloodless Hunters and Nicholai’ Quest. Both converge at a point and affect each other. As the player, you have to follow the instructions from different clues and letters then piece the story together.

Main Story

  • After finding and following the first set of clues, you will end up at Emerald Metalis.
  • At the start, you may wonder whether you are on the wrong track at Emerald Metalis but you must keep moving on the trail.
  • When you get to Corem, you will find smugglers
  • At Tratis Saltis, you will find another set of smugglers as you follow the track up to the tower.
  • The story finally ends when you follow through from Lev to Fulda Mare Lumber then move from there to Ista Cale Consil.

Bloodless Hunter Quest

The Bloodless Hunter Quest requires you to go after mystical foes known as the Bloodless (similar to vampires). At Lumen Forten, you will meet Vinimus who asks you to go meet other hunters at Ista Cale Camp. Those hunters also hunt for the Bloodless.

  • Make your way to Ista Cale ruins and move from there to Rumin ruins then go all the way to Lumen Forten. That is where you will find the secret location of the Bloodless.
  • The moment you locate the creatures, you have to determine whether to form an alliance with them. For the conversation to succeed, you must have enough Philosophy. The result of your conversation with them will eventually determine how the game ends.

Tips And Tricks

Start With Two Additional Avatars

It is wise to begin the game with two extra avatars. By doing so, you could increase the size of your party to give after Catilina and Vilhelm join you. Such a party makes it easy for you to dispatch monsters.

Assign The Right Skill To The Right Character

Between the extra avatars, make one of them an innate spellcaster and give the other one another specialization. That will boost the healing power of the party as an avatar and Vilhelm could cast spells. 

Save Every Now And Then 

Nothing is more unpleasant than losing progress as a result of crashes, bugs and so on. Therefore to be on the safe side, you should save from time to time. 

Avoid Big Battles At The Beginning

Engaging in big battles at the earlier part of the game is ill-advised since you have next to no equipment. If you get caught by groups of enemies, they could make short work of you. Hence, it’s a good idea to isolate enemies and neutralize them one by one.  The optimal setup is to deal damage using two characters and order the others to keep the party alive. 

Refer To The Map Frequently

By looking at the map periodically, you should be able to tell which area of the map is unexplored. Remember to search everywhere and loot everything. 


How long is a playthrough of Serpent In The Staglands?

On stage, it takes 32 hours to wrap up the main story of Serpent In The Staglands. In the case that you intend to play all the side quests, your playthrough could last as long as 40 hours. 

Is there a multiplayer mode in Serpent In The Staglands?

No, there is no multiplayer function in Serpent In The Staglands. It was designed to be a single-player game.

Is Serpent In The Staglands a tough game to play?

All in all, Serpent In The Staglands is no walk in the park based on players’ reviews. If you don’t plan ahead, your party will be wiped out in the blink of an eye. 

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