SOLVED! Rimworld Nutrient Paste Dispenser Not Working

Once it comes to feeding in RimWorld, many options exist but Nutrient Paste Dispenser (NPD) is always a safe bet. Versatile and flexible, NPD increases the odds of survival of colonies in unforgiving environments. Usually, the device will keep producing nutrient paste meals on-demand if players satisfy all of its requirements. (Stairsupplies) That being said, it’s not uncommon to see players complaining about Rimworld Nutrient Paste Dispenser not working. 

Nutrient Paste Dispenser Won’t Work: Reasons

You notice your Rimworld Nutrient Paste Dispenser not working? In that case, you should take into account these possibilities  

  • Power: In case you don’t know, Nutrient Paste Dispenser needs 200 watts to stay up and running. Therefore, if you fail to satisfy the power requirement of NPD for some reason, it would become idle. 
  • Hopper: To put it plainly, Hopper is what holds raw food for Nutrient Paste Dispenser to process? That means it’s impossible for the device to work if Hopper is not around. 
  • Raw Food: Nutrient Paste Dispenser in essence converts raw food into nutrient paste meals. There is no raw food in the Hopper? In that case, the lack of raw food is responsible for your Rimworld Nutrient Paste Dispenser not working. 

A Guide For Beginners

Use Dispensable Colonists To Man Mortar

Mortar in RimWorld doesn’t require skill to operate. Hence, it’s wise to use colonists that don’t contribute much on the frontline to handle the Mortar.

Beware Of Infestations 

If you plan to build med bays or bedrooms inside mountains, remember that non-frozen rooms tend to be susceptible to infestations (insects and pests). Needless to say, you have to be careful as infestations can be deadly, especially late into the game.

Build Internal Turrets

It is a good idea to build turrets in your base. For instance, by setting up turrets inside or around the prison, you could dissuade prisoners from escaping. The turrets can also come in handy in the event of a prison breakout. Make sure you turn off turrets outside of use. For ease of convenience, position turret switches in locations that you can access with relative ease. 

Invest In Drug Production 

Drugs are by far the most acceptable commodity from all traders and the easiest to sell for money in the game. Make sure you have at least four drug labs running to meet production capacity and create sufficient wealth. If things proceed smoothly, before the second year, the labs will be able to produce enough medicines to last your entire playthrough.

Don’t Buy What You Can Produce

Your colony can be self-sufficient in many areas so it’s wise to only spend on what you cannot make. Still, in the beginning, feel free to buy as many things as you need to build infrastructure and start production. (tramadol)

Pay Attention To Corn

In RimWorld, corn is an essential crop you can grow which is why you should commit resources to it. Since the ground in the game environment is gravel, you will need to use potatoes to grow corn.

Keep Food Surplus Uncooked 

Power outages occur out of the blue and cooked food will spoil quickly without power. Because of that, to avoid wastage, it’s strongly recommended that you keep excess uncooked food.

Think About Skills And Traits 

Before taking in prisoners, make sure they have skills you can exploit and traits that won’t cause problems. 

Is It Beneficial To Build The Nutrient Paste Dispenser?

All in all, Nutrient Paste Dispenser is a solid device to have during RimWorld playthroughs. 

  • No need to be manned which frees up hands for other tasks.
  • Zero risk of food poisoning from nutrient paste meals.
  • More serving. For instance: Using the same ingredient, regular cooks can only feed six colonists while NPD is able to feed 10. 

How Do I Take Down A Poison Ship?

  • Step 1: Build turrets around it immediately after the ship lands and build power lines from the turrets.
  • Step 2: Arrange a line of sandbags to provide cover for your colonist as they advance to get the weapon within the Ship’s firing range.
  • Step 3: Switch on the Turrets so that your colonists can shoot the Ship.
  • Step 4: Deconstruct and reclaim the steel for future building.

What Happens After I Finish Building The Ship?

Once the construction of your ship has been completed, your colonists could use it to escape from the planet and you will win the game. If a ship cannot accommodate all colonists, you may need more than one. It’s noteworthy that it is hard to gather essential components required for shipbuilding.

How Do I Launch My Ship?

If your ship is ready, select the group of colonists you like to carry with the Ship and choose the destination. Next, click the “Takeoff” button to launch the Ship. Needless to say,  colonists that you didn’t select before launching will be left behind.

What Are The Winning Conditions In Rimworld?

In RimWorld, there are three ways you can win:

  • Accommodate the High Stellarch in your house for 15 days while preventing attacks from reaching him/her.
  • Research and construct your ship then launch it to transport your colonists to an outer planet.
  • There’s an event ship offered to every colony early in the campaign. All you have to do is to travel to a certain point to win. (Tramadol)  

How Do I Form Caravans And Settle New Colonies?

Navigate to your outpost, click it and pick “Form Caravan” to form a Caravan. To settle a new colony, go to your Options menu and increase the maximum number of colonies.

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