Resonate Stems Not Dropping

If you play Destiny 2 and notice Resonate Stems not dropping, it’s possible that you have yet to complete Nascent Dawn 1/5. Only by wrapping up Nascent Dawn 1/5 could you get Resonate Stems to drop. Besides that, you should complete the delivery of items in the Pursuits tab, stick to Mars and so on. Read to the end to be able to collect Resonate Stems and craft Override Frequencies. 

The Usual Suspect 

Nascent Dawn 1/5

For your information, Nascent Dawn 1/5 introduces you to Resonate Stems as well as the process to craft Override Frequencies. That means if the quest is not completed, there is no way Resonate Stems would drop. 

Note: “But I did complete Nascent Dawn 1/5” you may think. In that case, determine whether you have completed the quest on the current character. A character must complete Nascent Dawn 1/5 for Resonate Stems to drop. Thus, if you only complete the quest on one character, Resonate Stems won’t drop if you switch to other characters. 


In case you don’t know, items in the Pursuits tab could dictate the drop rate of Resonate Stems on occasions. That is why once it comes to Resonate Stems not dropping, you should give Pursuits some thought. 


If you want to farm Resonate Stems and craft Override Frequencies, focus your effort on Mars. Nearly all activities you do on Mars have a chance of giving you Resonate Stems. 


Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon for Destiny 2 to bug out all of a sudden. Bugs in Destiny 2 mess up a lot of things and the drop rate of items is not an exception. Resonate Stems stop dropping out of the blue? Then it’s strongly recommended that you take bugs into account. 

What You Could Do

Complete Nascent Dawn 1/5

To unlock Nascent Dawn 1/5, you have to complete the main story of Warmind as well as world quests that lead to the legendary hand cannon IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1. Once you unlock it,  Nascent Dawn 1/5 could be picked up from Ana Bray. In most of the cases, you should be able to complete the queasy with relative ease. (xanax) The objectives Nascent Dawn 1/5 comprise: 

  • Complete three patrol missions on Mars.
  • Beat a Lost Sector on Mars.
  • Collect and combine four Resonant Stems into an Override Frequency to locate the Sleeper Node.
  • Upload the memory and report to Ana Bray.

Deliver Items In The Pursuits Tab

Open the Pursuits tab, look through the items and determine whether some of them need to be delivered. Complete the delivery of items if necessary then see how things turn out. 

Stick To Mars

Quite a few players have confirmed that Mars is the best planet for farming Resonate Stems. If you need Resonate Stems, go to Mars then do some Patrols (one), Lost Sectors, Public Events (zero for failed events, one for normal events and two for heroic events), etc. 

Destiny 2 Tips And Tricks

Keep An Eye Out For Xur

In case you don’t know, Xur is a seller in Destiny 2 that usually appears on Patrol regions every Friday. While the game contains a lot of sellers, Xur stands out from the rest as he sells exotic items. Whenever Xur appears, he offers exotic items as well as Three of Coins that boosts the likelihood of getting exotics for four hours. Hence, it’s widely advised that you visit Xur every week. 

Fight With Friends

It’s ok to play Destiny 2 solo but to get the most out of the game, you and your friends should create a fireteam. Fighting with friends in a fireteam not only improves the odds of survival but also increases the level of enjoyment.  

Play The Campaign 

New to Destiny 2 and know little about it? In that case, you should play the campaign. The campaign not only entertains you via cinematic storytelling but also instructs you on aspects of the game. Once you complete the campaign, you should have a good grasp of the world of Destiny 2. 

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