SOLVED! Renowned Explorers Cheat Engine

Although the Renowned Explorers cheat engine is commonly searched for on the internet, players might actually have to rely on the trainers instead. In case you do not want to touch both the trainer and Renowned Explorers cheat engine, there is still another way to exploit the game’s loopholes. Continue reading till the end of this article to know how to replace the cheat engine. 

Use Trainers Instead Of Renowned Explorers Cheat Engine

There are two trainers that are highly recommended by most of the players and they include the International Society Trainer along with the one created by MrAntiFun. About the Renowned Explorers: International Society Trainer, it is capable of resetting the resolve, and supplies as well as adjusting the spirit from low to high or vice versa. On the other hand, the options existing in the trainer made by MrAntiFun are giving infinite health, resources and supplies. What you need to do is to pick the suitable trainer, find it on the Internet, download it and follow the instructions provided on the sites. 

What If I Want To Exploit The Game Rather Than Using Renowned Explorers Cheat Engine?

  • Step 1: Move to a location, join in an event and make random choices until the last event box appears
  • Step 2: Shut down the game immediately through the Alt+F4 keys or external process handler 
  • Step 3: Launch the game again and make the right choice this time

*Note: doing this will also remove hunger debuffs, thus allowing you to visit the whole map without being affected with negative status effects.

What Is The Final Goal Of Renowned Explorers?

Your main objective in this game is to overcome a rival called Rivaleux in terms of expeditions. In order to win, you must finish five expeditions while collecting as many Treasures and Renowns as possible. 

What Is The Genre of Renowned Explorers? 

It is a turn-based tactical strategy game developed by Abbey Games for PC only.

How Many Game Modes Does Renowned Explorers Have?  

There are two game modes to choose from and they are Discovery and Adventure. When playing in Discovery mode, it is possible to save at any time you like, but you will get no score in the leaderboard as well as game achievements. Also, after finishing the Adventure mode, you will get the chance to play the Marathon Mode which allows you to explore the expeditions left.

How Many Research Projects Are Available In The Game? 

In total, there are 6 different research projects and each of them grants bonuses upon completing. Yet, only two research projects are available at the start of the game and you will need to finish the second expedition to unlock the remaining four. Here are all the research projects: Observations, History, Anthropology, Psychology, Engineering and Nature Sciences.

Can I Play An Expedition Twice During The Same Playthrough? 

No, each expedition can only be done once. In most cases, after you have finished a certain number of expeditions, new ones will be unlocked, so there is no point in repeating an expedition. 

What Are The Hardest Expeditions? 

Expeditions ranked in difficulty 5 are the hardest and they consist of Shangri’la, The Lost Island and The Holy Grail. Yet, The Lost Island adventure can only be unlocked via the More to Explore Expansion.

How Many Difficulty Levels Are There In Renowned Explorers? 

There are 5 levels of difficulty regarding the expeditions in this game and each of them contains three different explorations. However, there are some that are solely available to owners of DLCs. 

What Is Renown? 

You can consider it a score which will be used to judge the explorers at the end of each expedition. Moreover, other resources in the game are also counted to the number of Renown directly or indirectly. 

Do Treasure Have Ranks In Renowned Explorers? 

Yes, and there are 3 ranks separating the treasures. Treasures that have golden, purple and blue backgrounds are classified as rank A, rank B and Rank C respectively. Obviously, ranks indicate the values of the items inside the treasures. 

How Do Treasures Work In This Game? 

You can obtain treasures during specific events throughout the expeditions. In case a treasure contains different properties, you are allowed to select only one among a list of choices and there are commonly two options to choose from.

What Are The Types Of Items In Renowned Explorers? 

In this game, there are three item types: trinkets, offense and defense. Offense items grants you bonuses in Attack Power or Speech Power or both. Defense items increase Armor, Speech Defense, and/or Grit. Meanwhile, trinkets’ effects are various as they range from combat items to items that give perks to the characters. 

Where Can I Buy The Equipment? 

In preparation phases, you can purchase equipment from one of three shops that appear. Golds will be needed to buy the items as well as level up the shops to increase the pool. On the other hand, unnecessary equipment can be sold in the stores for 75% of the original price. Moreover, traders will appear in certain expeditions and they also sell supplies and sometimes even special items as well. 

Do Enemies Appear Outside Of Encounter And Epic Encounter Nodes In Renowned Explorers?

No, you will only face the enemies in those two nodes. As such, it is uncommon to see overlapping enemies except for the expeditions happening in the same region. 

What Is The Role Of The Entourage In Renowned Explorers? 

By spending the Status, you are able to attract Helpers and Specialists to the Entourage in the preparation phase. With the Helpers, your tokens’ values will be increased. While the Specialists help in acquiring tokens as well as giving your party different Perks. 

How Many Types Of Helpers Exist In The Game? 

In default, there are 5 kinds of Helpers and they are Journalist, Lobbyist, Merchant, Student, Trader and Barterer. However, the Barterer does not appear at the start of the game but it requires research.

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