Realm Grinder Honor Among Killers

Realm Grinder has seen a spike in the number of players since its release in 2017. As time passes by, this game has seen several upgrades among which is the Underworld expansion. Realm Grinder Honor Among Killers is part of Drow in the Underworld expansion of the game. Drow is also known as the Evil Prestige Faction which is available when you play the Evil Vanilla faction of the game. In case you missed the instruction about Drow, learn how to get Realm Grinder Honor Among Killers upgrade in this post. (Diazepam)

How To Get Honor Among Killers

How to Get the Honor Among Killers Upgrade

The Honor Among Killers upgrade is available as a Tier 1 upgrade for the price of 50 Qad (5e46). There are 4 levels of upgrades in Drow Tier 1 upgrade. First, there is the Drow Trade Treaty which costs 3000 Drow coins. The second level is the Underworld Tyranny which costs 5 Qad and only after that can you upgrade to Honor Among Killers. There is another level after Honor Among Killers which is the Shadow Advance and it costs 500 Qad.

Effects of Honor Among Killers

Honor Among killers significantly increases your chance of finding faction coins depending on how many assistants you own. The formula for Honor Among Killers is thus: +(100 + 0.5 * x ^ 0.5)%. Where  x represents the number of assistants.

Ways To Play

Try Out Every Faction

As a new player, it is advisable to try out all the factions first before picking a specific one. By doing so, you could determine the faction that suits your play style as each faction is unique.

Pay Attention to Your Faction Coins

Players accumulate faction coins during gold production by actively clicking to claim the coins. It can also be done passively by your in-game assistants claiming it for you. There are six vanilla factions in Realm Grinder, and each one has its unique faction coin.  The coins are used to unlock the three different levels of upgrade in each faction.

Abdicate Often To Earn Gems

Abdicating is a soft-reset method in Realm Grinder and involves giving up your gold, upgrades, and buildings. When you Abdicate, you will earn gems in return for whatever you gave up and these gems increase your overall gold production. When you abdicate for the first time, the gems you receive may not seem as much, but they will increase as you repeatedly abdicate.


Reincarnation is another soft-reset method in this game, and it becomes available only when you have octillion gems. Although this amount seems too big to attain, it becomes easier as soon as your gem and gold production increases exponentially. After reincarnating, you will lose your gems, gold, and excavations, but you’ll get to keep your heritages, artifacts, trophies, unlocked upgrades, and rubies.

Keep An Eye Out For Secret Trophies

Trophies do not reset during the two types of soft reset in Realm Grinders and are of different types. For example, you will earn Building trophies for every hundred of each building type you purchase. However, there are secret trophies that you will get without actively trying to. These trophies are listed in the tooltip section, but the requirements to earn them are not stated. For example, you will get the Building Hater trophy for earning 100,000 coins and the Leet trophy for having 1337 coins.

Note: Challenge works similar to the way the secret trophies. The different challenges are listed in the tooltip section, but their requirements are not stated.

Set Automatic Casting

The Automatic Casting feature is unlocked when you successfully produce a total of 60,000mana from all the abdications. You can set a spell to cast whenever you have enough mana with the auto casting feature. The auto casting feature comes in handy when you want the game to run in the background.

Use Excavation Only When Necessary

Excavation is a feature that allows you mine and unearth precious items like artifacts, rubies, faction coins and even buildings. To unlock the excavation feature, you need to have earned one billion gems. The price for going on an excavation expedition costs more with each subsequent excavation. Hence, it’s wise to use the feature only when you are in dire need of faction coins.

How Do I Unlock Challenges In Realm Grinder?

To unlock challenges, you first have to complete the challenges in each faction. This will give you new perks and upgrades to advance in the game. When you reach R2(reincarnate twice), the Challenge feature will be unlocked, and you can find the Challenge button on the left side of your screen.

How Do I Activate The Dragon Faction In Realm Grinder?

To activate the Dragon faction in Realm Grinder, you first need to rescue the dragon egg  and care for it till it becomes an adult dragon.

How Do I Get New Factions In Realm Grinder?

Apart from the Vanilla Factions, which show up by default, you will have to unlock the other factions. The requirements for unlocking each faction vary from one to the other, but once you have unlocked any, it stays unlocked during soft resets.

How Do I Research In Realm Grinder?

To research in Realm Grinder, first, you need to enter the research facility. After that, you can then advance your research and buy/unlock special upgrades to boost your abilities.

How Do I Unlock Faceless Research In Realm Grinder?

To unlock the Faceless research, you must have the Secrets of the Ancients upgrade. The Secrets of the Ancient upgrade can only be accessed when you have the Key to the Lost city artifact and Neutral Unique buildings.

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