Previous Base Item Cache

Usually, in No Man’s Sky, players could retrieve materials used to construct bases that they have deleted via Previous Base Item Cache (Base Salvage Capsule). However, if you get the “Inventory Full” notification every time you access Previous Base Item Cache, you should connect Base Salvage Capsule to power sources. Aside from that, it’s wise to relocate Base Salvage Capsule to a planetside base. Continue reading to learn what must be done to get Previous Base Item Cache to work and get the most out of your materials. 


Solution 1: Connect The Cache To Power Sources

In case you don’t know, if Base Salvage Capsule is unpowered, Previous Base Item Cache not working is the consequence. All you have to do is to build a Square Room on your planetside base, power it via the exterior power socket and place Base Salvage Capsule inside it. After you finish, approach Base Salvage Capsule, access Previous Base Item Cache once again and see how things turn out. Of course, make sure that you have free space in your inventory before doing so. 

Solution 2: Relocate Base Salvage Capsule

Your Base Salvage Capsule is currently located aboard a freighter? In that case, you should move Base Salvage Capsule to one of your planetside bases. It’s well-known that freighters mess up the function of base building products and Previous Base Item Cache is not an exception. Thus, by relocating Base Salvage Capsule, you could bring Previous Base Item Cache back to normal. 


What exactly is Base Salvage Capsule?

In layman’s terms, Base Salvage Capsule is a base building product capable of giving you materials spent on the construction of recently deleted bases. However, it’s noteworthy that when you delete a base using the Base Computer, only half of the amount of materials could be retrieved. 

Does No Man’s Sky requires grinding? 

All in all, the game used to be kind of grindy in the past. That being said, things have changed since the Expeditions Update and now, you don’t have to grind to get what you need. 

Does Earth appear in No Man’s Sky? 

Yes and to locate it, you have to travel to the Euclid galaxy and then make your way to the Eveenskai Shallows region. In No Man’s Sky’s Earth, you could find lush as the main biomes alongside resources like Sb, NaCl, Pf and Cu. 

Is No Man’s Sky truly limitless? 

Limits indeed exist in the game but it will take almost forever to discover every planet. A calculation was made and it pointed out that if 1 million planets are discovered every 2 seconds then 100,000 years is the time taken to get to the last one. Additionally, the map of No Man’s Sky has the size of 31,7000,000,000,000,000,000,000 km2. 

Does No Man’s Sky contain space combat? 

Considering the survival elements, it’s only natural for battles to break out from time to time. Moreover, the new update Outlaws even took space combat to a new level by overhauling AI squadrons.

How many galaxies does No Man’s Sky have? 

In total, there are 255 entire galaxies in the space of No Man’s Sky and they add up to more than 18 quintillion planets for players to explore. 

What happens if I enter a black hole in No Man’s Sky? 

Black holes in No Man’s Sky act as portals that move players to a random star system closer to the center of the map. 

What are the types of ships in No Man’s Sky? 

There are 5 types of ships that you may own in the game and they are Hauler, Explorer, Fighter, Shuttle and Exotic. 

What are the most suitable planets to live in No Man’s Sky? 

Frozen planets are arguably the best places to live and it is followed by Barren, Mega Exotic, Exotic and Lush planets. Still, the best kind of planet to live on in No Man’s Sky is the one that is not hazardous.

Does No Man’s Sky have an ending? 

The ending of No Man’s Sky depends on your boredom. When you get bored and switch to another game then it is the end as No Man’s Sky does not have an ending. 

What are the most expensive items in No Man’s Sky? 

If you want to talk about items that can be found then the most valuable ones are rare artifacts and bones with the selling prices lying between 1-2 million units. On the other hand, the most expensive crafts are Fusion Ignitors and Stasis Devices and they have a worth of 15.6 million units. 

How do I make a lot of money in No Man’s Sky? 

The first way is to trade resources at Space Stations, Outposts and Shops. Mining rare minerals from asteroids in space is a good way to generate income as well. Analysis Visor should come in handy as it assists you in finding expensive resource deposits. The last way to make money is to take missions from the Mission Board on Space Stations. 

What is the main currency in No Man’s Sky? 

Unit is an important currency in the game as it is used to buy items, upgrade ships and so on. Besides that, Nanites and Quicksilver are also used as currencies in some settings. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Upload all the discoveries that you made and you will make a fortune from doing so. 
  • Scan everything that you see to avoid losing extra cash and being attacked unexpectedly by strange creatures. 
  • Learn every possible language through the Knowledge Stones, Ruins, Monoliths, Plaques and intelligent lifeforms to solve the game’s puzzles. 
  • Take advantage of the landing pads to launch to save Plutonium.
  • Always keep some free slots in your inventory so you could pick up valuable items you come across. 
  • Befriend the fauna to receive goods, discover secret locations, etc.

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