Poppy Playtime June 28th

Generally speaking, Poppy Playtime contains a lot of secrets and easter eggs, but in terms of prominence, Poppy Playtime June 28th is second to none. You recently completed Chapter 2 and have a hard time understanding what Bunzo meant when he said: “I know when your birthday is, June 28”? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could show you an in-depth analysis of the date June 28th in Poppy Playtime. 

A List Of Possibilities 

Possibility 1: Markiplier’s Birthday

Born on June 28th, 1989, Markiplier (real name: Mark Edward Fischbach) is a well-known American YouTuber. He plays survival horror games from time to time on his channel, and Poppy Playtime is one of them. Markiplier held Chapter 1 in high esteem, and considering his popularity, Poppy Playtime creators were likely aware of that while writing Chapter 2. Thus, many people believe that Poppy Playtime June 28th is an easter egg created for Markiplier. 

Possibility 2: Update/Release Date 

In discussions about Poppy Playtime June 28th, update/release date is a possibility that attracts some attention. Still, compared to Markiplier’s birthday, update/release date is not as popular. 

Bunzo In Chapter 2: Overview  

Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime is titled Fly In The Web and contains a couple of minigames. Bunzo is present in one of the games: Musical Memory (also known as Memory and Cognitive Recognition Test). 

In Musical Memory, the test is straightforward at a glance, but it still requires a lot of focus. Colors, as well as symbols, will pop up on the screen, and you have to press the corresponding buttons in the correct order. Initially, the pace is slow, so you should be able to nail the order with relative ease, but over time, the speed will increase. (Thedentalspa) Eventually, it becomes impossible for you to answer correctly on your own. 

That being said, there is a slight twist near the end: A Cease button appears and starts spinning around the area. All you have to do is to hit that button to “break” the minigame.

Poppy Playtime Tips and Tricks

Visit The Gift Shop

In Poppy Playtime, one of the first puzzles players have to complete is unlocking the security door that grants access to the factory proper. Many people have problems advancing because they cannot find and input the proper code to open the door. If you can’t move beyond the security door, go to the gift shop. There’s an item in the gift shop that shows you the code to the door.

Get Used To The Grabpack

The Grabpack is one of the tools that you must use every now and then as you navigate the game. Grabpack plays a key role in in-game interactions as well as puzzles. As a result, it’s strongly recommended that you master the Grabpack as soon as possible. Spend a bit of time practicing so you can manipulate the Grabpack to your liking. 

Beware Of Huggy Wuggy

Unlike other monsters in Poppy Playtime that stick to specific minigames/locations, Huggy Wuggy could hunt you across the factory. Therefore, if you encounter the sharp-toothed blue monster out of the blue, abandon everything and run for your life. Since Huggy Wuggy is invincible, the best way to avoid getting eaten is to outrun it. 

Search For Video Cassettes

Like other games of the genre, Poppy Playtime gives players clues to put together the background of the game. As you explore the factory, you’ll come across a few video cassettes containing information regarding the main story. Some cassettes also contain tips and tricks on using certain in-game items as well as hints on solving puzzles. In the case that you have no idea what to do next, it’s wise to search for video cassettes and then watch them. 

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