Poisonous Thoughts Rogue Legacy 2

In discussions about damage bonuses against bosses in Rogue Legacy 2, it’s not uncommon to see people talking about Poisonous Thoughts Rogue Legacy 2. The moment they resolve the Poisonous Thoughts insight, players gain a 15% damage bonus against Estuary Enoch. You want to resolve Poisonous Thoughts insight but don’t know what must be done? In that case, you should find this article helpful. 

How To Resolve Poisonous Thoughts Insight In Rogue Legacy 2 

Step 1: Head To The Stygian Study

For your information, The Stygian Study is the fourth Biome in Rogue Legacy 2 and you must possess Aether’s Wings to access it. If you have yet to reach The Stygian Study, you should continue to progress through the game. 

Step 2: Pick Up Pallas’ Void Bell

All in all, Pallas’ Void Bell is an item that lets you upgrade your Dash to Void Dash. Void Dash provides a longer dash distance than that of Dash and you could cancel it at your leisure. In addition, Void Dash helps you interact with Void Lifts, pass through Void projectiles as well as Void Barriers, … Void Dash plays a key role in resolving Poisonous Thoughts Rogue Legacy 2 so search every inch of The Stygian Study for Pallas’ Void Bell.

Step 3: Enter The Book Room

While exploring The Stygian Study, you should keep an eye out for a room with three doors and two void barriers at its center. After you find it, use Void Dash to pass through the barriers and enter the middle room which is filled with books. 

Step 4: Interact With A Book

In the book room, you have to interact with a book over the course of several runs to start the Poisonous Thoughts quest. The book that you need to interact with faces in the opposite direction from that of the others. 

Step 5: Go To The Cloud Room

In The Stygian Study, there is a room with a bottomless pit and thundering purple clouds. Once you have started the Poisonous Thoughts quest, make your way to the cloud room. 

Step 6: Activate The Bridge

“How do I make it across the pit ” is a question that troubles a lot of players when they reach the cloud room. Unlike other locations, the game won’t tell you that there is a switch that you could interact with in the cloud room. All you need to do is to hit the interact button while in the cloud room to interact with that switch and activate a bridge. When the bridge appears, make your way to the other side. 

Step 7: Void Dash

At the end of the bride is a structure but there is a black and purple barrier. Feel free to use Void Dash to break through the barrier and enter the structure. Next, head to the top-right corner of the room and interact with the memory fragment. Eventually, a text saying Insight Resolved Poisonous Thoughts should pop up on your screen. 

Tips And Tricks

Focus On Farming Gold

Gold is what allows you to upgrade your character in Rogue Legacy 2 so you must pay special attention to it. While enemies sometimes drop gold once killed, you should refrain from killing enemies exclusively to farm gold. Instead, break all breakable objects that you come across as they usually drop gold. By doing so, you could acquire all the upgrades you want. 

Beware Of Glittering Chests

Like other games of the genre, Rogue Legacy 2 places treasure chests at multiple locations and you could pick up goodies if you open them. However, it’s noteworthy that some enemies in the game could disguise themselves as chests and attack you if you get near them. One trick to tell real treasure chests from fake ones is to look for glitters. If a chest is glittering, there is a good chance that it’s an enemy and you should steer clear of it. 

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