Payday 2 Cheater Tag

Compared to Payday: The Heist, Payday 2 (2013) features quite a few improvements which make it a popular cooperative first-person shooter title. In the case that you like robbings banks, participating in street shootouts and so on, you won’t regret picking up Payday 2. Interestingly, to create a level playing field, developers of the game create a system that identifies and labels cheaters. Give this article a look if you like to learn more about Payday 2 cheater tag.

An Overview Of The Cheater Tag

With Payday 2 players battling each other, it is only fair that cheating won’t be tolerated. The Payday 2 cheater tag is a client-side system designed to detect whenever a player cheats. In use, the system analyzes the player’s data from Steam, current weapons and other in-game stats. As a result, the system is able to tell if there is something out of the ordinary. 

It’s noteworthy that the Payday 2 cheater tag doesn’t outright ban players that it suspects to be cheating. The system only warns whoever is playing against those players that they are at risk of playing in an unfair game. Since the Payday 2 cheater tag is well-developed, the odds of false flagging tend to be low. However, the system may flag players that play normally if they have mods. 

The Triggers Of Payday 2 Cheater Tag

The cheater tag system can be triggered by one of three things: downloadable content (DLC), items and activities.


  • When players use attachments from DLC that they don’t own.
  • When players use mask/mask customization from DLC that they don’t own.
  • When players host heists from DLC  that they don’t own.
  • When players use weapons from DLC  that they don’t own.
  • When players use perk decks from DLC  that they don’t own.


  • When players use skins that don’t belong to their Steam inventory.
  • When players use illegal boost attachments.


  • When players pick more bags than the default capability.
  • When players drop more bags than the default capability.
  • When players throw more throwables than the default capacity.
  • When players deploy more deployables than the default capacity.

How To Tell A Real Cheater

  • Take a look at the lobby as well as the head’s-up display for details like the skill points. Determine whether the numbers match what the system can deliver.
  • You can make use of a lobby info mod to see information about the game lobby. Still, if you are using a low-end computer, it’s ill-advised to use the mod as that will stretch out the loading time. 
  • Feel free to use mods that let you search for the name of cheaters as they never flag a player wrongly. However, some of the cheaters can bypass the search. Many mods help cheaters hide their cheats and outsmart the “don’t allow modded player” feature.

Note: There is a glitch associated with the cheater tag system: Let’s say a number of players join a match and one of the players has the cheater tag. If a player without the tag cheats, the player with the tag will get flagged by the system as the cheater. That means the real cheater may get away without a tag.

Getting Rid Of the Cheater Tag: Guidelines 

Payday 2 cheater tag is not designed to be permanent but restricted to each heist. Thus, when players complete the heist/map and join a new lobby, the tag will vanish. Also, players can use mods to remove the tag but they could cause the game to glitch out. Because of that, the best way to remove the tag is complete the heist and let the system remove the tag on its own.

Can I Upgrade All Skill Trees In Payday 2?

No, you can’t. Payday 2 is a game that forces you to make choices and the outcome of the match depends on your decisions. At the end of a match, the most you can accumulate is 120 skill points.

Does Payday 2 Allow Players To Use Characters Across Skill Trees?

Absolute! Payday 2 allows players to use characters regardless of the skill tree. For example, you can play as the Enforcer in Hoxton or the Technician in Dallas.

What Is An Offshore Account In Payday 2?

The offshore account in Payday 2 is where 80% of any amount you make from a successful heist goes to. You can gamble with the money in your offshore account by going to the Offshore Account Gambler. You can also use the account to purchase heists, go infamous in the first five levels or buy skill profiles (from third to fifth). 

How To Intimidate Police/Guards?

You can intimidate a Police or Guard in Payday 2 by first lowering their health and then pressing the interact key ( “F” by default). That will make the cop hand-cuff himself with his own cuffs. You can then use the Cop as a hostage or make him fight as your partner.

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