SOLVED! Oxygen Not Included Transit Tube

In discussions about how to help Duplicants make their way around in Oxygen Not Included, Oxygen Not Included Transit Tube pops up many times. By taking advantage of the Transit Tube and tube system, you could protect your Duplicants from radiation, extreme temperatures and so on as they carry out their duties. Spare a bit of your time to check out this article and get the most out of the Transit Tube.

Transit Tube In Oxygen Not Included: Compilation 

Transit Tube is in essence a component of the tube system that connects tubes. Thus, if you want to set up a tube system in your colony, it’s necessary to build Transit Tubes. Compared to other means of transportation, Transit Tube is second to none regarding speed. Still, Transit Tubes cannot make sharp turns and spacing is a must to accommodate Duplicant’s heights.

Characteristics Of The Transit Tube 


In layman’s terms, the Transit Tube could shield Duplicants from a wide range of hazards when they move through it. That means it’s possible to use Transit Tubes to get Duplicants through dangerous areas.


While Transit Tubes provides an outstanding shield, it’s moderately durable. Despite its ability to keep out the hazards, the Transit Tube is still made of plastic and possesses a low melting point. Hence, if you set up Transit Tubes near sources of heat, they could be destroyed. As a result, unless you want your Duplicants to be stuck in a destroyed tube system, give the environment some thought. Always keep the Transit Tube away from hot spots.


One thing you should know about Oxygen Not Included Transit Tube is it cannot cross tiles. That being said, it’s possible to use Transit Tube Crossings as substitutes when a need arises. 


In case you don’t know, as you build your tube system and Transit Tubes, you must remember to include a Transit Tube Access. Your Duplicants could only enter and exit the tube system if a Transit Tube Access exists at the ends of the tube. If the Transit Tube Access gets destroyed while a Duplicant is still inside, it will starve and die unless you build a replacement in time. 

Note: Transit Tube Accesses have internal batteries linked to your base’s electricity generation facilities and each use consumes battery power. Therefore, in the early stage of the game, it’s a good idea to refrain from building too many Transit Tubes as well as Transit Tube Accesses.

Advantages Of Transit Tubes

  • Protection: Transit Tubes give a comprehensive shield to Duplicants and protect them from hazardous environmental conditions. In areas that have poisonous gas, dangerous substances and so on, the Transit Tube is a must-have. 
  • Movement: Another thing that makes Transit Tubes popular in Oxygen Not Included is that their presence allows rapid movements between areas. As a result, your Duplicants could carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently. Also, Duplicants could avoid expending energy that would have been required for them to get to their destination while walking. Needless to say, for long-distance travel, Transit Tubes prove handy.
  • Transport: For your information, Transit Tube is able to facilitate item transport. In use, Transit Tubes do not “block” or prevent items from falling through. All you have to do is to get your Duplicant to drop an item at one end and make another Duplicant pick it up from the other end. Of course, you should not abuse Transit Tubes to move delicate items.

Tips And Tricks

  • After building your Transit Tube Access, ensure to attach a tube connection to charge it. If your Transit Tube Access runs out of charge, your Duplicants won’t recognize it as a valid transport option.
  • Don’t create T-junctions above your Transit Tube Access. That will result in the Access Point getting detached since the T-junction will prioritize the tube and not the Transit Tube Access.
  • Once completely charged, your Transit Tube Access can only launch four Duplicants before its 40kJ battery is depleted (each use consumes about 10kJ of power). If the battery is depleted, your Duplicants must wait until power returns. Hence, it’s wise to dedicate Transit Tube to essential movements. Besides that, you should build alternative routes that your Duplicants could take when they work on not-so-important duties or when the Transit Tube Access charge is depleted.

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