Oxygen Not Included Liquid Reservoir

In Oxygen Not Included, Liquid Reservoir is one of the buildings that contribute to the survival of  Duplicants. Depending on the situation, it’s possible to use Liquid Reservoir to store liquids, create buffers and so on. New to the game and don’t know how to make use of Liquid Reservoir? In that case, you may want to spare a bit of your time to check out this article. 

A Summary Of Liquid Reservoir?

Once built, Liquid Reservoir enables you to store a wide range of liquids up to 5 tons. In times of need, you could connect Liquid Reservoir to Liquid Intake Pipe as well as Liquid Output Pipe. It’s worth pointing out that at 75 °C, the initial overheat temperature of Liquid Reservoir is kind of low. Hence, you must keep Liquid Reservoir out of environments that have high temperatures. 

Using Liquid Reservoir: Guidelines 

Storage And Dispensing

One of the things you should know about Liquid Reservoir is that it cannot take manually delivered resources. To use Liquid Reservoir to collect liquid, connect it to the liquid you wish to collect via a Liquid Intake Pipe. In the case that you like to use Liquid Reservoir to dispense liquid as well, connect it to a Liquid Output Pipe. Of course, you always have the option of disabling the Liquid Output Pipe if you intend to use your Liquid Reservoir as storage for a time.


As mentioned above, it won’t take much for Liquid Reservoir to overheat so you must pay special attention to temperature. You want to get liquid from hot spots? In that case, you build your Liquid Reservoir out of Steel, Gold Amalgam, …


In case you don’t know, Liquid Reservoir excels at insulating so liquid stores in it retain their initial characteristics. Even if you store cold liquid in Liquid Reservoir located at hot spots, the liquid will stay cold regardless of the temperature. However, while the insulation of Liquid Reservoir is solid, it’s not 100%. You should be able to notice temperature exchange if you use your Liquid Reservoir to store volatile liquids such as liquid oxygen.


Sure, sometimes, holes dug in the ground work as well as Liquid Reservoir once it comes to storing liquid. That being said, Liquid Reservoir could protect the liquid from pollution. In case you don’t know, duplicants could pee into holes leading to contamination of liquid. You don’t have to worry about contamination if you opt for Liquid Reservoir.


Liquid Reservoir permits you to retrieve liquid at will and there is no need to spend energy to do so. As long as the Liquid Output Pipe is good, you could move liquid to wherever you like. (simonsezit.com) Because of that, Liquid Reservoir is a must-have if energy is in short supply. 


If emptied below the low threshold, Liquid Reservoir is going to have green light. On the other hand, if filled above the high threshold, Liquid Reservoir would have red light. Keep an eye on the light while using Liquid Reservoir.

Tips And Tricks 

  • Take advantage of chlorine gas: If possible, position your Liquid Reservoir in spaces that have chlorine gas. That will help eliminate germs and minimize the odds of poisoning.
  • Invest in the piping: As you transfer liquid from metal refineries, piping let it cool down a bit before entering Liquid Reservoir.
  • Include Liquid Reservoir in Petroleum production: Fill up your Liquid Reservoir with oil, and when it’s full, get your duplicants to begin producing Petroleum. By doing so, you could save a lot of time and effort. 

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