Oxygen Not Included Good Seeds

Oxygen Not Included (ONI) is an exciting space-colony simulation game that lets players explore, build and manage subterranean asteroid bases. Quite a few factors affect the progress of an ONI playthrough and the choice of seed is one of them. You want to know more about Oxygen Not Included good seeds and tailor your playthrough accordingly? In that case, you have come to the right place.

“Seeds” In Oxygen Not Included: Summary 

Seeds (World Gen Seeds) are a series of letters and numbers used to identify the world you spawn in as you start a playthrough. Thousands of seeds exist in Oxygen Not Included and each of them provides distinct experiences. 

It won’t hurt to play randomly but knowing which seed leads to which world proves handy at times. In case you don’t know, some planets lag behind others once it comes to resources. Don’t want to struggle in barren worlds that have next to no resources for base developments? In that case, you should get to know Oxygen Not Included good seeds.

Top Seeds For ONI Playthroughs 

Ocean Not Included: Spaced Out! No Sweat, Terra Cluster, SNDST-C-1425842064-9G

This seed is a solid choice if you want to play the game without any mods ( 100% “vanilla”). There are two water geysers near the base located on either side of your starting position, and they’re quite close. As a result, your duplicants will be able to reach and sustain themselves easily. You’ll also see two structures before you even make your duplicants do any digging and exploration. The teleporter is just above the spawn point and within the reach for your duplicants.

Ocean Not Included: Automation Update, Rime, No Sweat, S-FRZ-1878464554-9G

Thanks to the Shine Bugs, hatches and buildings located close together, this seed provides excellent food and light sources at the early stage. Aside from that, it is a breeze to organize the colony to take advantage of irregular oil modifiers, geodes, and volcanic activity. It’s worth pointing out that this seed is rather cold so you should develop your base fast and keep the duplicants warm. It’s wise to gain access to nearby buildings as you may find warm sweaters for the duplicants which increase their odds of survival. 

Ocean Not Included: Automation Update, Verdante, No Sweat, LUSH-A-344592808-9G

This seed contains lots of ore, geodes and other materials you need for building. It also contains a lot of metal-rich resources but you likely have to tackle small and large boulders that spawn among them. Another thing that makes this seed a good seed is the fact that there is only one Pip. As a result, you could escape the stress of managing a large number of pips as time passes by. Last but not least, numerous Shine Bugs roam this seed so lighting is less of an issue. 

Ocean Not Included: Spaced Out! Swamp Cluster, No Sweat, SWMP-C-188634310-9G

If you enjoy inspecting buildings, poking around in lockers and discovering “hidden treasures.”, this seed is for you. It’s going to offer you a lot of work opportunities with its six structures, one of which has a hot tub! In addition to that, this seed also features multiple plug slugs. Also, the teleporter is close to the spawn point and your duplicants should have no trouble reaching it. 

Ocean Not Included: Spaced Out!, Survival, SNDST-C-1196135558-0

If you’re expecting a casual playthrough of Oxygen Not Included, give this seed a go. This see is full of resources and you could reach them with relative ease. When you spawn here, you’ll find that water is both plentiful and accessible. Moreover, if you look above the base, you should spot the teleporter. Last but not least, it’s possible to get your hands on Thimble Reed Seeds and Dreckos in mere moments. 

Ocean Not Included: Automation Update, Terra, No Sweat, SNDST-A-816903536-9G

This seed gives you two large buildings to explore as well as a lot of space for base growth. Besides that, you could find a number of Dreckos close to your base when you start out and water is easy to gather too. 

Ocean Not Included: Automation Update, Oceania, No Sweat, OCAN-A-1023661434-9G

As the name suggests, Oceania has saltwater-filled crevices all around the planetoid. You will also find resources such as geodes and magma channels across this seed. Thus, you should have steady access to metal and ore supplies. In the case that you check the upper left area of your map, you would come across a group of Pokeshells you can tame and they are not far from the duplicants. Finally, if you go over to the right of your base, you could come across a natural gas geyser. 

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